How Eco-friendly Products Can Improve Your Home

With the natural resources being drained out to a significant extent, our planet is getting hotter causing drastic climate change that is hazardous to the environment. Hence, going green at home is one of the most effective ways how you can take a step further to living a sustainable life and save the planet in the manner. Your home is the place where you can connect to your loved ones, a den where you can get everyone’s attention and especially, a nest where you can yell even at your silence. So, craving for a non-toxic living is quite natural on your part and the best way you can ensure the same is by going green. We always happen to be surrounded by a number of chemicals and harmful elements in some way or the other. But, time has come for you to give a serious thought over it. It’s time to rethink over the fact and start caring for your home.

You believe it or not, by just simplifying your life to some extent, you can take recourse to the best way-outs of going green. Taking recourse to some eco-friendly steps can do wonder to your home and health. Let’s see how these things can improve your home a well:

Green Building Materials: There are many builders in metro cities who are going green on construction materials. By using green building materials, people would benefit in a tremendous way in terms of environment and economic performances. Green Building materials help improve air as well as water quality and in return, reduce construction cost.

Home cleaning products: Most home cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to your health and the environment. Eco-friendly products offer a safer alternative. They improve the quality of air in your home. These products do not cause toxic fume built up and prevent stuff like skin and eye irritation, nausea and respiratory trouble. These days it is easy to go green by using eco-friendly cleaners that use natural ingredients and water as a solvent.

You can also make these cleaners at home by using distilled vinegar, table salt and baking soda. By using eco-friendly products you will protect the environment and improve your home too.

Cloth napkins: After having been used just once, millions of diapers are disposed every day in the world. The best way is to use reusable products made out of bamboo and cloth. They can be easily washed to use again and will also protect your baby from harmful chemicals used in making diapers.

Cloth shopping bags: Don’t ask for a plastic shopping bag every time you go to the market. Reduce the use of plastic. Instead carry your own cloth bag. Many shops and supermarkets have stopped giving plastic bags or have started charging more for the bag to discourage people from using plastic bags.

Rechargeable batteries: Normal batteries that contain toxic metals and several corrosive acids should not ram over your place, you should always collect them and dispose properly, so that they don’t end up filling your backyard to give you as well as your clan an untoward effect. It’s very complicated to recycle batteries as they contain dangerous metals such as lead. On the contrary, you should always opt for rechargeable batteries and take active role in the Go Green concept! These batteries will cost you a little more than normal batteries but in the long run you will save money and protect the environment too.

Reusable water bottles: Instead of using plastic bottles, use bottles made of glass, stainless steel or aluminium.

Solar Lawn Mower: Do you have a garden in front of your house and need to mow the lawn often? Use a solar powered lawn mower and save some energy. These lawn mower will save your cash and are very eco-friendly too.

Eco-friendly kettle: Beautifully and thoughtfully designed eco-friendly kettles have s special compartment in which water is stored when you fill the kettle. All you have to do is press the button to transfer the desired amount of water in the second compartment, which will be the only one to actually boil the water. By boiling only the desired amount of water that you need, you will prevent energy from being wasted.

Moss Carpet: Carpet made of non-putrescible foam with moss growing on top can be used in the bathroom. Walking on grass is good for blood circulation and you will be going green too.

LED Bulbs: LED Bulbs are a great alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lamps. LED Bulbs save a lot of electricity and prevent carbon emissions.

Why don’t you monitor the energy yourself?: By checking on the electricity usage at your home, you can take your initiative way ahead and make sure there is a fair limit in the energy consumption. Energy monitors like wattmeters will help you measure how much electricity all the electronic devices at your place are consuming, thereby enabling you to keep a proper track of the entire utilization.

Fix all the leaks ASAP: Do you have a leaky faucet at washroom or kitchen? It’s time for you to repair the leak as soon as possible. Even though it’s a slow drip, you should mend the same on a swift note. There’s also some effective ways how you can check on the fact if your toilet is leaking. You can just put a few drops of food color in the cistern; in case, the color turns up, it proves that you have a leak. Asking some local hardware shop for advice will be the wisest decision on your part.

Create space for air-purifying houseplants: Are you fond of saplings? Then, it’s time for you to invest in some air-purifying houseplants. Why to waste money in electronic air-purifiers that will never filter your air naturally? Air-purifying houseplants, on the contrary, will disinfect the air naturally and help you improve your home in an eco-friendly manner.

Use soap-nuts: Have you ever heard of soap nuts? Soap nuts are preferably the most sustainable cleaning product that will help you go green at home to some extent.

Opt for natural ways to get rid of odours: Now when you are all set to go green at home, the next step you have got to take into consideration is neutralizing odours naturally. You don’t have to go for all those harmful chemicals that could be a real threat to your household.

Always use organic pesticides: Even if you have to use pesticides, always make sure that they are made of organic products, so that they don’t have an adverse effect on you as well as your family members. A number of researches have been conducted and it’s revealed that inorganic pesticides are full of harmful materials that have cancer-causing components. Thus, avoiding such risky elements and taking recourse to organic products will be the wisest act on your part.

Act smart while cleaning: By using eco-friendly tools and essential oils for cleaning, you can again take an initiative towards going green. The chemical cleaners available in the market are prone to causing diseases. Natural cleaners, on the other hand, are always environment-friendly. It’s not only easy but also amazingly cheap to make your own cleaners at home. You can easily bump into the Internet and check out some easy steps for the same.

Follow these eco-friendly steps and be proud that you are doing well for the environment.

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