Why People Are Installing Home Solar Systems?

Solar energy has long been recognized as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. But the high cost of equipment, including solar panels and batteries, made many homeowners shy away from them. However, thanks to technological innovation, the prices of home solar power systems are substantially more affordable than they have been in the past. As people are now more conscious about their carbon footprint, the demand for home solar systems has increased dramatically.

So, is the installation of a home solar system worth it? To help you make a decision, here’s an in-depth look at why a growing number of homeowners are choosing this equipment for their own properties.

1. Home Solar Systems Help Safeguard The Environment

The first reason to buy a home solar system from a specialist company like Smart Solar Energy is that it provides you with clean and abundant energy that doesn’t harm the environment. Using clean solar energy reduces your dependence on fossil fuels; this provides a perfect incentive if you wish to do your part in being ‘green’ and reducing your carbon footprint. Alternative energy such as home solar panels doesn’t pollute the air like fossil fuels do, and they provide a source of power that we all need to survive in the present climate.

And with the emission of greenhouse gases over the years adversely affecting the environment, change is necessary. Solar systems allow you to achieve precisely this by lowering your carbon footprint. Therefore, choosing to install a solar system in your home is a step in the right direction to curbing increased environmental pollution.

Unlike traditional electricity derived from fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal, solar energy doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases. This is because it derives its energy directly from the sun, which is enough proof it’s a pure and clean energy source. In contrast, fossil fuel burning to generate electricity produces harmful gases that pollute the air, thereby causing global climate change.

Another environmental benefit of solar power is that it uses little to no water during energy production. This differs from fossil fuel production that uses a considerable volume of water, and contributes to the chronic global issue of water pollution. In addition to not polluting water resources, installing solar systems entirely doesn’t strain the world’s water supply.

Natural gas and coal plants create water and air pollution, which increases the potential for serious health issues. Since solar energy is a renewable energy source, the emission of toxic chemicals into the environment isn’t cause for concern. This may lower premature mortality and the total medical costs suffered due to exposure to air- and waterborne pollutants. The increase in the number of homeowners now aware of fossil fuels’ adverse effects as an energy source is one reason why solar systems are becoming very popular.

2. Reduced Energy Bills

Today’s world is characterized by a sustained increase in the cost of living. Because of this, more and more people install solar systems to lower their energy costs. This is because, with a home solar system in place, you don’t have to entirely rely on the energy being supplied from the main grid. Instead, you use the energy produced by your solar panels to run your daily activities and only buy power from the energy producers if your solar batteries run out of charge.

If you’re committed to lowering your energy utility bills, then investing in a solar system is the way to go. And while the initial investment might put you off, you should look at the long-term gains of this form of energy. The potential to substantially reduce annual electricity expenses is a significant incentive to many homeowners.

3. Tax Credit Incentives And Rebates

State and federal governments are also encouraging homeowners to switch to solar energy to try and control environmental pollution. They’re doing this by providing a tax break equivalent to 30% of the total equipment and installation cost the first year after installation. Some companies even offer the opportunity to enjoy this technology with no money down. It’s such incentives that are driving many homeowners to install solar systems in their homes.

And while this might seem like an insignificant amount, it does save you a substantial sum of money while still reducing the extent of environmental degradation. Thanks to the state and local rebates, you can save over 50% of the initial costs of installing solar systems.

4. They Need Little Maintenance

One misconception many homeowners have about solar panels is that in addition to being expensive, they’re also complicated and time-consuming to maintain. However, this is entirely false since solar panels, in contrast, are robustly built – hence they need little to no maintenance for them to function optimally. All you need to do is protect the panels from getting exposed to leaves and snow, which might affect their performance. It’s also advisable to wash them several times each year using your garden hose to remove dirt that may have collected on the surface.

If you aren’t sure how to clean solar panels, don’t worry, since there are professionals who do just that. And it won’t cost you a lot since they usually charge between $15 to $35 per panel. But if you reside somewhere that gets plenty of rain, this may not be necessary.

5. Solar Works Everywhere

While you might think that solar energy can only be enjoyed by people living in areas with brilliant sunlight all year, that’s not the case. Solar energy can also be harnessed in the regions that don’t enjoy a great deal of sunlight, such as Germany, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest. This is possible because solar systems effectively produce energy without needing too much exposure to sunlight.


6. Increase Your Home’s Value

Homes that have solar energy systems have a greater value than those without, and can even sell faster. The reason this happens is the new homeowner won’t have to worry about incurring high energy bills. With electricity costs rising every year, they also save a lot in tariff regimes, and all this is possible thanks to the solar energy systems.

