Is Pyrex Recyclable? (And Pyrex Plastic Lids?)

Making up your mind to make a meal can be hard work sometimes. There are different things to ensure you put in the proper place. One of those things is getting your kitchen appliances all set. Of particular interest is the microwave oven. This has a lot of roles to play in our daily meals because of the temperature they add to our food.

But then, this just doesn’t happen. For you to get the best of your microwave oven, one of the things you have to use is a microwave fitted cookware. And one of the prominent ones is the Pyrex.

Pyrex is so common that you can hardly visit a home without finding one there. They are oven safe and give you the result you desire. However, they don’t last forever. Besides, they are made with glasses and can easily break.

So, when this happens, what is the next thing? Do you just dispose of them, or do you recycle Pyrex?

These are the things we consider in this post. You will also find out if they are environmentally friendly and whether you can recycle the plastic lid.

So, if you don’t mind, we will say fasten your seat belt for a long ride.

Can You Recycle Pyrex?

This question would always pop into discussions around the home. Pyrex is a glass material, and you probably have heard that glass can be recycled. But here’s the thing; Pyrex looks like a different kind of glass materials, so you are not sure if you should go for it. Well, if you are thinking this way, you are right.

Pyrex, though made of glass, is not like the regular glass material. Due to its use, it has been made in such a way to withstand very high temperatures. This means that melting it would be an extremely difficult thing to do. And for glass to be recycled, recycling companies would first have to crush and then melt it.

This state of things makes Pyrex non-recyclable. So, as much as you might desire to recycle it, it is not just possible. If you have been putting it in your recycling bin, this is the time to have a rethink.

For Pyrex, simply remove them from your recycling bin and put them in the waste bin. That’s where they belong.

Is Pyrex Environmentally Friendly?

The rate in the frequency of the use of Pyrex in many homes has raised the question of whether they are environmentally friendly. To be honest, this question is valid, particularly as we live in a world of rapid climate and environmental changes.

The answer to this is in two dimensions. For the first part, we can say that yes, Pyrex is environmentally friendly. For the other part, however, we can say that Pyrex is not. Let’s take a further look at the reasoning behind these conflicting answers.

Pyrex is made of glass with no added chemicals. It is only treated to withstand extreme temperature and nothing else. This means if you toss it in the bin, it poses no direct danger to the environment. By this, we mean it leaches no chemical to the groundwater. It just remains in the landfill as an innocent waste. The fact that it doesn’t leach chemicals like plastic and some cookware into the environment make it environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, however, there is a twist to it. Pyrex may not have chemicals in them that can leach to the environment, but they sure don’t decompose on time. Remember that Pyrex is made of glasses. And an average glass takes up to a million years to decompose.

This is a great length of time. The implication is that that Pyrex in your kitchen will probably outlive eight generations after you. This doesn’t sound good to the ear at all. In fact, there are more implications for this.

In the event that your Pyrex will take years before it decomposes, before this occurs, there might be different things. For instance, the flood could wash the Pyrex off, especially if they are broken. This way, they could end up in different places like the sea where they could harm the sea animals. They could also end up in an environment where they could cause harm to humans or animals.

This is the reasoning behind saying that Pyrex is not recyclable. So, in the end, it boils down to which one weighs more in your heart. But, for us here, we would say it is not environmentally friendly. There is a lot to be desired with different oven-safe cookware than this. It is better to save the environment from the slightest possible harm than to go ahead and regret our actions.

Can You Recycle Pyrex Plastic Lids?

If you look around you, plastic materials are one of the commonest things you will find around. This is because of their preference by home users. For a Pyrex, there is also a plastic material with it. And that is the lid.

So, you have seen that Pyrex cannot be recycled, but what about the plastic lids? Can it also not be recycled?

Generally, plastic materials are recyclable.  For Pyrex plastic lids, the answer tends to be the same, but we still have to be cautious. The reason for this is that Pyrex plastic lids may have been specially treated to withstand some extreme temperatures.  For this reason, they may not be recyclable.

