11+ Different Flowers That Almost Look Like Roses (With Pictures)

Are you fond of roses? If so, you’re on the right page. While we won’t necessarily talk about roses in this article, here, we will share some unbelievable facts about 11+ different flowers that look exactly like a Rose. Keep reading to know which flowers made it to our list.

1. Peonies


These are beautiful perennial flowers that are known to bloom during the last few months of spring or the first few months of summer. With single and double blooms, you will find these pretty little flowers in a wide range of colors. Popular colors include white, pink, magenta, and even crimson.

Primarily found in the Asian regions, Peonies are known to have more than 30 different species. There are, however, two common types that you’ll find in almost all US-based home gardens. These include the Garden Paeonia and the Tree Peonies.

Given their striking similarity with our regular rose, you will find Peonies in almost every flower shop there is. Given their blooming time, these flowers are primarily available during the spring and early summer months.

Peonies are an excellent alternative to roses, and you can always gift them on Valentine’s day or during anniversaries. Inexpensive and easy to maintain, you can also grow these flowers at home.

2. Gardenia


If you are looking for an exotic flower that is almost similar to the rose, Gardenia might be your final stop. These are an incredibly exotic looking flower widely found in the South Asian and African region. Depending on the specie, you might even find them in parts of Oceania and Australasia.

Gardenias are popular as a pretty shrub in the Southern and Western Coastal parts of the United States. While you might find it challenging to source them locally, you can always order online from your favorite Southern US flower store.

Since Gardenias are often grown as a houseplant, you might find some specific varieties like the daisy and the Variegata from your local flower shop. In general, these flowers are known to have stunning white blooms that can cheer up the gloomiest person in the room!

3. Dahlia


While Dahlias may not appear like roses in the first instance, you will certainly fall in love with them if they are presented in a bunch. Primarily found in the Mexican regions, these unique flowers are beautiful and yet incredibly striking. You will usually find them in different shades of pink, though other shades like violet or magenta may be available depending on the specie.

Dahlias in general are known to be symbolic of inherent elegance, creativity, and emotional strength. As with most of the flowers featured in this list, Dahlias as are an excellent alternative to roses especially if you are planning to gift them on Valentine’s day.  Their flower heads are massive and their petals, like roses, are pointed.

Since Dahlias are often planted as a houseplant, you too can grow it in the comfort of your homes. To grow these pretty flowers, you first need to source quality Dahlia seeds. Next, you need to plant them at least ½ inches deep and the tubers at around one inch deep.

The soil needs to be thoroughly moistened with water. In some cases, however, you can also use premoistened soil. After planting the seeds, you also need to regulate the temperature. Make sure the pots are thoroughly warm at a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees. The seeds will then germinate over the next week or 10 days. While potting Dahlias always make sure they are properly covered with a glass or a polyethylene film. This will allow the seeds to warm and moist.

Dahlias need plenty of sunlight to grow and thrive. So, you also need to plant them in a sunny spot. If you are planning to plant them indoors, make sure you have plenty of artificial lights. Alternatively, you can also plant them near your windowsills.

Note that the tall species of Dahlias require stakes in the pots. So, make sure you have the provision. You can gradually tie the stem of the plants to the stakes as they start growing. Water the plant regularly while also allowing the soil to be dry between your watering regime. 

Once your plant is around three to four inches in length, consider pinching the bud off right at the end of the stem. This will enable the plant to form two steams which in turn will help maintain its good health.

While it is not completely necessary, you might also want to apply low nitrogen fertilizers to the soil. Adding the fertilizers once a month will work best for your plants. Ideally, you should plant Dahlias in summer so that you can see it blooming by late summer or spring.

4. Lisianthus


Scientifically known as the Eustoma, the Lisianthus is yet another excellent alternative to roses. Commonly known as the Texas Bluebell these plants are widely found in the warm Southern parts of the US. Certain species are also found in Mexican and Caribbean regions.

Lisianthus plants grow to bloom with beautiful flowers and they thrive best in grasslands. If you are planning to pot them at home, make sure the ground is thoroughly undisturbed.

With stunning elongated stems, these flowers are found in almost every kind of shade like purple, blue, pink, magenta, fuchsia, and white.

5. Double Impatiens

Double Impatiens

Double Impatiens are so strikingly similar to roses that you can barely distinguish between the two. A perfect combination of roses and peonies these plants grow on bloom with full, beautiful flowers with pretty petals. Widely found in the shades of pink, fuchsia, and white, these flowers are deemed symbolic of a mother’s love.

