15 Pink Geranium Varieties For Your Garden (Pictures Inside)

If you’re looking for a plant that will grow well without requiring consistent maintenance, Geraniums are your go-to option. Widely popular among home gardeners, pink geranium plants are extremely fast-growing and easy to care for. Their biggest highlight, however, is the beautiful shades of blooms. Of all shades and species of Geranium, Pink Geranium takes the cake for its stunning appeal and enviable colors.

They are one of the best foundation flowers for your annual patio. Additionally, they can also brighten up the dullest windowsills during the winter months. In this article, we will discuss 15 Pink Geranium varieties that will truly enliven your garden. So, if you want a dash of color without having to spend much time, here is everything you need to know about.

15 Pink Geranium Varieties For Your Lawn and Garden

1. Pink Ivy


This is one of those rare variants of geranium that tend to exhibit trailing habits. They cascade stunningly from containers and or long, hanging pots. You will find multiple clusters of flowers blooming from these plants. These flowers usually feature five petals and a salmon pink hue.

The average Pink Ivy can grow up to an impressive 18 inches and spread around 1 foot in width. It enjoys a warm temperature and thrives best when it receives direct sunlight. Thanks to the plant’s beautiful flowers, it also tends to attract a set of pollinators during late summers and spring.

As with most other species of pink geranium, the Pink Ivy is extremely easy to care for. All you need to do is water it moderately. This will not just improve the health of the flowers but will also prevent the roots from rotting.

2. Martha Washington


This is yet another popular variant of geranium that features beautiful pink blooms. Often known to be one of the biggest variants of geraniums, Martha Washington is bicolored with a fairly dark center with hues of lighter shades. Interestingly, the Martha Washington geranium is not just available in pink. In fact, pink is one of the many colors it is available in.

Other colors include crimson, white, magenta, and purple. The Martha Washington thrives best in cold and it starts blooming in the early months of spring. In some instances, you might even notice the blooms during the late fall when the overall weather is cool. Since this plant is quite easy to care for, both expert and newbie gardeners might want to plant them at home.

3. Anne Thomson


With stunning pink petals and dark centers, these are yet another eye-catching variant of geraniums. The Anne Thomson is known to grow up to a whopping 12 inches and you will find them blooming between spring and fall. This variant of geraniums is known to be extremely sturdy and they can tolerate adverse weather. Anne Thomson is particularly known for its heat-tolerant capacities and it is loved by both home and commercial gardeners alike.

If you are planning to grow this plant at home, make sure to receive light shade. The plant thrives best in full sun and its preferred soil type is moist and loamy. With that said, always make sure the soil is just perfectly moist and not excessively watery as it might potentially damage the roots of your plant. The soil also needs to be heavily fertilized for the plant to thrive long enough.

Either way, it is fairly simple to grow the Anne Thomson at home and if you follow the right strategies, you will have the best blooms in no time! Since this plant is also resistant to deer and rabbits, you will have complete peace of mind while growing this in your yard.

4. Great Balls of Fire


Don’t let the name scare you! Great Balls of fire are actually one of the prettiest variants of pink geraniums there is! Best known for their stunning pink blooms, these geraniums appear to be stunning in moderately sized containers and hanging baskets. The flower clusters are moderately aromatic, and as with many popular variants of geranium, they start blooming between late spring and fall.

One of the biggest highlights of the Great balls of Fire lies in their uniquely shaped stems that appear to bulge out from the plant. The leaves are multi-lobed and they continue to be green throughout the year. When it comes to growth habits, the Great Ball of Fire tends to trail. It can grow up to an impressive 18 inches under the right conditions.

If you are looking to preserve or even multiply the blooms of this stunning geranium species, you might want to deadhead them every year. This will not merely produce prettier blooms but will also ensure that the plant is consistently healthy.

5. Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

If Pastel Pink is your favorite, the Apple Blossom might be quite interesting to you. Popular for its pastel pink blooms, this plant is easy to grow and care for. Barring the blooms, other key takeaways include the spectacular foliage and the moderately double flower. The blooms are seasonal, and they first appear in spring and continue to bloom until late fall.

The growth pattern of the Apple Blossom can be best defined as Zonal upright, and when grown in the right conditions it can reach around 12 to 14 inches. Another unique quality of this plant lies in its heat and drought resistance. Unlike other variants of pink geranium, this one can withstand extended periods without water and high heat. Apple Blossom attracts common pollinators like bees and hummingbirds, and it is also resistant to rabbits.

If you plan to grow this at home, we suggest deadheading at least once a year. This will boost the quality of blooms while also enhancing the plant’s health.

6. Geranium Elke


With a height going up to 12 to 15 inches, the Geranium Elke is one of the prettiest variants of pink geranium. Growing this plant is quite simple as all you will need is well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight.

Although the plant occasionally prefers partial shade, we suggest keeping it in an area that receives direct sunlight. Elkes are known to be resistant to rabbits as well as common diseases and they are, therefore, one of the best options for both regular yards and rock gardens.