To know whether your Pyrex plastic lids can be recycled, you have to know whether:

The Lid Has Been Coated With Wax: many producers coat plastic lids with wax to prevent bending and leaking. Some do it to prevent the lid from slipping around. If your Pyrex plastic lid is already with wax, you cannot recycle it. Many recycling companies would not accept it from you.

The Lid has Been Treated With Chemical to Withstand heat: This is often the case for cookware that is going to be oven safe. Manufacturers specially treat them to withstand heat. If this is the case for your plastic lid, then you cannot recycle it.

So, basically, these are the two things you need to confirm. Once you can confirm any of these, then your Pyrex plastic lid doesn’t have any business in the recycling bin. If otherwise, you can joyfully recycle it.

Can You Put Pyrex Glass in The Recycling Bin?

Putting your Pyrex glass in the recycling bin might sound like a good idea, but it is not the right thing to do. Pyrex is made of glass, but its glass materials are not like the common ones. They have been specially treated in such a way that they can withstand very high temperatures.

Before glass can be recycled, manufacturers would first have to break them down and then melt them before making them into something else. However, since Pyrex glass has been specially treated, it would be extremely difficult to melt the glasses. This would cause some problems for recycling centers. So, it is better not to put them in the recycling bin.

What you can do is put them in the waste bin, where they will probably end up in the landfill.

4 Quick Ways to Dispose of Pyrex

Looking through what you have read so far, it is almost as if you have not other option than to dispose of your Pyrex. Let us reiterate the fact that you cannot recycle Pyrex. So, that’s not an option for anyone.

Unless your Pyrex is broken, and you’ve no choice but to throw it in the bin, there’re other ways to dispose of them. Let us quickly consider these ways.

1. Give Them Out To Charity

This is one of the most beautiful ways to dispose of your Pyrex and still contribute to the growth of humanity. You need not wait till you are listed as a billionaire in the country magazine before you begin charity. You can start today, and you can start with your Pyrex.

One thing, however, is sacrosanct. If you are giving out your Pyrex, make sure it is in the right condition. This is because the reason you want to give it out in the first place is so the charity home can use it. You don’t want to give out something that is already worn out or broken.

You can also wash it to keep it very clean.

2. Gift It To Loved Ones

This is another way to dispose of your Pyrex. You can gift it to family members, neighbors, or colleagues. You will have to confirm if they are in need of Pyrex. This is so you don’t become a burden by giving out things your loved ones don’t need.

When giving out Pyrex to loved ones, the rule of making sure it is in good condition still applies. Remember, this is a gift; you have to keep it clean and in great condition. Besides, you don’t want to be the first person who will give out a gift no one wants. So, save yourself the embarrassment and make sure you double-check your Pyrex before giving it out.

3. Sell Them

Yes, you can always make some passive income from selling your old stuff. This is a more practical way of disposing of your Pyrex and getting money for it. You, however, have a higher obligation to ensure that your Pyrex is in the right condition. This is important because, if it is not, you may not get a buyer for it. Even if you get a buyer, it might be priced in ridiculous ways.

So, the deal is that you get your Pyrex in the right condition, and you get more money for it. You can put it up for sale on platforms like eBay. There, you will get serious buyers in a short time.

4. Repurpose it

Repurposing your Pyrex may sound distant from disposing of it, but it still counts. You can use it for many things, aside from it being cookware. You can always convert it into a decorative pot. You can paint it and take it to your office for decoration. You can leave it at home and put things in it. For instance, you can collect your kid’s coloring materials in it. This way, you are making better use of your Pyrex.

In Conclusion

As you have read, Pyrex is very useful in the home. It serves many purposes to make life easy for us around the kitchen. But then, when the time comes, we need to change it and get a new one.

Dealing with the old one may not come easy, but if you follow what you have read above, you are sure to find it easy. Remember that you cannot recycle Pyrex, but you can repurpose it into many things. You can also donate and gift it out. More so, you can make some money from it. All these are ways to deal properly with your Pyrex and keep the environment safe for everyone.

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