How To Dispose of a Hot Tub Sustainably? (Read on)

Disposing of your old hot tub properly after its duration with you is up is crucial. There are several sustainable and affordable ways to dispose of your outdated hot tub, so be sure to plan, conduct extensive research, and select the choice that best fits your needs and budget.

Hot tubs cannot be thrown out with the rubbish and are typically not accepted at landfills. The secret to sustainably disposing of hot tub is to identify ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. By selecting ethical substitutes, you may lessen your influence on landfills and help create a cleaner world.

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Various Ways To Get Rid of a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are fantastic places to unwind and have fun. Regretfully, they are also big and difficult to remove from your land. It can be difficult to relocate or replace an outdated hot tub. Additionally, you risk hurting yourself if you do it incorrectly.

Thankfully, nobody has to attempt to take the hot tub out alone. With the appropriate knowledge, eliminating your hot tub does not have to be a difficult task. There are methods for doing it more successfully.

Trade or Donate

One fantastic alternative is to sell or donate your hot tub if it is still in good operating order. Use local community organizations or classified websites to promote it online. In order to draw in potential customers, ensure you include precise information and excellent photos.

Donating to nonprofit organizations or community centers is another fantastic method to find a new home for your functional hot tub.


Since the electronics and shell of the tub can be recycled, think about your alternatives for recycling. Contact your neighborhood recycling or waste management facilities to learn more about their hot tub recycling services. Many locations will come and get your outdated hot tub for free.

DIY Choices

You can get rid of your hot tub for free if you are a handyman and decide to trash it by breaking it into small pieces and throwing it away. Pack everything into your trailer and dispose of it at the nearest landfill. Take out all the components and valuables.

Repurposing your outdated hot tub and making it into something special is an additional choice. Make the tub into a vegetable garden, a kid’s playground, or a fishpond for your backyard! Turn the bathtub over, carve out a door, and the youngsters have a brand-new fort!

Sell It

A lot of hot tub owners decide to sell their possessions. This is frequently the most alluring option because hot tubs are luxury products that are typically quite expensive. While it can be thrilling, selling hot tubs can sometimes be difficult.

Marketing the product and determining a fair price for your hot tub will take time. If you need assistance selling your used hot tub, think about emphasizing the health advantages! It can help hesitant consumers defend a high-end acquisition.


How To Prepare a Hot Tub For Removal?

Although getting a hot tub ready for removal is difficult, it can be easier. First, detach the object, unplug it from electricity and gas, and allow it to dry off. After that, you must decide if you can remove the hot tub in its entirety or smaller pieces. The next step will be simpler if it is removed in pieces.

Making room to remove the appliance from your property is the next step after breaking it down. It is challenging to give specific instructions for this phase because it primarily depends on your unique property.

Nevertheless, there are a few frequent things to watch out for: dogs, particularly if you are employing helpers to help with this, fences, snow, gate width, and even certain kinds of plants. Before disconnecting your tub, think about how you will handle this step. In this manner, you can get ready to move objects that would be challenging to clear out of the way.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid of a Hot Tub?

The typical price range for hot tub removal is between $150 and $650. When a hot tub is not working properly, or homeowners wish to upgrade to a newer model, a hot tub removal operation is required. A significant component of the removal budget is the size of the hot tub.

The size and weight of the tub determine how much certain contractors or hot tub movers charge. Bigger hot tubs are harder to handle and may take more work or specialist equipment to remove. For removing a hot tub, labor costs typically range from $100 to $200 per hour.

This cost may change depending on how some contractors allocate their funds. They could bill by the mass of the hot tub, by the hour, or by a set rate. Additionally, local labor costs may have an impact on the total cost. Hot tub movers may charge an additional price if the hot tub needs to be moved up or down steps. The cost of this extra charge ranges from $100 to $125.

Do Hot Tubs Use a Lot of Electricity?

Hot tubs use a lot of electricity. The heater is the main energy consumer in a hot tub; its power consumption ranges from 1,500 to 6,000 watts, based on whether it runs on 120 or 240 volts. In addition, one must consider the water pump, which typically consumes 1,500 watts.

The heater will occasionally operate regardless of whether the tub keeps the water at the proper temperature. However, the pump and heater will be running often, if not continuously, while you are having a soak.

Thus, you may calculate that a hot tub having a 120-volt heater will use around 3,000 watts when it is in use, and a larger heater will require about 7,500 watts. In essence, owners of hot tubs pay less than $25 a month for their use.

Numerous materials are used in the construction of spas. Each type of hot tub—acrylic, fiberglass, polyethylene spas, and inflated hot tubs made of plastic, vinyl, or latex—has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

How Long Can a Hot Tub Sit Unused?

A hot tub covered from the outside elements can remain unfilled for as long as necessary. After draining and cleaning, the hot tub must be properly covered with plastic wrap. Doing this can safeguard and increase the hot tub’s lifespan.

You will leave the hot tub behind if you are taking a trip. You should empty your hot tub and drain it if you do not use it for up to two weeks due to impending winter or summer weather or planned trips.

Sometimes, you might need more time or become disinterested in continuing to soak as part of the regimen. In all scenarios, it is often a good idea that one leaves the hot tub empty. If you do not use the hot tub, you can leave it empty. All year round, a dry, hot tub completely cut off from any electrical supply is safer.

If you will be away for an extended period, it is better to leave a hot tub empty and unplugged. Extended durations of unsupervised hot tub use can lead to unfavorable water chemistry and eventual long-term harm to the spa. Having the hot tub drained may be a great idea if it is not meant to withstand the winter and freezing-induced damage to the spa.

What is the Average Life of a Hot Tub?

A hot tub can endure for at least five to twenty years. Lower-quality materials used to make less expensive hot tubs will only survive for a while. Those hot tubs only survive up to five years if properly maintained. Enjoying a high-quality hot tub for up to twenty years or longer is possible when they receive proper maintenance.

The condition of the tub determines how long a hot tub lasts. Generally, the top hot tub brands constructed from high-quality parts endure longer than spas made of inferior materials. Similarly, portable hot tubs with infrequent maintenance will last less time.

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How can you make your spa last longer? Take care of it! Plastic parts are found throughout the exterior of many hot tubs. These parts are frequently the first to wear since they come into touch with hot tub chemicals. Make sure to regularly wipe down and clean these components of your hot tub. When you empty and restock the hot tub, you must also wipe down the entire unit.

These easy cleaning sessions might assist you in battling the effects of everyday wear and tear. Equipment for hot tubs requires routine maintenance. Most manufacturers include extras with your purchase, such as an owner’s manual for your hot tub. These will help you maintain the parts of your hot tub appropriately.


Although possessing a hot tub is an investment, getting rid of it should be easy. You can swap, sell, or junk it if you want to have yours taken out. Just be aware that the latter two answers call for additional study and effort on your part.

Call your nearby hot tub removal provider if you need help with what to do with your outdated hot tub or hot tub accessories. They will take apart and get rid of any unnecessary equipment.

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