Hot Water Solar Panels

Hot Water Solar Panels are a means of providing sufficient amount of heat, in the form of solar energy, which is needed to transform your cold water into a hotter one. It has always been a prevalent fact that the usage of electronic heaters for warming up of water is directly proportional to the costs incurred in electricity bills. But these hot water solar panels rose above this cost limitation to provide you with the most comfortable water temperature at the most reasonable of costs. They operate on solar energy and hence, reduce the consumption of other valuable and necessary resources etc.

Apart from heating water, these panels can even be deployed for running other appliances compatible with the operability. Such hot water solar panels are simply an effective means of lowering down on your electricity bills even if the pool, in which you are deploying it for usage, is a residential one. Its methodology of operation involves execution of the following steps in an ordered manner:

1. Firstly, solar energy is extracted from the sun in order to heat up your water.

2. This extracted heat is then moved in to numerous heat storage vessels which preserve them for certain specified time duration.

3. This heat then begins heating up the water body kept in hot water cylinders.

4. A heat exchanger present there in, releases the heat which in turn, then, circulates the cold water back in to the hot water solar panels. These panels then reheat this cold water making it a kind of heating energy cycle etc.

5. When the water has absorbed significant amount of heat, it is made available to be used in baths, showers and even for washing dishes sometimes.


With the price range on almost every second item going up such as Gas, Electricity, Clothing and Medicines etc, these solar panels are strictly a means of conserving those hard earned bucks of yours in quite a practical manner. Since, these hot water solar panels cut on your electric expenses they prove to be one of the perfect solar water heaters that can easily be deployed for usage in almost any sort of place – be it social, commercial or residential.

Besides heating up water, these solar panels are a means of lowering down the energy expenses when installed in your residential complexes for personal usage. Moreover, costs incurred on electricity bills are also lowered significantly. These hot water solar panels aim to provide a totally clean energy since it has been extracted from the sunlight and hence, proves to be the most practical as well as economical energy resource.

Apart from purchasing, if possible, you can very well construct these simple solar panels in your home itself. Moreover, these self-built heaters prove to be less expensive than a ready-made one. If you lack enough knowledge on how to build your own hot water solar panel, you can consult numerous books that are made available both online as well as in the local market too. Their benefits are endless and their operability is simply less time consuming, less money consuming and less energy consuming.

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