How to Dispose of Razor Blades Sustainably?

In the world of body grooming and neat looks, a razor blade is an essential part of many people’s beauty routines. According to Heathshots, a razor blade is better for body grooming than waxing for many reasons.

These include preventing skin problems, rashes, and redness, shaving quickly without hurting, and shaving by oneself without needing a professional. Therefore, it is no wonder that Statista reports that nearly 160 million Americans used razor blades and shavers in 2020. 

The problem is the inability of people to dispose of razor blades correctly, causing tons of problems with their use. So, dive in to learn more about razor blade disposal!

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Various Ways to Dispose of Razor Blades

Proper disposal of blades can help ensure safety, increase sustainability, have a great environment, and encourage responsible waste disposal.

It is important to dispose of used blades correctly. This will help protect our family and waste management workers. It will also help encourage a sustainable environment while preventing landfills. In areas with regulations regarding disposal, taking the right steps is the only assurance you have against being in trouble with the authorities.

Therefore, it is important to follow procedures that prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone for the appropriate disposal of blades. These procedures include:

Using a Blade Bank

A blade bank is a safe and eco-friendly way of disposing of used razors. Blade banks collect used blades for safe management and disposal. Blade banks take blade disposal stress off you, offering safe, easy, and environment-friendly disposal.


Recycling is a great and sustainable way of disposing of objects, including razors. You can start the process when you have checked the razor and ascertained that parts or all of it can be recycled. Start by carefully separating the parts to determine how and where they will be recycled. For instance, you can recycle the handle with plastics and use a blade bank or sharp container for the blade.

Using a Sharps Container

Sharps container is another safe and specialized disposal method for blades and other sharp objects. Like blade banks, manufacturers make them to hold and help dispose of sharp objects like needles, blades, and pins safely and effectively. However, they work for more than blades but also other sharp objects.

Also, individuals own them instead of collectors. You can buy a sharp container in the supermarket and use it to store your used sharp objects until you can readily dispose of them permanently.

Local Hazardous Household Waste Commission

If there are no other options for sustainably disposing of the razor, you can choose to trash it as a waste. Check the guidelines of your local community’s Hazardous waste commissions and follow the procedures to the letter. Start the procedure by wrapping the bade securely and labeling it correctly for people to handle it appropriately.


It seems difficult to find ways to repurpose or reuse a used razor. However, that does not always have to be the case. You have to be creative and careful when planning to repurpose a razor. For instance, you can repurpose the handle to make plant markers, toothpick holders, mini stirrers, or scrapers for DIY projects.

Also, you can use any part or even the razor as a whole for arts and crafts and DIY projects. You can embed them in resin art pieces, create unique designs and etchings with them, create miniature models or sculptures with them, etc.


How Not to Dispose of Razor Blades?

Disposing of blades wrongly has potential consequences, which include harming yourself and people around you and putting everyone at risk.

Knowing the wrong ways to dispose of blades is important, just like you know the right ways. This is because improper disposal of blades has various consequences like accidental injuries, environmental harm, spreading contamination, plumbing or sewer problems, and general public safety concerns.

Therefore, you must never dispose of blades in the following ways:

Throwing in the Thrash Without Protection

Some communities may allow the disposal of razors with other household wastes by throwing them in the bin. However, throwing it directly in the bin is still not right. This can cause harm to people around you who have causes to handle the bin.

Even if there is no reason your family members will go through the trash, remember that Waste Management Commission workers will eventually handle the trash. You do not want to be responsible for them getting injured.

Flushing Down the Toilet

Flushing razors down the toilet will not get rid of it. Instead, it can cause plumbing problems and toilet blockage. The sharp parts of it can pierce some rubber pipes, or the razor as a whole can clog the toilet.


Many razors take long to degenerate. Therefore, burying a used razor does not get rid of it. Instead, it can persist for a long time, causing long-term problems. The worst part of this method is that the razor may resurface when you are no longer thinking about it and may be contaminated, posing many threats.


Burning is an unsafe and harmful way to try disposing of razors. Burning can release toxic fumes into the atmosphere, causing respiratory health problems. It can also lead to fire hazards, as the fire might get bigger than you plan and become uncontrollable. Moreover, burning razors may release pollutants into the atmosphere, damaging the ecosystem.

Can You Throw Away the Old Razor in the Bin After Use?

You can throw a razor blade in the bin after use if you take proper measures.

Ensure you secure the razor properly by wrapping it and labeling or marking it before tossing it into the bin. This will prevent accidents for those around you who may have reasons to deal with the bin. It will also help keep the waste handlers safe.

Are Razor Blades Recyclable?

Yes, razor blades can be recycled. With recycling programs available, every part of a razor has its own recycling process.

It is worth noting that there are some things to note regarding recycling razor blades. The first thing is to not throw razors in with other household materials to be recycled, as their process differs. Also, you should contact your local waste management commission to get guidance on recycling razors in your local community.

Generally, you can recycle the metal blade after you have removed its plastic handle. You should carefully remove the metal blade, wrap it up, and put it together with other metal items to recycle.

Also, consider using some manufacturers’ blade banks to collect and recycle blades as scraps safely.

How Long do Razor Blades Last?

Razors can last between one use to ten uses. The lifestyle of a razor blade can vary, depending on many factors. These factors include the type of blade, the usage frequency, overall maintenance, and how one uses it.

 Generally, disposable razors last between one to ten shaves, depending on the quality. On the other hand, cartridge razors have blade cartridges that can be replaced, making the razor last longer. However, you may need to replace the cartridges between two to four weeks. Safety razor blades are double-edged and can last for more than ten shaves.

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You should also note that your actions can determine the lifespan of your razor. You can maintain your razor by taking simple steps like rinsing it after each use to remove residues.

Also, dry it properly to prevent rust and corrosion. Similarly, ensure you store in a well-ventilated and dry place to prevent build-ups. Avoid applying too much pressure when shaving, which may quickly dull the blade. Lastly, replace the blade and cartridge immediately if you notice a decrease in performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I find a strange razor blade somewhere?

The first thing to do when you find a strange razor in a place is to ensure your safety. Do not pick the razor with your bare hands. Instead, use a glove or anything to prevent it from touching or cutting you, as the razor might be contaminated. Then, wrap it securely and dispose of it in the right manner.

Can I recycle a plastic razor handle?

Yes, you can recycle a plastic razor handle. While the blade gets recycled with other metals as scrap, you can also put the plastic handle among other recyclable plastics.

How are there regulations on razor disposal in my area?

Many areas have laws and regulations regarding the disposal of sharps. These regulations vary from one place to another. Therefore, you can check with your local waste management committee to see what rules and guidelines are in place for disposing of razors in your community.


A razor blade can become a disadvantage despite its many benefits to body grooming. This is because a razor blade can become a contaminant a pollutant, and pose hazardous threats to the ecosystem if not properly supposed. Therefore, you must take adequate care to dispose of it correctly.

Disposing of razor blades carelessly can seem unproblematic, but it is dangerous. However, you can relax as there are proper and safer ways to dispose of razors.

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