Interesting Facts About Aluminum Recycling

Recycling is something that will help us save and preserve our planet, because recycling is something anyone can do and even the smallest thing help. However there are some materials that are more important to recycle than others because there are materials that take much longer to decompose and degrade. And one of these materials is aluminum. So let me tell you a few interesting facts about aluminum recycling that might help to convince you that aluminum recycling is a MUST!

1. Aluminum takes a long time to decompose

One thing that many don’t know is that aluminum takes a very long time to decompose. Because aluminum is in fact a metal, it, like other metals and metal alloys, start to decompose after a minimum of 80 to 100 years. But usually aluminum cans and other aluminum objects will fully degrade only after a few hundred years. So think about how long it will take for all aluminum that right now lies one of landfills all over the world to degrade. Plus how much harmful byproducts the metal will give out while degrading if aluminum decomposes to metal nitrites.

2. It takes less resources to recycle aluminum

Another thing that many don’t know is that it take much less energy and other resources to recycle aluminum be it an aluminum can or other aluminum object, then it takes to make these objects anew. By recycling only one aluminum soda or beer can, the recycling facilities are able to save the amount of electricity it takes to power a TV for a few hours. On top of that the recycling process also saves natural resources that are used to create new aluminum as well as limit the amount of gas and other resources that are spent to transport and make the aluminum from virgin materials. So imagine how much electricity and all other resources this recycling could save if every single aluminum can would be recycled instead of simply thrown out and into a landfill which forces the aluminum manufacturers to make this material from scratch.

3. Aluminum can be recycled unlimited times

Aluminum actually is the perfect material for recycling because aluminum doesn’t have limitations as to how many times you can recycle it. Since you recycle aluminum by melting it down to a liquid form and then the liquid aluminum is molded it into new objects, it enables the aluminum to be melted down again and again and without fail the aluminum will be good as new at the end of the recycling process. If we think about it then if we would recycle all aluminum then we probably wouldn’t even need to produce new aluminum to still have enough of it to supply the aluminum demand.

4. It takes only about 2 months to recycle aluminum cans

In support to previous statement that if we recycled all aluminum it is possible that we wouldn’t have to create new aluminum material is the fact that it takes only around 60 days to recycle aluminum cans from the moment the can is given to a recycling facilities. In fact these 60 days even include the time in which the new cans are filled and transported to the stores which means that aluminum is not only efficient but also quick to recycle. So we really can say that aluminum and especially aluminum can recycling is one of the most efficient and environmentally beneficial recycling processes.

5. People can earn money from recycling aluminum

Most of you probably know that you can get money by giving metal to a scrap metal recycling facilities and scrap yards. But we also often forget that aluminum is a metal, too, so you are able to earn money by giving aluminum to a recycling plant. Right now the price for a pound of aluminum is about 70 cents but since this price fluctuates it can be higher at any time in which case you will be able to earn even more for each pound of aluminum you collect and then bring to your local aluminum recycling facility.

6. Aluminum cans already are one of the most recycled items

Thankfully aluminum cans already are very popular as a recycling item. In U.S. for example aluminum makes up only about 1 percent of all waste products, meaning that Americans already have realized the importance of aluminum recycling. And although it is not possible to say whether the aluminum is recycled so often because people truly care about recycling or because you can earn money by doing it but the important thing is that aluminum is recycled and we should continue doing it to live in cleaner and greener world.

7. Aluminum can crushers are wildly used to help people recycle aluminum

And lastly if we are talking about aluminum recycling I cannot forget to mention the tool that help us recycle aluminum faster and more efficient. This tool is called a can crusher. The patent of can crusher was invented by Jesse M. Wright in 1937 and since then this simple yet effective device is a popular home tool all over the world used to compress aluminum cans into small 1 inch tall rounds that will take up much less space allowing for more convenient recycling. Right now you can purchase either wall mounted crushers that will be great for home use, horizontal crushers that are better if the crusher will be used extensively or portable ones that you can take with you to parties or even a picnics and show how others, too, how great and fun it is to recycle aluminum.

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