Solar Energy Companies

Solar energy companies are known to harness the sunlight and transform it in to energy that can readily be deployed for usage in achieving numerous tasks. They deal in providing solar gadgets for properties that would significantly lower down your expenses even further. These companies are spread across whole of the world and work for capturing and storing solar energy to be utilized in some other operations. Below is mentioned a brief listing of the number of solar energy companies existing in India.

Apart from heating water, these panels can even be deployed for running other appliances compatible with the operability. Such hot water solar panels are simply an effective means of lowering down on your electricity bills even if the pool, in which you are deploying it for usage, is a residential one. Its methodology of operation involves execution of the following steps in an ordered manner:

1. Tata BP Solar India Ltd. : This company provides solar engineering solutions for any type of businesses or requirements and possesses an expertise in executing extremely large projects too. Besides being one of the largest solar energy companies in the whole world, this company is capable of manufacturing several modules ranging from 0.3 Wp to 280 Wp.

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2. IComm Tele Ltd. : IComm Tele Ltd. is a pioneer in India’s largest engineering development, product designing and turnkey solution providers for Defense, Telecom, Power, Solar and Infrastructure sectors etc. Its features include a solar manufacturing unit and conductors/distribution line material/insulators/transformers etc. Their core strengths are quality standards, technology expertise, excellent human resources, strategic alliances, manufacturing infrastructure and so on.

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3. Photon Energy Systems Ltd.
This company was established in the year 1995 and has been a leading manufacturer of Solar PV modules, PV Systems and Solar Thermal Systems in India. They are amongst one of the leading Solar Thermal Enterprises, Solar energy companies and Global Solar Voltaic Cells and have been consistently working in order to exceed customer satisfaction.
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4. Shurjo Energy.
Shurjo’s technology aims to deliver high quality and impressive yield in a whole variety of lighting conditions and is also improving on the silicon technologies. They are quite cost-competitive and use flexible substrates as raw materials.
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5. Sova Power Ltd.
Sova Power Ltd. is one of the biggest and best solar power consultants and solar energy companies across the whole of India. They aim to provide customizable solar solutions which literally eliminate streets, homes and other communities etc. They provide cost effective and reliable solar power to a wide range of sectors such as banking, education, telecommunication and health care etc.
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6. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
BHEL is one of the largest manufacturing and engineering companies across India and aims to become a successful integrated plant equipment manufacturer too. Established since 1964, this company has a performance record that is actually well organized.
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These solar energy companies significantly aid in manufacturing solar energy meant for usage in electricity and heating requirements. Solar energy is available almost everywhere and can efficiently be deployed for usage at any point of time. Their demand arose from the concern that non-renewable energy resources are quite limited and hence, renewable sources of energy are the only option left for perusal. Lastly, the question arises of the cost incurred in its setup. This can very well be calculated by solar energy calculation meters provided by the authorities.

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