Can You Recycle Lotion Bottles? (And 5 Ways to Reuse Old Bottles)

One of the things we put to daily use is our lotion. Hardly do we step out of our homes without first having a rub of our favorite lotions. This shows how important lotion is to every one of us. And we do our best to ensure that we get the best out of our favorite lotions.

Many people don’t allow the current lotion to get exhausted before they get a new one for. This also raises the question of constant use. However, the implication of this is that daily, we push more lotion bottles out of our homes and into the environment.

While this may look like the usual thing, it may hold some consequences for the environment. This is why we are considering some salient questions whose answers may provide help to the environment.

For this post, we shall be considering how your lotion bottles may be indirectly affecting the environment. We would be taking a peep into whether you can recycle your lotion bottles. We would consider how to recycle lotion bottles and whether you should leave the bottle caps for recycling.

This is a whole lot of information in one single point. All you have to do is sit back and let all the information sink in.

Are Lotion Bottles Recyclable?

The frequency of people using lotions makes this question an urgent one. At one point in time, one can only wonder where all the lotion bottles go to in the end.

Well, where else should they go if not to the recycling bin? But then, you don’t even know whether or not you can recycle them. That has been a major problem for many people, but today marks an end to that.

Yes, lotion bottles are recyclable. Many lotion bottles are plastic materials that are readily accepted by recycling centers. So, you should have no problems with recycling your lotion bottles at all.

However, as usual, it is always better to confirm with your local recycling centers. This is to be sure that when your lotion bottles get to the recycling station, it will get recycled.

How To Recycle Lotion Bottles?

Lotion bottles are not like other plastic bottles that the recyclers just toss into the recycling bin. The difference here is the content of the lotion bottles and the functional design.

We mean that the content of the lotion bottles, if not ridden off, will contaminate the whole recyclables. When we think we have exhausted the lotions in the bottle, this is not the case. There is often some quantity lurking around the bottle.

So, what is the best thing to do?

Rinse: This is the first thing to do before tossing your lotion bottles into the recycling bin. As much as possible, rinse off the bottles’ extra lotion before placing the bottles in the recycling bin.

Remove: You will have to remove all things that might prevent lotion bottles from getting recycled. And one of those things is the lotion pumps. Many recyclers would exclude the lotion pumps because it creates a problem in the recycling process.

Recycle: After doing the two things above, the next thing is to recycle. And how do you do this? You simply place your lotion bottles in the recycling bin.

Can Lotion Bottles Go In The Recycle Bin?

Yes, lotion bottles can go into the recycling bin. Since we have stated above that you can recycle the lotion bottles, it is easy to figure out that bottles can go in the recycling bin. However, before this happens, you should ensure you have followed the three steps above. There are Rinse, Remove, and Recycle.

There is still one thing you should observe, and that is bagging your lotion bottles. Bagging your lotion bottles into one plastic or paper bag would your recycling bin look neat and help the recyclers figure out the materials.

After you have bagged your lotion bottles, ensure you seal the bags and place it in the recycling bin. You can put a tag identifying the bag as containing lotion bottles. Doing this would help the recyclers in the sorting process at their recycling station.

Should You Leave The Caps On Bottles For Recycling?

There is often confusion about this. While some have said you should remove it, others have said you should leave it there.

But is there a right position for this? The idea is that bottle caps are often stronger than the bottles themselves. Hence in the recycling process, they don’t meet at the same rate. Hence you should separate it yourself.

However, new technology has surfaced. And now, you don’t have to fear having your bottle caps on when recycling. But, it would be wise to confirm with your local recyclers first.

5 Genius Ways To Reuse Old Lotion Bottles

Having old lotion bottles signify two things. You are concerned about how you look; hence, you are consistently taking care of yourself. Two that you have spent and invested a lot just to look great.

These two things can have a sentimental grip on us sometimes. Often, we feel that we haven’t truly exhausted our money before disposing of the old lotion bottles. If this is your thought, you are not alone. There are many others like you who love keeping their old lotion bottles. If not for anything, but for the fact that the bottles can serve as a reference to them after some time.

Now the lotion bottles have piled up, and it is time to do something about them. Well, if this is what you are looking for, you have just got the right answers. This segment examines how the numerous things you can do in old lotion bottles and how they can serve you better.

1. Create An Extension For Your Faucet

If you are having difficulties with the water pouring from your faucet because it is not extended enough, that problem ends today. With your old lotion bottles, you can extend it.

To do this, you don’t need to get the tools to fix a tap; all you need is scissors. All you have to do is cut the bottom of the old lotion bottle. Make sure you cut it in a size that fits perfectly into the faucet. Do not make the cut too big so that the lotion bottle does not become loose.

Once you have cut the lotion bottles in the right size, you can fit them into the faucet. This way, water flows from it and extends to where you can get convenient use of it. Your children would be able to get access to water without difficulties.

2. Make A Sink Caddy

You don’t always have to employ an expert’s service to do some basic creative things in your home. One of the things you don’t need an expert’s service for is making a sink caddy.

All you need is your old lotion bottles and your scissors. And, of course, you should never forget to come along with your creativity.

Once you have all these things set, you can begin work. All you have to do is cut the lotion bottles to the size you want. However, when cutting it, you don’t have to cut it completely. This is so you can create room for a handle. This handle will allow you to hang the sink caddy on the faucet.

All these do not require expertise to do. You only need to follow what we have said above, and you will get yourself a new sink caddy.

3. Make A Small Pocket

If you are the type of person that loves keeping little things in a secret place, this is for you. You can make a secret pocket with your lotion bottle. However, before this is possible, you will need to get an easily foldable lotion bottle. This will make it easier to cut and, at the same time, fold it into a small pocket shape.

Now, all that you need are your scissors, a snap to hold the small pocket together, and a little bit of creativity.

The place you will cut the lotion bottles will depend on how long you want your small pocket. Once you have cut it, you should measure about a meter from the point of cutting downwards. Here is where you will begin to fold it.

Ensure you have successfully folded the top back and forth so that it becomes flexible. After this, you will need to cut one of the top flexible parts. Remember, you are cutting just one. You will leave the other one so it will still serve as a lid of the pocket.

After all these, you can put your snap on the only flexible flap left. This will allow you to firmly close the small pocket anytime you want to.

4. Make A Phone Holder

There is a time that charging your cell phones may be a little bit difficult. The difficulty comes in the sense that you don’t want to place it on the floor. This is to prevent liquid from spilling on it or other heavy objects from falling on it. You are also preventing people from stepping on the phone.

So, what are the things you can do? Well, you can use your lotion bottles to save yourself stress. All you will have to do is get a lotion bottle that, when cut, your phone will fit into it. Once you can get this, you can then begin the process of making a phone holder.

You will have to follow the process explained above when trying to make a sink caddy. For this, however, you may need glue. This is to allow you to glue the lotion bottle to the side of the socket. This way, you can be sure that no liquid will mistakenly spill into the phone holder.

As far as your creativity permits you, you can design the phone holder.

5. Make A Pen Holder

If you have difficulties remembering where you placed your pencils, you can create a solution to it. If your kids are also in the habit of misplacing their pencils, you can help them manage it better.

What you have to do is get your lotion bottles and scissors. We would advise that you use one of those fancy scissors so you can decorate the lotion bottles. Because you are using it to collect pens and pencils, we would advise that you decorate in beautiful ways. You can paint it with contrasting but beautiful and attractive colors.


Lotions are great for our use. But when the time comes, we should not hesitate to dispose of them properly. One way you can do that is by recycling them. You can also upcycle your lotion bottles. So the choice is yours, don’t be afraid to follow your mind.

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