10+ Unlimited Luxuries That You Can Have When You Go Off-Grid

Are you contemplating going off-grid? Are you wondering what luxuries to carry into the lifestyle you’re about to usher yourself into? Or, are you just curious about what luxury amenities one can embrace in their off-grid living?

If you provided an affirmative answer to either of these questions, you should find this article helpful.

Off-grid life is a great way if you value serenity and self-sufficiency. In fact, it’s an even more affordable lifestyle in the long term, thanks to the fact that you no longer have to struggle with utility bills at the end of the month.

But then, to most people, going off-grid is often misinterpreted as a downgrade from the comfort of modern living to rugged survival.

However, that’s not necessarily true.

Sure, there are a couple of adjustments to make in terms of energy and water usage. But that’s not to say it encompasses living a rough lifestyle filled with survival techniques and hard labor.

Even in your off-grid lifestyle, you can enjoy some luxuries that you might be — or even not —  accustomed to in your conventional lifestyle.

That’s true, and I’m about to prove it!

Let’s take a look at 10+ luxuries you can embrace in your off-grid life:

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1. Solar Power for Unlimited Electricity Supply

Let’s be honest. Power outages can sometimes be frustrating. Just imagine having a full docket of tasks that need electricity to complete, and the power goes off!

Leave alone that. Maybe you just restocked your fridge yesterevening, only for something to happen to the power supply in the middle of a hot day while away at work, and then you have to count losses when you come back in the evening.

Well, not in your off-grid adventure.

Off-grid lifestyle lets you rely on a cleaner and more reliable source of power than the national grid. So, you no longer have to worry about power outages or unbearable utility bills.

Just ensure to size up your system correctly, and you’ll have all the electricity you need for your home. Ideally, you should size your solar power system so it produces 20% more power than you actually need.

With solar panels as your primary source of energy, you can also enjoy unlimited electricity supply for all your electronic devices.

2. Your Own Source of Water

Another great luxury that an off-grid lifestyle can usher you into is having your own source of water.

In this case, it all depends on the location you choose.

For instance, if your off-grid locality is next to a lake or any other water body,  pumping water from it using a solar-powered well pump would be the most convenient and affordable way to obtain water.

However, if you don’t have the privilege of a lake or a pond near your home, leveraging rainwater is another excellent alternative.

But, of course, for an all-year-round supply, you may need to factor out a more dependable way like drilling a well.

Drilling a well may sound quite expensive to execute, but think about the convenience of having an endless water supply (of course if the mapping and drilling are executed correctly) for as long as you live in that locality. It may even come as a great plus if you are so much into gardening.


3. A Flat Screen TV

Who said you can’t keep enjoying that favorite TV show once you go off-grid? Maybe you’re a Netflix faithful or just relish catching up with your loved ones over a football game.

Well, all these are joys you can carry with you into your off-grid life.

Thankfully, Flat Screen TVs aren’t among the energy hogs out there. With an average wattage of 100, your solar power system is enough to give you ample time to relax in front of your TV.

Plus, most modern TVs even come with a DC adapter, making it easier to run them on solar power without all the inefficiency that comes with power inversion.

4. An Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re going off-grid, one of the pleasures you just can’t afford to miss out on is preparing your meals in an outdoor kitchen.

Imagine grilling your favorite meal in beautiful scenery with the melodious singing of birds being the only background music you hear!

That’s what an outdoor kitchen offers you… and there are many ideas for building a simple, affordable, and stylish outdoor kitchen without necessarily breaking the bank.

So, when going off-grid, don’t just look at it as an adventure but also an opportunity to upgrade your cooking experience.

5. A Hot Tub Under the Stars

Let me steal a secret for you. The days you’ll spend digging in the garden or hand-splitting wood won’t be easy on your muscles.

At the end of the day, you’ll crave a relaxing hot tub session.

Thanks to solar energy, you can now have that too!

Solar-powered hot tubs are popular in most off-grid homesteads, offering you an affordable and eco-friendly way to unwind after a busy day.

Plus, what’s more romantic than soaking under the stars with your significant other?

But then again, before you get all too excited at the idea, ensure to have it factored in as you size your solar system.

6. High-Speed Internet

More than a few people going off-grid are remote workers.  That’s one of the benefits the digital age has brought us.

So, if you’re one of them, going off-grid doesn’t mean a total disconnection from your employers and coworkers.

You can still have a high-speed internet connection, thanks to satellite internet or wireless broadband technology.

With these options, you’ll always be able to stay connected and keep up with your work while enjoying the off-grid lifestyle.

7. Wood Pellet Stove

If you’re in an area that experiences severe winters, then a wood pellet stove is still something you can consider having in your off-grid home.

Sure, heaters are great, and they can still be used with solar panels. But as renowned energy hogs, it will mean spending much more on getting a solar power system that can adequately accommodate their huge energy needs, which realistically, you can avoid.

And what better way is there to heat up your home than wood pellet stoves?

They’re more efficient and a greater alternative to traditional heating methods. So, if you already have one, think again before you include them in your “to-sell” list as you go off-grid.


8. Flushing Toilets

As long as you have an adequate water supply, there really isn’t a reason to dodge the convenience and luxury of flushing toilets.

Yes, you can still have a regular toilet even in your off-grid home. Thankfully, toilets are now being designed to use much less water, so their water demands are becoming less felt than ever.

But then, since off-grid means you lack access to the main sewage line, you’ll need to bring a septic system into the equation.

Get an expert to size it up for you so you don’t have to keep pumping it out every now and then. The correct size will save you lots of money and headaches in the long run.

And while at it, think of the environment and go for an eco-friendly composting toilet that will give your off-grid home replica flush toilets without polluting the surroundings.

9. Dishwashers

Imagine coming from a long day of work, exhausted, and still having to wash the dirty dishes before you can finally hit the sack.

Well, that’s something you can still avoid, even as you transition to off-grid living.

And the only way out without passing the chore to other hands? A dishwasher!

Now, here’s the deal: Dishwashers are also notorious for their high energy consumption.

But with solar panels as your primary source of electricity, and maybe some thoughtful timing on when to run it, you can elude the much-dreaded chore while off-grid.

The secret? Choosing an energy-efficient model and using it sparingly.

For instance, on days when it’s too sunny that your solar batteries get fully charged before the end of the day, that’s when you should run the dishwasher.

That way, you’ll utilize all the extra solar power without straining your system or running out of energy at night.

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10. A Permaculture Garden

How about creating a garden that so closely mimics nature that you have to do little to no maintenance at all?

That’s what permaculture gardening is all about.

It involves a sustainable gardening approach that embraces biodiversity to create relationships that help societies — now the members of the ecosystem — grow together with little to no external intervention.

The approach may not capture everything you need to grow when off-grid, but at least it can be a fun way to grow some of your food while still allowing nature to thrive.

And for the crops that can’t fit into permaculture gardening, you can explore other options such as hydroponics or traditional gardening methods using organic fertilizers.

11. A Car

A car? Yes, you can still own a car while off-grid! If you can get past the idea that you’ll be driving a gas-guzzler.

There are now electric cars with solar panels, which are great for off-grid homesteads.

Plus, even big car manufacturers like Ford and General Motors have announced their plans to go full electric by 2030.

This means more options for affordable and eco-friendly vehicles in the near future.

But if an electric car is still out of your budget, you can always opt for a fuel-efficient vehicle and look into ways to offset its carbon footprint — such as planting trees or investing in renewable energy projects.

Don’t just limit yourself to one mode of transportation while off-grid, explore all the options available to continue reducing your carbon footprint and living sustainably.

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