7. Wargrave Pink

Wargrave Pink

Known for being extremely hardy, the Wargrave pink is a reliable and easy-to-maintain geranium. The plant is known for its stunning pink flowers with hues of magenta and crimson. In some species, you will even find the flower petals streaked with lines of dark pink.

The Wargrave blooms, however, barely measure around one inch. However, they grow beautifully and abundantly between spring and fall. The leaves of this plant feature a medium green hue with small lobes.

Wargrave is a compact geranium variety and it can grow around 18 to 24 inches tall. Since growing this plant is equally simple, you might want to add this as your next garden variant.

8. Striatum

geranium striatum

The Striatum variant of geraniums is known to grow in small mounds that are around 9 to 12 inches tall and almost 2 feet wide. They are extremely common and grown abundantly across the US. The foliage has a medium green hue, and the leaves feature deep lobes. In the fall season, you will find the leaves transitioning into beautiful orange and crimson before finally withering away.

Unlike popular geranium varieties, the Striatum only features solitary blooms which range from 1 to 1.5 inches in width. The petals are beautifully pink, and the veins have the perfect blend of magenta and violet. The plant commonly blooms during the summer months between May to June.

Striatums are hardy and they can withstand every kind of extreme. So, whether it’s too hot or too cold, this plant will survive through it all!

9. Mavis Simpson

Mavis Simpson

These pretty little plants feature white centers and beautiful pastel pink petals. Their stems are long and elegant and thanks to their beautiful appeal, they have also managed to win several awards. The Mavis Simpson is known to assume a height of 18 inches, and it works best as the groundcover of your garden.

10. Patricia


With an extensive growth and bloom period, Patricia is yet another top contender when it comes to pink geraniums. This plant is fairly simple to grow and it happens to be extremely reliable with its stunning magenta petals and black centers.

Their biggest highlight lies in the shape of the centers that almost resemble a star. As with Mavis Simpson, Patricia has bagged several reputed awards across the globe and it requires low to minimal maintenance.

11. Lancastriense

Best known as garden covers, the Lancastriense will grow fairly low to your yard surface. Their growth habit happens to be creeping or mounding. When grown in the correct conditions, the Lancastriense can assume a height of 10 inches and a width of around 2 feet.

It comes with beautifully rounded flowers in pastel pink where darker magenta veins run across every petal. Lancastriense is known to bloom between March and October and in addition to its beautiful blooms, you will also be amazed by its dark green, heavily lobed foliage.

This plant thrives best in averagely moist and well-drained soils. Also, once you finally establish it, it will also continue tolerating droughts or extreme weather conditions.

12. Light Pink Splash

With fluffy heads and bi-colored blooms, the Light Pink Splash lives up to its name in providing just the right kind of pinkish splash. When observed closely, you will find the flowers transitioning from pale to dark pink at the center. Their heads come in clusters ranging from 4 to 5 inches, and thanks to this fluffy head the blooms appear super beautiful.

Another remarkable quality of the Light Pink Splash lies in its dark green foliage that can potentially be 12 to 16 inches tall. This plant often attracts throngs of pollinators like hummingbirds and pretty butterflies. The best part: it is resistant to deer, rabbits, and similar other animals.

13. Picotee

Picotee geranium

Appearing like hydrangeas, these geraniums are incredibly popular for their clustered heads and pale pinkish flowers. The flowers are known for their beautiful streaks of pink, which are often in varying shades.

Pictotees grow up to 18 inches and they thrive best in warm temperatures with moist, well-drained soil. If you are looking to preserve the seasonal blooms of Picotee, we suggest deadheading as it will most definitely add to the elegance of the plant when you grow it the following year.

14. Blizzard Pink

With a growth habit that’s almost similar to trailing, the Blizzard Pink is best known for its impressive height. Growing up to 15 inches in height and almost 25 inches in width, this plant is characterized by its solid vigor and beautiful branches and sub-branches.

The blooms of this plant are vibrant and spectacular. Usually seen is a shade of hot pink, these blooms feature five petals and they are known to grow in tiny clusters with stems around 4 to 6 inches. The blooms may turn out to be extremely extravagant during the warmer months and the leaves, often resembling an Ivy feature shiny, round and green lobes.

15. Madeira Cranesbill

Madeira Cranesbill

Popularly known as the Giant Herb Robert, this plant is beautiful with its heavily divided flowers and dense foliage. The foliage often resembles fern and the pink blooms come with strong stems and a deep center. Unlike its contemporaries, the Madeira can take an impressive height of around 60 inches and it thrives best in temperate areas. Overall, it is fairly simple to grow and given the easy-care requirements, both novice and expert gardeners can plant this at home.

With more than 400 species, Geraniums can be found in all kinds of types, shapes, and heights. While some of them will be trailing, others will be upright. Similarly, while some will exhibit a single bloom, others may bloom with multiple flowers. Either way, these plants are beautiful and now that you have 15 options to pick from, explore your choices, and pick the species that will work best for your home garden.

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