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The sun contains boundless stores of energy which should be used by people living on earth in the right manner. The solar power panel is one of the best ways of utilizing the energy which is provided by the sun. The sun is a storehouse of energy which will never depreciate and it is considered a practical decision to have a solar power panel installed in homes and offices. People all over the world are suffering due to the rising costs of energy and the solar power panel is the best solution for energy problems all over the world.

Knowledge regarding the process of building a solar power panel is essential in order to have it installed and functioning in the right manner. Homes situated in the northern hemisphere should have a solar power panel installed in a south facing direction in order to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight. In certain cases, the roof will not be facing the direction which is required to absorb the sunlight. In such a case, poles can be used to install the solar power panels which are facing the right direction.

Carpentry skills are the only essential requisite which will be needed in order to build and install a solar power panel. The right kind of tools and parts are also required to complete the procedure successfully. It is also possible to procure these parts and tools online. The tools need to build a solar power panel include plywood, saw, soldering iron, paint brush, rosin flux pen, wire cutters, screwdriver, caulking gun, voltmeter, glass cutters and a drill. The parts needed to build a solar power panel include tin wiring, solders, UV protective varnish, silicon caulk and solar cells which can be procured at the cost of $2 per cell.

80 solar cells will be able to produce 100 watts of electricity. The actual power generated by these solar cells can be tested with the help of the volt meter. The complete energy requirement for the home or the office will have to be determined clearly since this will also help in deciding the size of the solar power panel which has to be built.


The size of the solar power panel will also depend on the amount of exposure to the sun. The size of the plywood used will depend on the size of the solar power panel which is required. The normal shape of a solar power panel is the shape of a rectangle. Once the plywood has been cut to the right size, the paint brush should be used to provide a coating of the UV protective varnish on the surface of the plywood. Then this varnish should be allowed to dry.

The rosin flux pen should be used to apply flux to the bus strips on the solar cells. This will ensure that the solar cells will stay firm on the solar power panel. Then all the solar cells present on the solar power panel should be connected to each other. People who have any kind of doubt regarding the process of wiring the solar cells can decide to refer to any live videos or instruction manuals which will demonstrate the exact manner in which the wiring can be done.


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