Can You Recycle CD and DVD Cases? (And Ways To Reuse)

Growing up has been fun for many of us. The memories that accompanied childhood when we saw classic movies and listened to soul-lifting music are what we still find ecstatic these days. For many of us, this explains why we have many CD and DVD cases at home or in our offices.

But then, they are now beginning to get too much and boring. Plus, technology has been evolving, introducing new and even more enhanced and convenient ways to store our favorite tunes and movies.

But with this monumental shift emerges a query: What do you do with the now outdated CD or DVD case?

Well, if that’s the question you now have in mind, worry no more. This post will tell you if you can recycle CD and DVD cases.

Let’s dive in!

DVD Case uses

Are CD and DVD Cases Recyclable?

YES, you can recycle your CD and DVD cases. That’s true; your CD and DVD cases are not entirely useless. Even though they come classified as type 6 plastic material, you can still recycle them. Many recycling centers collect them and make them into new plastics.

If you were a great fan of classic movies and music while growing up like I was, you have many CD and DVD cases stacked in your home or office. They were the good old days and made our pastime nothing short of fun and nice memories.

However, father time has brought in new solutions to keep all our favorite files safely and conveniently put, and that has slowly killed the bond with our old CD and DVD case friends, making them redundant and almost of no use.

But then, what do we do with our trusty old-time friends? Toss them to the litter bin?

Well, that’s where recycling comes in.

Instead of disposing of your old CD and DVD cases into the litter bin, you can consider sending them to the recycling center.

That isn’t just doing them some justice; it’s also good for the environment and for the planet at large!

Can I Put DVD Cases in The Recycle Bin?

Although CD and DVD cases are recyclable, here’s the catch — you SHOULDN’T put them in the recycle bin. CD and DVD cases come in #6 plastic materials, which is also called polystyrene. The thing about this material is that it is recyclable, but not all recycling centers accept it for recycling. So, if you put them in the recycle bin, it might be a problem for your local recyclable collectors.

What you should do instead is to confirm with your local recycling center whether it accepts CD and DVD cases for recycling. If it does, then you are free to package the CD and DVD cases and put them in the recycle bin for the recyclable collector.

How Do I Dispose of Old CDs and DVDs?

Disposing of your old CD and DVD cases is as simple as tossing them in the recycling bin if your local recycling center accepts them. However, if they don’t, try finding another center nearby that does. If there’s none, use the cases in your DIY projects.

Luckily, there are many projects where these cases can be useful. You can consider using them for earring holders, all-purpose mini-books, and other projects, as you will discover later on.

Alternatively, you can consider donating them to a friend who needs them for storage purposes or their DIY projects. That way, you’ll have helped someone and protected the environment from harm at the same time.

Is Throwing Away DVD & CD Cases Bad for the Environment?

Yes, throwing DVD & CD cases away is bad for the environment. DVD and CD cases are made of plastic material, which won’t decompose even in a thousand years. That means it will not only litter up the landfills but also cause pollution in the environment.

As such, avoid unnecessarily disposing of CD and DVD cases and any other plastic material. Where possible, opt for reuse or repurposing the material. It will cut down on plastic production, make the environment a better place, and save energy (because plastic production consumes a lot of energy).

Besides, plastic disposal can cause what we call leaching. Usually, due to constant heat, such plastics will wash off and find their way into the soil and water bodies.

Unfortunately, these plastics contain substances and chemicals dangerous to the body and the environment. In fact, we’ve had cases where aquatic animals die from suffocation by plastics.

Why Should You Avoid Throwing Away Your CDs & DVDs?

You should avoid throwing away your CD and DVD cases for many reasons. One prominent one is that you can always find creative ways to reuse them. So why would you want to throw your resources away when you may still need them?

If you don’t know how to apply them to creative uses, relax! We will get to this soon.

Another reason not to throw away your CD and DVD cases is that they are plastic materials. In fact, this plastic material is rated number six, which means they are very strong. The implication of this is simple. If you throw them away, you are doing more harm to the environment.

For one, plastic materials take thousands of years to break down. In fact, any plastic that has ever been produced is somewhere within our planet, whether in solid, fumes, or any other form.

Again, the plastics you dispose of may end up littering landfills since they are not degradable.

Then, if there is flooding, the flood may wash them into the waterways. When this happens, and the CD and DVD cases find their way to the sea, they can harm the aquatic life there. This is contributing to environmental pollution and degradation.

So, the bottom line is to avoid throwing away your CD and DVD cases. It does more harm than good if you throw them away.

How to Reduce Your DVD Case Waste? (Ways To Reuse)

In today’s world, you must continually think of ways to reduce waste to its barest minimum, especially those that are not biodegradable.

While reducing CD and DVD cases means buying the ones you need only, that is not all. There are various other options you can maximize. And we will tell you all about it.

1. Recycling

Well, that is all we have been talking about so far. You can always recycle your CD and DVD waste. Through this, they do not end up in landfills.

Instead, they end up as raw materials to make new products. We must say the advantages of these are numerous. Not only does it protect the environment from pollution, but it also reduces the consumption of exhaustible natural resources.

However, before dropping it off for recycling, ensure your local recycling center accepts CD and DVD cases for recycling.

2. Upcycle

CD Cases

Indeed, nothing lasts forever. It is also true that nothing becomes entirely useless. Even if it has lost its primary purpose, you can always use it for something else. The same goes for using old CD and DVD cases in your homes, schools, and offices.

So, to reduce waste, one thing to do is turn those supposed waste into useful materials. So, are you wondering what your options are?

Here you go.

Photo Album

You can use rectangular CDs and DVD cases to make photo albums. All you have to do is get some pictures that can fit in. Then, once you do, place them into the cases.

Also, most CD and DVD cases are transparent. As such, you can always put two different photos in one rectangular case. However, ensure they are facing opposite directions.

The next thing is to get a small rod that you can fasten them on, probably with an adhesive. To make it more beautiful, you can use as much as four cases on a rod.

Coloring Cases

You can use your CD and DVD cases to make coloring cases for your kids. If you don’t want your kids to lose their color crayons the first week, you buy them. You are welcome to separate the color crayons.

You can keep some and put the rest in the CD and DVD cases. However, ensure you block the case so that the color crayons do not fall off when you put them in it.

Bagel Container

Of course, you can find a suitable container for your bagel snacks with your CD and DVD cases. This time, however, you only must use the round CD and DVD cases.

You can place one on your office desk or in your car. Do not worry; it is a good idea. In fact, using CD or DVD cases will protect your bagels from getting crumpled and preserve their round and superb shape.

CD Case and Calendar

You might work a lot on your desks, and you need to always keep up with dates. Well, you can use your old CD and DVD case to make a calendar case for your desk.

All you need to do is get a piece of the calendar’s face you want to use. Then, ensure it is the same size as the rectangular CD and DVD case. Finally, put the calendar on the CD or DVD case and place it on your work desk.

Rainfall Shower Head

If you recently encountered shower head problems, you don’t have to worry yourself to death if you have a DVD or CD case.

What you must do is make little holes in the CD and DVD case. Get a water-resistant adhesive and use it to hold the perforated CD and DVD case to the showerhead.

Then, ensure it is strong enough to resist the force of the water before you turn that shower on. Afterwards, you are good to go.


No doubt, your CD and DVD cases hold so many memories. And while it’s cool to want to enjoy that blast from the past, it should not be to the detriment of your environment. Well, that is why you need to consider recycling. Even more, you can decide to upcycle your CD and DVD cases.

We have told you great options, and you can get even more ways to repurpose your old DVD or CD cases on this page. So, get to them and have fun.


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