Can You Recycle Umbrellas?

If there’s a home in America today that doesn’t have an umbrella stored somewhere, then it probably means it’s been abandoned for a long time or that it has never been occupied. When you talk about household materials, the list would not be complete if you don’t have umbrellas.

Over the years, umbrellas have shown up in situations where we need them the most to save us from the wetness of the rain and heat of the sun. This is probably why many of us have developed so many affections for them. But then, besides this addiction, one thing no one is talking about is these umbrellas’ potentials to harm the environment.

Before now, you probably don’t know exactly what effects umbrellas have on the environment. With this post, you shall be finding that out. Not only will you see the link between umbrellas and the environment, but we will also tell you some safety measures when using your umbrellas. No doubt, this is something you don’t want to miss out on. So relax and enjoy the ride!

Are Umbrellas Recyclable?

We can almost bet that the last thing on your mind is thinking about whether umbrellas are recyclable. Let’s face it, you probably need your umbrellas only when it’s raining or a little too hot. You don’t even have it with you that much to begin to think about the possibility of recycling. Well, consciousness about the environment has made this an important question. So, let’s consider the possibility of recycling your umbrellas.

One thing you need to know is that umbrellas are made with different materials. These materials include wood, iron, plastic, leather, and textile. Considering these materials individually, they are recyclable. But when they are brought together to make umbrellas, recycling becomes a bit strenuous.

The reason this is so is that these different materials require different recycling processes. But then, this does not mean that umbrellas are condemned and can never be recycled. They are still recyclable but in parts. Hence, you have to try to locate the recycling station that will collect your umbrellas for recycling. These recycling stations often first separate the different materials before recycling them separately.

If you can’t find any of these recycling stations, then you might have to disband them yourself before sending the materials separately for recycling.

Can Umbrellas Be Repaired?

You probably are already thinking about winter, and you don’t want to be caught unaware because of the rain that accompanies the season. So, here you are, thinking if the umbrellas you have abandoned for so long can be repaired. Let’s find that out together,

Yes, your umbrellas can be repaired. In most cases, the damage done to umbrellas is just at the rivets holding the canopy. Other times, it might be the ribs or even the canopy itself. The good thing is that all these can be repaired.

If you have the time, you can sit at home and repair your umbrellas. We know you would need some tutorials about how to go about this; this is why we have made available an explanation where you will find the three steps to take when repairing your umbrellas.

In a situation where you can’t spare the time to repair them yourself, you can still give them out to professional repairers. All you have to do is check around your locality. If you can’t find any, then you might have to take the umbrellas back to the manufacturers. Here, they would be repaired for you.

Are Umbrellas Safe In Lightning?

Ok, let’s start with the things you have already heard about umbrellas and lightning. The chances are that you have heard someone say that umbrellas are not safe when raining or during a thunderstorm because they attract lightning.

Well, this might not be completely false. According to National Geographic, your umbrellas may increase the chances of lightning striking you only if, in the lightning area, the umbrella makes you the tallest thing. However, the chances that this will be possible are almost zero.

Aside from this, you might have heard that metal on the umbrellas attracts lightning; as such, you are not safe with your umbrellas during a thunderstorm. Well, this is not true. Metals are not known to attract lightning. However, they may be good conductors of lightning electricity. This technically means that your timing and location in the period of an electrical storm may be factors to consider.

In this light, you are advised to always get inside during a thunderstorm. Where this is not possible, you are advised to stay as low as you can. Also, as much as possible, move away from the least resistant path. This is because lightning always seeks the least resistance path to strike. This explains why lightning is quick to strike buildings, trees, antennas, and metal poles.

In all, you don’t have to get worked up about having an umbrella during lightning. As far as we know, it is safe. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t throw caution in the wind. Kindly observe all safety protocols. Only go out during a thunderstorm where it is absolutely important for you to do so. And when you go out, stay as low as possible.

Can You Bring Umbrellas On Planes?

