15+ Excellent Reasons to Join the Tiny House Living Movement

The tiny house living movement is an inspired initiative is gradually taking root in the society. It is a socially accepted movement that entails downsizing of accommodation space that people live in. It is a movement that aims at ensuring that the space available is very effective and no space is put to waste. A normal American house is 2600 square feet. The movement promotes a space size of between 100 and 400 square feet. The move has gained popularity globally mainly because there are a myriad of advantages that come with the movement.

Specifically, the tiny house movement reduces the expenditure on housing and therefore allows for a better living standard. Moreover, the movement promotes a simpler way of life. It also comes in various shapes, sizes and forms all as preferred by the owner. The following are 15+ excellent reasons why those who have not embraced the initiative need to do so.

1. You can take your home with you wherever you go

A tiny home means a smaller size of the house. As such, it is easy to hitch up the house to your vehicle and move with it to different locations. This means that in case of a vacation, instead of moving to hotels and lodging, you can always move with your home wherever you need to go thus saving a lot on the costs of hotel services.

Plus, there is an advantage of the same when it comes to changes in employment. The movement ensures that you do not have to seek for alternative accommodation but to move with your home to the area you have been posted. Also, there is no packing and there is plenty of electricity and water due to installed solar panels and rain gutters.

2. Strengthens family harmony

The tiny house optimizes on the available space. Thus, there are minimal rooms to ensure that the space is effectively used. This means that with fewer rooms, people are able to see more of each other. In addition, people are able to relate better with each other as they share a lot in the house as well as with each other, for instance, the forms of companionship and recreational activities such as games, sport and listening to music.

3. There is a lot of money saved

It is generally cheaper to live in a tiny home than in the standard big houses. This is attributed to the fact that the smaller the size of the house, the fewer the resources that are needed. It translates into fewer maintenance costs, and less electric as well as water costs.

What is more, the cost of acquisition of the tiny home on the market is way lower than the normal houses. It is even cheaper to build the tiny home from scratch with cheaper materials such as reclaimed lumber.

4. You get to design and decorate as per preference

The building of the tiny house means that when it comes to decorations and design, then one is able to inspire their creativity. It means that one is able to have control over the type of decor and art they want in their house as they seek to make a home out of it. One can choose to change the way the house is painted or decorated and make a complete change with less costs and in less time.

5. You can escape the life of mortgage

Most of the people living in big towns and cities tend to have a hard time when it comes to acquiring accommodation and for this reason, opt for solutions such as applying for mortgages, which comes to misappropriate their funds in the end. Globally, people have realized that it is far much better to live in the rural area with a tiny house and a lot of peace than to have a large house that stresses you up due to the mortgage fees and subsequent costs.

6. You can save lot of time on cleaning

Houses, whether big or small need to be regularly cleaned. With tiny houses, there is minimal floor space and dusting space thus less time is spent on cleaning. The advantage is that one is able to live a minimalist life by spending less time on cleaning and more on other activities such as recreation and on the house decor.

7. There is a lot of room for nature

The space that would otherwise be spent on the big house is spent on nature. It is easier to have a vegetable garden, a flower garden or a pond with this type of housing. Consequently, it is relaxing as one can venture in fish rearing, flower farming or vegetable farming just outside their house with ample of space to use. Moreover, one can also set up a park where people can just unwind away from the ruckus of cities and towns and take in the pure feel of nature.

8. There is more community interaction

The big houses situated in towns have people who are very busy with work and meeting deadlines and reports. They are too busy for interaction with the community that surrounds them. This is made worse by the fact that the community around them is of the same nature.

Nonetheless, tiny homes are of a different nature. This is attributed to the facts that unlike previous mentioned, most of the residents in the tiny homes live and work around the area. They are also in control of their houses thus having no rush to meet payment deadlines for rents or mortgages. They also have more free time attributed to less cleaning and maintenance time. As a result, they use this time to interact with the community.


9. You live a greener lifestyle

For starters, the tiny house living encourages maximum use of resources by using the least resources. This is because, there is less space used, less capital is used to purchase or construct the house and the heat needed in the house is of a minimal nature. And it even has the added advantage that the heat used is derived from solar panels, and the water used is collected from rain water. The two instances ensure there is no electricity from the towns or tapped water regulated by the local councils respectively.

10. Tiny homes allows one to declutter and live simply

Typically, a tiny home comes with less space and therefore one has to be able to arrange things well in order for them to fit. Living in a traditional house makes one have piles and piles of things some of which they never use. When moving from a traditional home to a tiny home one will need to choose only the essentials and the rest will have to be donated or given away. This allows one to declutter and simplify the way of living since what remains is what really matters and the rest are gone.

11. Encourages minimal burden of stuff

The house is built with the main aim of being smaller in size. It is also true to say that the stuff that the house harbors is of a smaller nature as compared to the big standard houses. Therefore, the adoption of the tiny house living movement unknowingly encourages liberation from too much stuff. In doing so, a minimalist lifestyle is also encouraged.

12. Simple living is realized

The type of life experienced in the tiny house is far simpler than that of those in big houses in towns and cities. There is more space to venture into flower and vegetable farming, fish rearing and nature parks as compared to towns. Also, the only energy used in tiny houses is for heat and miscellaneous appliances if need be whereas in big towns, there is a lot of electricity consumption.

13. There is decreased maintenance

With reduced space, then there is subsequent less maintenance. Repairs are of a smaller nature. For instance, the repair of a tiny roof requires less maintenance than that of the big roof.

14. They are multi-functional

Tiny houses can be used for a lot of reasons. As such, during construction, the house is built to suit the purpose for which the owner desires. They can be built away from the big houses as add-ons, studios, home offices, guest suites and so much more. They are mostly preferred for these purposes as they are cheaper to construct than the typical normal houses that would have otherwise been built to suit the said purposes.

15. Presence of shared items

The tiny houses boast of shared items with their neighbors. It is a common feature to find shared pools, nature parks, recreational games and sports between them which mean more interaction. This encourages more cohesion.

16. High happiness levels

With less stress on stuff and minimal or no regular payments for mortgages, then the level of happiness is increased. It has now dawned on people that big houses do not necessarily translate to high levels of fulfillment when it comes to happiness. Worth noting is that the larger the house, the more the time spent of cleaning, maintenance and servicing thus less time spent on recreation and personal time. People under the tiny house living movement enjoy control over their homes from the decor, the environment, gardens and generally over the way they live their lives.

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