Solar Power – Energy from the Sun

Imagine a place, where everything from cars to homes and industries are powered by solar energy. Where the air is pure. Energy costs nothing. Power shortages are history. Man is finally at peace with the environment. Dangerous escalating pollution levels, depleting natural resources and out of control fuel prices, the world is looking to the skies for the solution.

The answer lies in tapping the unlimited, clean, eco-friendly energy of the sun. The sun is the key to the existence of life on the earth. It has been there for billions of years and continuously shooting its solar energy in our direction. The sun continues to warm our planet and we need to find some more efficient ways to harness it’s energy to full potential.


This energy has to be harnessed by technology in order to be converted into something that is usable by mankind. There are two types of solar technology that can be used to do this, one referred to as passive, the other active. Active solar energy trap light from the sun and then perform some action by producing the current for eg: Solar Panels. Passive solar energy simply trap solar energy for e.g.: GreenHouse.

As the demand for the fossil fuels grow, the idea to tap energy from the alternative energy sources continue to come, and solar energy in particular. For both the consumer and the environment can and will be life-changing once solar energy is adopted broadly. Today we use solar energy for various purposes from drying clothes, to generate power, to heat up our homes or heat water. The energy that sun generates is helping thousands of people from across the world. The idea to convert the solar energy into electricity is a noble one but the costs involved in installation and maintenance of solar kit are limiting the users from adopting this method. However, nations across the world are giving it a serious thought before it gets too late.

Through harnessing the power of the desert sun and feeding it into a electricity super grid, CO2 emissions could be slashed. Solar panel windows are latest weapon against global warming. Solar power is set for great things in the future and is the answer to all our needs.


Rinkesh is passionate about clean and green energy. He is running this site since 2009 and writes on various environmental and renewable energy related topics. He lives a green lifestyle and is often looking for ways to improve the environment around him.