There is that situation where you have to travel a long distance, and you are not sure what the weather over there would be. In this situation, it makes sense to carry your umbrellas along with you since you can’t possibly begin to look for stores selling umbrellas in a new place.

Though it makes sense, you are unsure whether you can bring the umbrellas in the planes with you. Here we will tell you if this is possible.

Yes, it is possible to bring umbrellas on planes, but rules are guiding such action. Let’s take a look at how this should be done.

First, you should have no issues bringing your umbrellas on the plane if they are the foldable types and you have carefully packed them inside your bag. But if this is not the type of umbrellas you have, you might have to check the policy of the airline you are traveling with.

In the USA, most airlines will allow you to bring your umbrellas on planes because umbrellas are considered an accessory for your carry-ons. This technically means that your umbrellas are not counted as part of your personal item.

This, however, is not the same for all airlines. Air Canada does count your umbrellas as your item. AirAsia also bans bringing umbrellas onboard. The airline demands you to check your umbrellas in before going onboard.

Also, pointy-ended umbrellas or golf umbrellas are prohibited on planes for most airlines because of their size. On average, the umbrellas you should bring in a plane should be around 20 to 24 inches.

In all, you can always bring your umbrellas to the plane if they are not too big and don’t have the potential to cause harm (pointy-ended umbrellas may be considered as potentially harmful). If you have longer umbrellas, you have to check them in; you can’t come on board with them.

If you doubt the policy of your desired airlines regarding umbrellas on board, you should put a call through to the customer care agents. This will save you the stress of going to the airport with an Umbrella that would not be allowed on planes.

4 Amazing Ways To Dispose of Used Umbrella

Proper disposal of things we have used is important to help save the environment. With regards to used umbrellas, it is also important that you dispose of them the right way. It is even more crucial that this is done because of the different materials used to make the umbrellas and the likelihood of them causing problems that will affect the environment.

So, if you want to dispose of your umbrellas, what are the ways to go about this?

1. Recycle Them

For anyone concerned about the environment, this should be the first option to consider when disposing of household materials. Luckily for us, umbrellas are recyclable. You just have to find out the local recycling stations that accept the recycling of umbrellas in their whole. If you can’t find one, you might have to dismantle the umbrellas according to their materials.

This way, you can send the various materials off for recycling. By doing this, you are not just disposing of your umbrella; you are also saving the environment from potential harm that would have been posed to it by the materials used for the umbrellas.

2. Donate Them

Donating your umbrellas is also another viable means of disposal. Throughout the country, you will find charity organizations that are willing to accept umbrellas. You can also research some drop-off locations that accept umbrellas, refurbish them and redistribute them to those who need them.

Please note that when you are donating your umbrellas, you are to ensure that they are still in good condition. It is not encouraging for you to donate scrap materials and call them umbrellas. Remember that the purpose of donating is not just to dispose of the umbrellas but to allow others to use them. So, keep the umbrellas in good shape before donating them.

3. Sell Them

Though they are used, there are still people out there who will pay some money to have your umbrellas. What you have to do is put information out there that you have used but good umbrellas for sale. eBay is a good online platform you can sell your used umbrellas. You can also check out groups on Facebook or use Instagram to market your used umbrellas.

Also, look around you; there might be thrift stores that will be ready to offer some dollars for your used umbrellas. What is most important is that your umbrellas are in good condition and you have the required negotiation skills to get the best from the deal.

4. Gift Them

You might just not want to go through the stress of selling or donating, so you can look around you and gift those used umbrellas. Your neighbors, friends, family members, or colleagues are people you can gift your used umbrellas.

Like when donating, you are also to ensure that the used umbrellas are in good condition.


In times that we need them the most, umbrellas have come through for us. This is great, and we should be appreciative. But then, as we do this, let us also remember the part that’s not always talked about.

And that is, these umbrellas may cause harm to our environment if their use and disposal are not done properly. This is why we all must dispose of and use our umbrellas the right way. We have stated what to do above; the ball is now in your court to help save the environment by handling your umbrellas well.


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