Wind Energy Cost

Cost of Wind Energy

Wind energy transforms the kinetic energy into the mechanical energy, then finally into electrical energy. Wind rotates the blades of a turbine that causes the turbines to produce electricity. Wind energy has been in use by a human being for years. It is the cleanest way of getting energy because it doesn’t produce pollution. The turbines could be manufactured in any industrialized country, obviously wind is present everywhere.



Cost of Wind Turbine

The wind turbines’ cost involves many things, proper negotiations, engineering and other factors. The wind turbine market is relatively small yet; the prices always go down, when there are competitions in the market. As there is no competition in this field, so prices are high.

These turbines come in various sizes and shapes. The cost depends on the following things, turbine size, installation contracts, and kind of turbine, location, freight, utility system upgrades, metering equipment, maintenance, and warranty.

The commercial wind turbine cost is about $1- $2 million a MW nameplate capacity installed and if you buy the same turbine in 2 MW, its cost would be about $2.8 million. The wind turbines for residence and farm are less expensive, when a KW energy production capacity applies to the rates. The 10 KW wind turbine price is about $28,000and 100 KW price is about $ 48,000.

Small Turbine Cost

Some small units of 1KW to 2KW wind turbines are available in $800 upwards. They come along with a low starting up speed and supply optimum power in regular conditions. They are not for luxurious power utilised only for the average household. They could meet your power needs during the whole year.

Turbine Price for Low and High Wind Areas

The wind turbines that are manufactured for low wind localities have had large rotor, whereas, for high wind sites small rotor turbine is used. The price of low wind turbines is higher than high wind turbines, because the low pressure of wind, they have to perform more efficiently for electricity generation.

Installation Cost of Wind Turbine

Besides purchasing wind turbines, there are some other costs like, ‘wind turbine installation cost. You should keep in your estimate, when you buy wind turbines, because they could dramatically increase your turbine’ cost. There are some other costs, such as, cables, connections to the grid, turbine foundation, and transportation.

Operation & Maintenance Cost

When the wind turbine is new its maintenance cost is low, but when it gets old the operational and maintenance gets so high. Studies were done in Europe on about 5000 wind turbines. These wind turbines were installed in 1975. After studies they got on conclusion that every new turbines’ generation had lower maintenance costly than the last generations.

The older wind turbine maintenance cost per annum has been on average 3 percent of the cost of original turbine. The reason is, as, new turbines are generally quite large, you don’t need to service the large turbine comparatively small one. The new turbines are being manufactured with new techniques and materials so, they save your maintenance cost. The new wind turbine cost is in between 1.5 percent to 2 percent, per annum.

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