Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Renewable energy options have many people around the world talking as they desire to reduce their costs of energy while also doing their part to protect the world. Rising sea levels and escalating pollution levels has generated worldwide interest and has given rise to new wind turbines designs. Many people are … Read more


Home Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine for Your Home Wind energy, a renewable energy source, has great potential to solve environmental concerns that we are facing today. It reduces your energy costs drastically, and it also makes your environment clean being a pollution free source of energy. A home turbine could prevent about 2 tons harmful pollutant from entering … Read more

Wind Turbines Impact

Wind Energy Wind energy is a renewable source of energy and offers green solution to ever increasing dependence on fossil fuels. Though it is not used worldwide on a larger scale but still in some countries it currently represents 10% of electric supply. There are many issues related to wind turbines impact and they all contribute … Read more

Wind Energy Cost

Cost of Wind Energy Wind energy transforms the kinetic energy into the mechanical energy, then finally into electrical energy. Wind rotates the blades of a turbine that causes the turbines to produce electricity. Wind energy has been in use by a human being for years. It is the cleanest way of getting energy because it … Read more

What is Wind Energy and How Does Wind Turbine Work?


What is Wind Energy? Finding green sources of energy in the modern world is steadily increasing due to profound impacts of fossil fuels including global warming, climate change, air quality deterioration, acid rains and oil spills. Solar and wind energy are the two biggest players in the green energy world. Almost everyone understands what solar … Read more