Can You Recycle Trophies? (And Can You Sell Them?)

As humans, one way we have known to show our successes in everything we engage in is by the rewards we get. Though there are different kinds of rewards we get at different times, one of the most common is trophies.

Trophies are not just ordinary items as those who find it difficult to get one may want to refer to it. They are an embodiment of our achievements. For many people that are engaged in different sports activities, they can relate to this easily. No one gets a trophy after a huge failure. You only get trophies after a great achievement or, in some cases, in recognition of your efforts of achieving a great thing.

In all, the point is, since we have many great achievers around, trophies have become a big part of us. As time goes, the trophies continue to pile up on the shelves, cabinets, or in the garage for achievers.

This state of things is what many do not feel comfortable with. Trophies, of course, are great. But then, yearly, they become less relevant. Particularly, if more trophies keep coming in. it is due to this thing that we ask the question of whether you can recycle your trophies.

This question may seem far-fetched, but it is one of the questions we must ask if we want to maintain a good environmental condition. Hence, in this post, you will get answers to the big question of whether you can recycle your trophies. There are also some other interesting questions that we have provided answers to. They include what you can do with old trophies, if your old trophies are worth anything and whether you can sell your trophies for cash.

We know you can’t wait to get answers to these questions. And we don’t want to delay you any longer. So, if you are ready, let’s get right into it.

Are Trophies Recyclable?

This question may sound distant, but it is beginning to take a front-burner role among the questions that need urgent answers.

If you consider that the answers provided to this question have one or two effects on the environment, you will understand its urgency. But then, not to worry, we have answers to the question in this post.

The answer to whether trophies are recyclable is quite a tricky one. And, often time, it depends on the kind of trophies we are examining. For this post, we will categorize trophies into two.

  • The single material trophies
  • The multiple material trophies

By single or multiple materials, what we mean is the material used to make the trophies. Whether or not you can recycle your trophies depend largely on this. Let’s consider this one after the other.

1. Single material Trophies: The single material trophies are the trophies made with just a single production material. In this light, you can have trophies made with only iron materials. You can also have trophies made with aluminum material and have those made with only gold or silver.

For this kind of trophies, you can always recycle them. This is because their materials are easily recyclable, and they don’t contain any other materials that could hinder their recycling.

The problem, however, is that this kind of trophies is not in common use. Where you find a trophy made with a single material, you often find out that they have a few other materials on them. This other material could be very minimal, as the material for the inscription of the trophy. Or the material for the fancy decoration of the trophy.

All these make it a bit difficult to recycle. However, if you are lucky enough to get a trophy that has absolute metal, aluminum, silver, or gold material, be sure that you can recycle them.

All you have to do is arrange with your local recycling station for a pick-up option. The recyclers would come and get it, which would be the end of the nuisance created by those old trophies.

2. Multiple Materials Trophies: Like you might have guessed, these kinds of trophies are the common ones. Because trophies are an indication of achievements, producers try to adorn them as much as possible. By doing this, they use more than one material to make the trophies.

These materials may include iron, aluminum, plastic, stones, and many others. Where there is a mixture of more than one material, it becomes very difficult to recycle the trophies. This is because the way and manner in that metal is recycled is different from the manner of recycling plastic.

This means that before recycling can happen, the recycler would need to separate those materials. This, without a doubt, would take more time and human efforts, thereby slowing down the recycling process.

This is the reason that many recycling stations would not accept trophies for recycling. And, since it might be difficult to single-handedly identify the single material trophies, it is better to exclude all trophies.

However, there is a way around it that requires some effort from you. If you want to recycle your trophies, what you will have to do is separate the materials. Hence, as much as you can, separate the iron materials from the plastic material.

After this, you can then put each material in their relevant recycling bin. This way, you would have successfully started recycling your trophies, but in different parts.

Overall, if your trophies are single material trophies, the chances are that you can recycle them without worrying. If they are multiple material trophies, the chances are that you cannot recycle them. What you have to do to recycle them is to separate the trophies according to their constituent materials.

Are Old Trophies Worth Anything?

Let’s first make one thing clear. The greatest worth of your trophy is on the day you received it. This is because it signifies the recognition of your achievements and efforts. It may become equally worthy a few months after that day of glamour. But after this time, the worth begins to diminish.

While this is the general thing, it does not apply to all trophies. Some old trophies still have great value today. It might be the case that the longer the time of the trophy, the more value the trophy would have.

What makes the difference here is the constituent material of the trophy. If the materials are some valuable stones, irons, or material, the chances are that they will continue to appreciate.

To be more precise, some trophies have been made and given before 1970. These trophies, depending on their materials, may prove useful. For instance, trophies made with sterling silver are relevant and worth many things.

Also, some trophies are plated with gold or bronze. The quantity of these precious stones on the trophies would go a long way to determine their worth.

In all, the consensus is that your trophies may be worth a whole lot, depending on the materials used. So, to know the worth of your old trophies, you might have to pay closer attention to the materials.

Can You Sell Old Trophies For Cash?

The answer to this question is a straight Yes.

Selling things for cash is not a new thing in our society. For many years, many people have sold the things that they do not need to get cash. Many people have even sold more precious things that you can imagine all to get cash.

So, if you are already considering selling your old trophies, you don’t have to feel bad a bit. Aside from the fact that money would make a great replacement for the trophies, you would be getting rid of the old trophies. So, relax and find consolation because you are getting value for your money while also clearing your house or offices of those old trophies.

However, as there are rules to merchandising old things, you have to abide by those rules when selling your trophies.

You have to know that the value of your trophies depends on the kind of materials used in making them. If you have trophies full of plastic materials, they might not be worth more than a penny.

However, as we have earlier pointed out, if you have trophies that contain precious stones or materials, you can be sure of high value. In this light, if your trophies contain sterling silver, gold, silver, etc., you should relax and watch yourself make some cash. If your trophies also have some unique designs or decorations that make them scarce, you may be able to make some money.

In all, the cash you are eligible to make from your trophies is highly dependent on the materials of your trophies. If you have trophies made with valuable materials, you can put them up for sale on online platforms like eBay.

4 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Trophies

If you have recently stared at your trophies, you would have discovered that some are way too old to be on your cabinet. However, because you are sentimentally attached to many of the trophies, you don’t want to give them up for recycling or just dispose of them.

Well, if this is your condition, you need not rack your brain again. You can put them to different creative uses. This way, they serve a purpose that makes you happy, and you still have them around.

So, let’s get to it. What are the ways you can reuse your old trophies?

1. Make Bottle Tops

There is a way to be creative with your old trophies. All you have to do is remove your bottle top or cork and screw the old trophies to it.

However, this is only possible when you have mini or micro trophies. This is so that you can balance the trophy’s weight, and you can see the beauty in reusing your trophy.

2. Make Flower Cups

You can also make flower cups from your old trophies. If your trophies have a cup shape, then the deal is sealed. All you have to do is clean it and put some beautiful flowers on it.

3. Make Cupcake Stand

If you are often short of an elevated stand after your cupcakes, you can use your old trophies. You only have to put your cupcakes on a tray and place the tray on the trophy. This way, people can make a pick of cupcakes.

4. Make Hat or Coat Rack

If you have mini trophies, you can screw them to a wall or wood to make a coat or hat rack. This way, you don’t have to worry about buying new racks for your hats or coat.


Trophies hold much significance for many of us. For some, they are way too sentimental to be disposed of or recycled. Whatever importance your trophy has to you, we have provided ways to deal with such. The ball is now in your court.

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