7. Reliable Energy Source

Solar energy, unlike traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels, is a renewable energy source. In contrast, fossil fuels are a limited resource that continue to cause a lot of damage to the environment. The limited availability of these fossil fuels has made energy prices very volatile.

If you choose to install a solar energy system, you become a lot more independent since you no longer rely on electricity producers. This is because solar systems can capably generate enough power to meet your basic domestic needs. As a result, you save yourself from the unpredictable fluctuations associated with buying electricity from the main grid. And because the sun will always rise each day, you will achieve independence from the main grid and energy security without breaking the bank.

8. Diverse Applications

Another reason why home solar systems are becoming popular is their diverse applications. This is the case since solar energy can be used for a wide range of uses to produce heat or electricity. And if you live in an area that doesn’t have access to the main energy grid, installing solar energy systems ensures your home gets electricity, which is essential for your daily undertakings. This includes lighting your home, distilling your water, powering your electronics, and heating water.

9. You Can Sell The Excess Power Generated

Having a solar energy system in place most likely results in a greater generation of energy than what you can use. And if this is the case, you’ll be glad to know you can sell the excess energy to the main grid and get paid. How much you’ll be paid differs from one state to another, but this is one way the government convinces people to switch to solar energy.

Some states have also put in place performance-based incentives such as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Through such incentives, you can earn hundreds every year, although the exact amount depends on the area you live in. You can then direct the money earned from such incentives, electricity bill savings, and net metering towards settling what you paid for the solar energy system. If you live in a region where each of these incentives applies, then you can pay back your solar system within a relatively short period.

The selling of this excess energy, other than earning you money, also stabilizes electricity supply during times of excess demand. Less pressure is placed on the main grid, meaning substations are able to deliver consistent voltage.

10. Creates Job Opportunities

Automation has led to some people losing their jobs, increasing the level of unemployment. With many activities in the fossil fuel industry automated, this harmful source of energy destroys not only the environment but also livelihoods. On the other hand, the solar industry has resulted in many job seekers finding employment. This is because you’ll need experts to handle the installation of solar energy systems in your home.

By installing solar panels in your home, you’ll be helping to create and maintain jobs for local businesses and individuals.

11. Versatile Installation

The easy and straightforward nature of installing solar energy systems is another reason why the appeal for solar energy has increased among homeowners. And this is understandably so, since the last thing you want is stressing over installing the home solar system after spending so much money on buying the necessary equipment.

Solar systems are easy to install because they capitalize both on horizontal and vertical spaces that are unused. These systems are also flexible and modular, meaning you can go ahead and install even small-scale solar projects. And the best part is you can install the small-scale solar projects that meet your current needs and expand them at any time in the future if deemed necessary.

This versatility of installing solar energy systems also allows for installation even if you live in a remote and inaccessible area. Thanks to this, you save a significant sum of money that would have been otherwise spent installing electrical distribution lines.

12. More Affordable Than Ever

One of the prohibitive factors that kept many homeowners from installing solar systems was that they were costly. However, the prices for the systems have fallen drastically in the last few years, making it within reach of most people. The initial installation is relatively affordable, unlike in the past, especially since the materials can be purchased and installed by anyone with the necessary skill set. The panels don’t add any extra cost to your utility bill, so even after the initial investment, you’ll still be saving money.

Besides the installation cost, you shouldn’t worry about maintenance costs since there are very few moving parts involved. As a result, the risk of breakdown is reduced, saving your hard-earned money for other essential purchases.

13. Energy Independence

With a solar energy system, you’ll be in sole control over the energy production needed to run your home. Because of this, you most likely won’t need to rely on the main grid for your energy needs. And if you live in an area with continuous power disruptions, this saves you the hassle of having to worry about not having electricity in your home, or paying for an expensive and polluting generator. This independence is something you wouldn’t have enjoyed were it not for the solar panels.


As the cost of electricity rises, many are trying to find alternative energy sources to help offset the cost. This, coupled with the concerns about the environmental impact of relying on fossil fuels, means that many households are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s for this reason that homeowners are switching to solar energy systems.

If you weren’t convinced of the benefits of solar systems before, we hope this article has highlighted the key reasons to go ahead and install them in your home. And with solar energy as one of the most abundant types of renewable energy available to homeowners, it isn’t surprising that demand is expected to keep rising in the future.

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