15 Extraordinary Houseplants That Can Survive the Harsh Winter Cold

Are you planning to invest in houseplants that can withstand chilly weather conditions? If so, you’re reading the right article. Over the next few sections of this article, we will discuss the hardiest houseplants that’ll thrive regardless of the intensity of winter.

So, keep reading, to check out which plants will work best for your needs.

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15 Amazing Houseplants That Can Survive the Winter Cold

1. ZZ Plant

ZZ plant - Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Alternatively known as the Arum Fern, the ZZ Plant is an iconic houseplant that is best known for its bright, green foliage. The defining quality of this plant, however, is the fact that it can withstand any degree of winter cold.

The ZZ plant is beautiful and also easy to maintain. Since it can also tolerate cold environments, you can practically place it in any corner of your home.

Another remarkable quality of this plant is that it can comfortably sustain the dark. So, if your house doesn’t get ample sunlight, fret not, because the ZZ plant will survive it all! The ZZ plant doesn’t grow very fast, nor does it get unbelievably big. Either way, it is ideal for small homes.

2. Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

While Orchids aren’t popular as an easy-to-grow plant, you can still cultivate them with minimal effort. Elegant and durable, the vibrant, green stems of these beautiful plants will totally pep up the décor of your home.

Although the Moth Orchid grows quite well in medium-lit areas, it will also survive in low light. These plants hold up remarkably well during the chillier months and they’d even survive without daily watering. Since this plant prefers a dry climate, you can still expect it to bloom without having to water it every day.

3. Clivia

Clivia plant

If you’re looking to grow a versatile plant that’ll survive the winter cold, Clivia might be your best bet! This Trumpet-shaped plant is known for its beautiful blossoms ranging from red to orange.

Unlike many other houseplants, Clivias successfully retain their foliage throughout the year which also means that they don’t shed leaves in winter. A striking feature of Clivia is that it is incredibly versatile and can, therefore, adapt to varying environments.

So, whether it’s low light or a drafty room; these houseplants will withstand it all! Clivias can tolerate both cold and dry environments and they do not require much watering either.

4. Jade

Jade plant

With dense foliage and woody stems, the Jade Plant is an excellent houseplant that can withstand winter cold. The plant ages gracefully, and eventually assumes the shape of a miniature tree while aging. Since it can also tolerate both hot and cold winds, you can practically keep it anywhere.

Ideally, you should place the Jade plant in an area where it gets ample sun, although it can always withstand low-light conditions. The houseplant needs to be well-drained and you should water it almost every day. You can also add fertilizers in low dosage to keep the leaves bright and shining.

5. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

If you want a hardy winter plant that’ll also add some architectural interest to your home, the Snake Plant may be a good option. The Snake Plant holds really well during winter months, and low-light or instances of drought don’t affect it either.

The plant features a range of blade-shaped leaves available in stunning colors and patterns.  The plant also has multiple air-purifying benefits and is an asset to any and every home.

6. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

If you’re looking for a perfect Thanksgiving gift, the Christmas cactus might just be an excellent option. Being a true cactus, this plant thrives best in a tropical climate with high levels of humidity.

Likewise, it can withstand the hardest of winters and requires absolutely minimal maintenance. The plant will blossom during winter months with the blossoms assuming the shape of orchids with a hue of pink or violet.

The Christmas cactus can be planted both indoors and outdoors. It requires plenty of shade and doesn’t require much water. So, if you’re generally neglectful and are looking for a plant that’ll work with your lifestyle- this might be your best pick. 

7. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail Palm is one of those rare plants that add a tad bit of flair to your room while also surviving the chilly winter. This plant is known to survive both dry air and soil and you can continue growing it without having to worry at all.

The plant taps in a significant amount of water in its thick and heavily textured trunk. In the instances of drought, it uses up this stored water.

The plant features elongated, bright green leaves that create a cascade for the water to flow down. Overall, the Ponytail Palm is incredibly resilient and an excellent addition to your home or office space. 

8. Philodendron

Source: Canva

This is probably one of the hardiest houseplants out there!  The Philodendron thrives perfectly in an indoor setting and it is unaffected by the winter cold.

The plant is popular for its massive, split green leaf and its drought-resistant capacity. The Philodendron can thrive in a shady environment and it doesn’t require much coddling either. That said; if you are planning to add this houseplant to your home, do note that it requires some amount of moisture and high-quality soil.

While you can always grow them in water or water beads alone, soil helps in growth, allowing them to develop faster. For best results, you can water this plant at least once a fortnight.

9. Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern

Several varieties of ferns do not require a large amount of light since they are accustomed to thriving in densely forested areas, completely covered by a shade of trees.

Since they do not require much sunlight to thrive, these plants can comfortably sustain the winter cold. Maidenhair Fern belongs to this category of plants and it can comfortably thrive in any weather condition.

The only primary requirement is plenty of moisture. That means you will need consistently damp soil for these plants to grow. The Maidenhair plant, with its delicate and beautiful leaves, will thrive in indirect sunlight for days and months to come.  

10. Hoya


Alternatively known as the Wax plant, the Hoya is a type of climbing plant primarily found in humid areas. These plants are widely popular for their thick and waxy leaves, and as with multiple plants in this list, they can comfortably thrive in a range of conditions.

The best part: they can also adapt to changing levels of light. This is one of the many reasons why the Hoya turns out to be an excellent winter plant. For this plant to grow, you will need a shady and dry growing environment.

Since it doesn’t thrive well in excessively watered down soil, we would recommend you to avoid overwatering the soil. Ideally, you can water the plant once in two to three days. It doesn’t require much maintenance and thrives comfortably without complaints.

11. Moss Terrarium

Moss Terrarium

While Moss Terrariums aren’t the most ideal winter plants, they can still sustain chilly weather if you store them in a miniature greenhouse. For instance, you can consider keeping them in a glass terrarium.

The glass here will retain the required humidity in the walls while also protecting the plant from extreme heat or cold. In addition to shielding the plants, the terrarium can also double up as an iconic artifact in your living room. You can even enhance your décor by adding a bunch of other plants belonging to the similar species.

Top options would include fern and fern allies. Either way, make sure they get moderate sunlight and are watered at least once a day. This simple routine will help these plants develop into mature and truly beautiful Moss Terrarium miniature variants that will survive any weather conditions no matter what.

12. Succulents


When it comes to plants that comfortably thrive in the winter cold, our list is absolutely incomplete without Succulents. Succulents are highly resilient plants that can sustain any weather condition.

You can keep them on your windowsill in a dry room, and since they are available in a range of vibrant hues- you will always have the option to customize them for creating a beautiful grouping. If you’re living somewhere with a cool, Northern climate, we would suggest you to not water the succulents during winter.

If, however, you live in a tropical area that witnesses sunny days once in a while, consider watering the plant at least once every two to three days.

While certain succulents grow during winters, others resume growth only until spring. Regardless of that, they will indeed survive, and are, therefore, a perfect addition to your indoor garden. Since these plants are also low-maintenance, you won’t have to spend much time on them either.

13. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen
Source: Canva

The Chinese evergreen lives up to its name by adding just the right dose of lushness to your homes. This plant is both beautiful and resilient, comfortably sustaining the chilly winter colds.

The Chinese Evergreen is best known for its beautifully patterned leaves. It thrives well in tropical climates and can also sustain indoor environments. The plant can sustain low-light conditions, cold environments, dry environments, and everything in between. So, all you practically need to do is plant it at home.  

Another unique quality of the Chinese evergreen is that it doesn’t discolor even when you’re growing it in a dimly lit room. However, since it cannot withstand overwatering either, it is best to use evenly moist soil while planting it.

14. Fiddle Leaf

Fiddle Leaf

The Fiddle Leaf Plant is yet another excellent houseplant that continues to be unaffected by the chilly winter months. That said, you do need to care for the plant and wait for it to grow during its natural growing season.

After getting the Fiddle leaf plant, consider watering it once every fortnight during its growing season. In winter, however, you can limit the watering to once every month.

Since water tends to evaporate at a slower pace in chillier rooms, it is important to be attentive about the condition of the room before watering the Fiddle leaf Plant.

15. Aloe

Golden Toothed Aloe

If you live in a house that tends to get dry in the winter or if you’re someone who forgets watering their plants from time to time, the Aloe plant might just be an excellent choice.

This is a hardy and succulent plant that has the natural ability to store water in its well-patterned leaves. This feature alone allows it to stay amid long stretches of drought.

The only minor disadvantage of having this plant is that it won’t give you any visual indication if it is getting dried up. That is why; you need to check the soil from time to time to see if it is moisture enough. That way, your Aloe plant won’t wilt any time soon,

Bottom Line

While these houseplants are certainly low-maintenance and hardy, they still require some degree of care. That is why, if you are planning to decorate your house with them, consider following the correct guidelines. This will not just help them sustain the winter, but will also keep them healthy, all way round.



Fiddle Leaf Plant

Christmas Cactus

ZZ Fern

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