12 Fascinating Earth-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Green Christmas This Year

Christmas means a snowy white festival to all and also an occasion for thanksgiving. But this year let’s make it green and thank our mother earth by not littering the environment. Let’s celebrate an earth-friendly Christmas and save our environment at the same time. We can make a lot of difference and make this winter vacation more sustainable and enjoyable without contributing to more carbon emission. Are you wondering how to make that happen? Just read on.

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh,
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way

1. Spend Less

Can you buy less this time, please? More consumption means more waste when that is not needed at all. Do not waste please and try using eco-bags for shopping.

2. A Store-bought Gift is not the Only Option

Gifts become more precious if that shows thoughtfulness. Try to make something yourself expressing your love and emotions. It may be a doodle on the cardboard but can be more valuable than something you find on store shelves.

3. Buy Gifts Made Locally

These days’ gifts are available from different parts of the world, but transportation contributes to significant temperature increase and emission of greenhouse gases leading to climate change. Look for gifts in local artisan shops and craft fairs without additional costs of transportation.

4. Use Gifts and Wrappers Made From Recycled Materials

Some individuals and small businesses are very creative and they make beautiful products using recycled materials. As per USA Today, bows, glitters, ribbons are also not recyclable so learn to recycle Christmas gift wrappers. Furoshiki, a Japanese practice to use a reusable cloth to wrap gifts, using old newspaper or brown grocery bag may help in this case.

5. Go for Battery-Free Gifts

This Christmas look for toys without battery. Batteries, when discharged, become an environmental hazard. Air, water or wind power renewable energy kit is available now. These toys have a less negative impact on the environment. At least use rechargeable batteries if not anything else.

6. Use a Live Tree and Plant a Tree

Why not use a living tree as your Christmas tree rather than cutting a tree or buying an artificial tree? Another good choice would be buying a tree from a sustainable source so that you can plant it again. These are more eco-friendly choices and save valuable resources. Real trees will help to remove carbon from the atmosphere. And, try planting a small tree on Christmas to offset the taking of a Christmas tree.

7. Holiday Lighting

Electricity drains the resources of nature, so dim the lights. US consumes 6.6 billion kilowatt hours of energy on the Christmas eve every year which is more than the annual energy consumed by developing countries like Ethiopia, El Salvador, Nepal or Cambodia as per The Center for Global Development report citing a 2008 study from the US Energy Department’s EIA. Also, consider switching to LED, rechargeable-battery-powered or solar-powered lights.

8. Eco-friendly Candles

You can find light eco-friendly, and smoke-free candles made from soy, natural vegetable-based wax or beeswax in the market. Remember, paraffin candles made from petroleum residue are hazardous to your health and for the environment.

9. E-cards are Fine

Send e-cards and save trees. You can also purchase recycled or charity cards. You can even gift last year’s card adding a new look to it or use cardboard. Think out of the box and be more creative this Christmas!

10. Avoid Plastic Packaging

Take the oath and say no to “plastic.” It’s a menace on the planet. Greenpeace festive #PointlessPlastic wants you to join and fight against the unnecessary packaging of festive items using plastic.

11. Donate Old Items

When you get a new wardrobe this Christmas, make sure that you donate your old clothes to a charity shop. Same goes for old toys also. Donate and share happiness.

12. Connect With Nature

Wondering how? Gather your family members, take a binocular and carry holiday meal. Now, leave for a peaceful hike to a park or countryside or green neighborhood to enjoy nature to the fullest. Make sure that you engage all the members in family activities and enjoy a more valued Christmas this year.

If you want Christmas to bring joy and happiness forever on this planet, consider making it green, “Now.”

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