In certain cultures, however, they are also known to be a symbol of disagreement. So even before sending these flowers in, make sure you are completely aware of what they might mean to the other person. 

Double Impatiens are quite simple to grow and you can easily grow them at home by following certain guidelines.

Since these plants thrive really well in bright spots with ample shade, make sure you choose just the right location for them. Next, check the soil quality. Ideally, you would need well-drained soil that can hold the seeds well.

Finally, once you’re done checking the soil, get a big pot, and dig around one to two inches deep wide hole inside it. You can then place the rooted plant or the seeds inside this hole. Don’t forget to top off the hole with soil. Now gently press it down.

While Double Impatiens do not require plenty of water, you need to water the plants regularly for the best results. While watering, make sure the soil is moist and not completely soggy.

The seed will germinate over the next couple of weeks, and you can also witness the full bloom at that point. Avoid making your plant leggy by gently taking off the flowers once they fully bloom.

6. Double Tulips

Double Tulips

While they might be unusual, Double Tulips are certainly one of those flowers that resemble a fully bloomed rose. These are but your regular tulips just with more petals. Most double tulips have almost double the number of petals as compared to a regular tulip. This will make their bud appear fat, full, and a tad more open. That is also the reason why they resemble roses. 

Available in plenty of shades, Double Tulips are symbolic in several cultures. As with red roses, a red Double Tulip too is known to symbolize affection or genuine love.

7. Carnations


Carnations are probably the most similar counterpart to roses. These flowers feature stunning, frilly petals and they look incredibly romantic when presented in a bouquet.

Like roses, Carnations are known to be a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and most importantly, love. They have been used since the times of the Ancient Greeks to mark celebrations or joyous events.

While these flowers are available in plenty of shades, the most popular options include white and pink. So, while planning to gift a bouquet always look out for these flowers in these pretty shades.

8. Begonias


Available in beautifully vibrant shades, Begonias are best known for their purple blooms and their plump flower head. Just like a rose, the flower heads of Begonias are both full and feathery.

Besides purple, you will also find Begonias in other shades like pink, and magenta. In several cultures, these flowers are deemed to be a symbol of individuality. So, if you want to tell someone that they are truly standing out, consider gifting them a bunch of Begonias. These flowers, with their stunning blooms, and sweet fragrance will certainly serve as an excellent gift.

9. Ranunculus


While many are still unaware of this beautiful flower, Ranunculus is known to be another great alternative to roses. The flower derives its name from Latin where it means a Little Frog. They are also called Turban Buttercup and are found widely in the Middle East. According to some gardeners, these flowers are also native to the Middle Eastern parts.

Ranunculus is a stunning flower and you will find them in almost every color including white, shades of red, occur, peach, yellow, and orange.

10. Camellia


Resembling a rose with due credits, Camellias are best known for their arch petals. Although you will find them in plenty of colors, white and red are the most dominant options from the lot.

Red Camellia is known to symbolize passion (just like roses) and their pink counterparts are known to symbolize love. Finally, white camellias are symbolic of admiration. Either way, these flowers have plenty of similarities with roses, and you might as well gift them to your loved ones instead of the same old rose.

11. Double Dianthus

Double Dianthus

With fragrant flowers and stunning foliage, Double Dianthus is yet another top contender. These plants generally bloom during summer months and thrive best when the temperature isn’t excessively hot. To grow them at home, you would need adequate sunlight and nutrient-rich soil. In most cases, they do not require any fertilizers. 

Double Dianthus flowers are fragrant, and you will find them in shades of red, occur, pink, magenta, and even yellow. In some instances, they may also be bicolored. These flowers also have multiple species, some of which can grow between six to 18 inches in height. Due to the massive height, you may need some extra stakes for supporting them. 

12. Tulips


Available in a wide range of colors, Tulips are best known for their incredible similarities with roses. You will find them in shades of red, pink, and white, though in some cases, they are also available in magenta and blue. The lazy stature of these plants adds to their elegance and as with red roses, red tulips are known to symbolize love, romance, and profound passion.

Well, these were some of the prettiest flowers that look almost similar to roses. So, if you cannot grow a rose due to the stringent maintenance requirements it comes with, choose any flower from this list and grow them right at the comfort of your homes!



Double Impatiens

Double Tulips

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