Top 15 Tech Companies Using Green Energy in 2020 and How They are Using it

In the contemporary era, going green is the goal of almost every top tech-savvy company in the world. These mainstream tech companies have realized that going green not only increases social corporate responsibility outlook and acquiring more business leads but also in smoothening operations and reducing the overall energy costs.

The companies have also recognized that it helps in reducing the negative impacts they pose to the environment. One of the chief target areas by these tech companies is the initiative of using green energy. Therefore, let’s take a look at the top 15 tech companies using green energy and how they are using it.

1. Intel

Intel is known as the world’s manufacturer of computer processors. It takes the lead in using green energy of up to 3,100,000,000 kWh yearly. Green energy is drawn from sources including wind, solar, hydro, and biomass. What’s more, it has 18 on-site solar panels which generate electricity capacity of 7,000 kW.

Intel Company uses the green energy to power its electric operation requirements in the manufacture and processing of processors as well as other computer accessories. The company intends to continue expanding and developing more renewable energy sources so that it can operate on 100% green energy.

2. Apple

Apple may not be the largest consumer of green energy but is among the top tech companies utilizing this energy option efficiently. Apple’s use of green energy is placed at about 635,000,000 kWh annually.

Just like Intel Company, Apple uses green energy to power its electric operation requirements in the manufacture and processing of its technology products including laptops, monitors, smartphones, and smartwatches.

Apple’s use of green energy is inspired by the fact that it has the objective of having a neutral carbon footprint. It has acquired numerous solar farms to ensure its data centers are sustainable. Apple also works towards making its entire stores 100% energy efficient by the use of green energy.

3. Dell

Dell, one of the leading companies in monitor and laptop manufacturing, also falls in this list because it works towards making the world a better place by using energy from sustainable sources to power its electrical operation needs. The company has heavily invested in solar and wind power to make itself energy sufficient.

Besides that, Dell ensures the manufacture of products that are energy sufficient in line with environmental standards. Almost half of the energy used by Dell is from green sources, about 225,000,000 kWh per annum.

4. Google

Google cannot be left behind in the use of green energy on the account that they are one of the biggest advocates for green energy. Since 2007, Google has been carbon neutral and it utilities a total of approximately 735,000,000 kWh of green energy per year. Most of the energy is used to power its data centers as it is more reliable than the traditional power grid systems.

Google is also consistently researching novel ways of tapping and utilizing green energy in enhancing sustainability and operational efficiency for industries that are heavily dependent on intensive power use.

5. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is a tech company increasingly exploring the use of green energy to ramp up its operations and support its power demands. It works towards doubling its green energy use by the end of the 2021 fiscal year.

Cisco Systems’ motive is to prove to the world that green energy plays a critical role in creating a sustainable power use strategy across the entire IT industry. Its primary target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and embrace a greener business outlook.

6. Microsoft

Microsoft qualifies as the greenest technology company in the world. This is an attribute given to Microsoft cooperation because it utilizes more than 1.3 billion kWh of green energy on an annual basis. Microsoft works day in and out to ascertain its electric power requirements are supported by green energy.

Microsoft is also sufficiently carbon neutral as the green energy is sourced from solar and wind power with the most sustainable mechanisms. The green energy is used to power Microsoft’s data centers, software development facilities, and in product manufacturing.

7. Sprint

Sprint’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 20% is the reason it has embraced the use of green power. The plan has made Sprint indulge in the use of on-site clean energy to power and facilitate the operations of its energy-hungry facilities.

Sprint has also partnered with clean energy research firms in a bid to seek better ways of investing in clean energy and back-up power within the site. The clean energy sources used by Sprint include wind and solar power which has been perfected by the installation of wind turbines and solar panels.

8. HP

HP (Hewlett Packard) as one of the world’s top tech companies is as well not left behind when it comes to the exploitation of green energy. The enterprise powers about 20% of its technology and services in helping customers around the globe to become more IT efficient by the use of green energy.

Also, the company has recently come up with a goal of sourcing more than 40% of its cumulative energy consumption from clean energy sources by 2020, and 100% clean energy in the long-term.


9. Sony

Sony utilizes green energy by predominantly purchasing its power requirements from renewable energy sources. The green energy it purchases is about 88,000,000 kWh which caters to approximately 37% of its yearly energy consumption. This is quite commendable considering the size of the company.

The company’s drive to using green energy is influenced by its commitment to minimizing its negative environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions. Sony believes environmental sustainability is partly achievable by increasing the percentage of renewable energy powering a company’s operations and services.

10. SAP

SAP is a global leader in the provision of software and its related services. The company has a dedicated branch supporting the use of renewable energy and is devoted to sustainable practices in its operations, designs, and manufacturing. The amount of green energy used annually by the company totals to about 86,000,000 kWh.

For instance, the company came up with a goal to buy over 350 gigawatt-hours of green energy across the world to power its data centers. At the same time, the company promises to have a neutral carbon footprint.

11. Equinix

Equinix is a global data and interconnection service provider that anticipates attaining its objective of sourcing 50% renewable electricity by 2021. The company already uses renewable electricity to power its global operations and services and is committed to using 100% green energy in the future.

The company also prioritizes the need for environmental sustainability and the reduction of carbon emission as the basis for building a better world and competitive market place.

12. Adobe

Adobe is a high tech multinational company dealing with software service provision. Adobe believes that to make the world greener, sustainable technologies have to be used. For this reason, Adobe is devoted to powering its digital delivery and operations on green energy by the use of sources namely wind and solar power.

Adobe’s long-term commitment is to deliver its products fully supported by renewable electricity by 2035.

This is a goal the company is determined to pursue in order to lower its carbon footprint and build a sustainable future. Adobe recognizes that business success in the contemporary world is even higher with the use of green energy because it promotes energy efficiency thereby cutting on operation costs.

13. Philips Lighting

Philips lighting is a world-leading company in the manufacture of lighting devices such as LED products. It also engages in the provision of lighting services and systems. The nature of Philips lighting company, therefore, forces it to act on effective means of encouraging a sustainable and green future.

Accordingly, Philips lighting uses renewable electricity from solar and wind in the manufacture and processing of its products. The company has promised to ensure it runs all its operations with renewable electricity by 2020. The company also urges its customers to purchase their electricity from green energy.

14. Proximus

Proximus is a Belgian telecommunications company that extensively depends on green energy to power its telecommunication services and systems. On this account, Proximus is among the few tech companies sourcing 100% of its electricity from green sources.

The company reached this decision to support a sustainable future and its carbon footprint reduction strategy. The company has managed to integrate renewable energy use throughout its entire operations in delivering telecommunication services.

15. EMC Corporation

EMC Corporation is a telecom company working to make the world a better place by investing in energy-efficient solutions. The company believes the use of green energy is part of corporate social responsibility and creates more business leads.

For this reason, the corporation uses green energy throughout its IT systems and they carry out an evaluation after every two years to find out how it can make its operations more sustainable. The main objective is to become 100% sustainable by 2020, which includes decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and making use of more renewable electricity.

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16. GreenGeeks

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