Incredible Ways on How to Dispose and Recycle White Goods

A large number of people own items that make their lives easier. Fridges, Ovens, Clothes dryers TVs, Air conditioners and Radios, just to name but a few, have become a life necessity. To humans, these items make life easier and comfortable. But to the environment, they can be a possible threat. Yet, every household owns one or more of these appliances.

But where do these items end after product lifespan? Obviously, most of them end up in landfills. And the waste has a large number of toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium which are harmful to the ozone layer.

What’s the Difference between White goods and Brown Goods?

You might have come across this term in a department store. White goods are heavy consumer durables which used to be painted only in white enamel finish. Despite their availability in varied colors now, they are still called white goods.

These products take big space in our homes, therefore, it’s important to properly dispose of them to avoid overloading landfills. Some of the white goods are:

  • Oven and stoves
  • Fridges
  • Washing machines
  • Clothes dryers
  • Deep freezers
  • Air conditioners

Brown goods, on the other hand, are electronic goods apart from laundry and kitchen appliances. The term is mostly used for entertainment equipment. Examples of brown goods are:

  • Stereos
  • TVs
  • CD players
  • Radios

Why Should You Recycle White Goods?

White goods are made of plastics and costly materials which can be recycled. Also, by recycling white goods, you prevent toxic materials like heavy metals from penetrating into the soil and causing harm to the environment. Likewise, you reduce greenhouse gas emission that comes about during the production of new materials.

It’s also important to recycle white goods since they have metal that can be recycled several times. Recycled metal can be used to make new products. Moreover, you reduce the amount of junk taken to landfills and preserve resources.

In big cities like London, there are companies such Remy Takes The Rubbish that are specialized in white goods disposal and recycling and one can hire them if not sure how to deal with their old wash machine, oven and stoves, fridges, clothes dryers, freezers, and air conditioners. They at all times use environment-friendly ways in disposing and recycling white goods.

How to Dispose White Appliances?

So you understand that old home appliances can cause harm to the environment if not properly disposed or recycled. Since they do not naturally biodegrade, they remain there and take a large amount of space that can be used for other meaningful purposes. They can as well leak dangerous chemicals into the ground and surrounding environment.

Here are some environment-friendly ways on how to dispose of white goods:

Donate Them to Charity

You can donate your working appliances to a charity organization of your choice. This act can be great in helping victims of domestic violence, orphans, and homes for old people.

By donating a washing machine to an organization, you are not only being helpful to them but you may also be eligible for a charitable tax deduction. Before donating, take your time to call them and if they are interested they will come for it.

Get Cash for Your Old Appliances

You can use either the internet or classified sales to sell your old appliance. More so, if they’re still in a good working condition. You can then use the money to buy something new or alternatively donate it to charity.

Contact Your Municipal Public Works Department Or Waste Management Company

There might already be rules in your town on how to dispose of our appliances or electronics. Most cities have laws on how to dispose of white goods and don’t allow the disposal of white goods such as fridges, washing machines and freezers with other household trash.

They have designated places for you to drop off these appliances and also where they can be collected for recycling.

Your Retailer

Make an inquiry from your retailer whether they can take away your old washing machine or freezer when they deliver you with a new one. You may be asked to pay some amount as a delivery fee.


Take your old appliances for recycling if you no longer use them

Contact a Local Appliance Repair Training School That Offers Repair Training

Take your appliance to some trade schools that offer appliance repair training programs. These schools accept the appliances and use in their training. Check whether there is such a school in your locality and whether they accept appliance donation.

Exchange Offers

Large online companies like Amazon and Flipkart have exchange offers on nearly all electronics and large appliances. If you don’t have any other way of disposing of your white goods, then exchange would work for you.

Scrap Merchants

If you have a good means of transport, then, your white goods can be taken to a scrap dealer.

Fridges and freezers should not be taken to scrap dealers because they need to be disposed of in a special way. They have coolants which need specialized disposal. Metal stuff generally has value and people are often not aware of the value of things that they take to landfills.

Therefore before you pay to have your old appliance removed, have a think about how you could make a few pounds. It’s worth a go!

Amazing ways on how to reduce white goods disposal

  • Re-evaluate. Do you really need that bigger washing machine? Try finding one device with multiple functions
  • Buy environmentally friendly electronic. Look for products leveled energy star or certified by the electronic product environmental assessment too EPEAT. These type of machines use less water and consume less energy. Even though they might be expensive, but will benefit you and are good to the environment. Remember cheap is always expensive.
  • Extend the life of your electronics. Take good care of your appliances to extend their shelf life and maximize the efficiencies. Well maintained appliances rarely break and functions well for a longer period of time.
  • Buy goods with a longer warranty. Make sure that you purchase products made from good materials and have a long warranty period. Warranties ensure lower cost of fixing and the approximate lifespan of the appliance.
  • Increase product lifespan.
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