Are License Plates Recyclable?

From the nooks and crannies of the streets to the highways and express, cars and vehicles are innumerable. More than half of the people living in this dispensation have a car or vehicle used as a means of moving and conveying goods and services from one place to another. With the aid of this invention, Humans have been able to move with ease and carry products from one location to another without necessarily going through the stress of carrying loads and luggage over a long distance.

Today, you hardly find any car without a license plate. This means that the number of license plates is directly proportional to the number of cars and vehicles available in the world. Wherever you find a car or any other vehicle, you will also find a license plate as well. In fact, because it is a matter of the law, having a license plate is not a necessity but a compulsion.

However, there are several questions that often come to mind as regards how to dispose of them as well as what to do with old license plates. Since these plates can expire, it is imperative that you devise a means of getting rid of them so as to prevent them from posing threats and hazards to the environment. When you take a walk through the streets down to the landfills, you will find a good number of license plates not properly disposed of. This obviously has great consequences and implications for the environment.

You sure want to learn more about license plates and what to do with the old ones you have in your home, right? Well, that’s why we are here. All you need to do is take a seat and journey with us as we give answers and solutions to every question about plate license. You will be getting yourself acquainted with how to dispose of license plates properly as well as knowing if they are recyclable or not in this post.

Can You Recycle License Plates?

Whether license plates can be recycled or not remains a question several individuals long for answers to. The answer and solution to this question are quite apt and simple. License plates are generally recyclable. You want to know how, isn’t it? Then follow through.

License plates are made of metals and since metals are highly recyclable, license plates can also be recycled. Their metallic nature makes them easier to recycle. They are mostly made of aluminum which makes it easier for manufactures and recyclers to melt the metal down and use it in making other useful materials. Hundreds of thousands of products are made of aluminum including cars and silverware. Hence, it is safer to collect your old license plates for recycling.

Manufacturing tools and equipment from new metals can take a lot of resources and energy and that is the reason you need to get your license plates for recycling.

Are Old License Plates Worth Anything?

This is another frequently asked question about old license plates. But not to worry, you will get the right answer to this question in this post. Whether license plates worth anything or not depends on the individual using them. However, old license plates worth a lot.

So, while you are cleaning the garage and attics on your weekends, endeavor to collect all license plates that you may find together. Recent research has shown that license plates collector earn their income from a job as menial as license plate collection. This is because of the various materials that these plates are used for.

Old and expired license plates have myriads of uses. They can be recycled and remodeled to make something useful. When you get them to recyclers and vehicle manufacturers, you are treated with honor because rather than use virgin materials which results in the consumption and use of a relatively large amount of energy, these old plates can be used as alternatives.

This makes their production cost-effective and energy-efficient. So, when next you are thinking about what to do with those license plates you found in the garage, you should think about getting them off to vehicle manufacturers.

There are certain factors that might determine the worth and usefulness of your old license plates. Some of these factors include the number of license plates you have at your disposal, the date of manufacturing of the plate as well as the physical condition and appearance of the plates. Hence, it is important to ensure that they are in good shape and condition even if they are not in use.

If you intend to make a fortune for your plates, you can get them sold off to manufacturers and producers of items made with aluminum.

You can as well make some money from collecting and selling old and expired license plates. A lot of individuals have chosen this path and sort from saving their country and environment from hazards and risks associated with these plates, they make a living out of them. Hence, you can choose to be economical with them. Since many manufacturers of cars and other aluminum items use them, it is certain that you will get a buyer for them.

Can You Throw Away Old License Plates In The Bin?

There are a number of things to consider as long as this question is concerned. Whether you can put your expired and old license plates in the recycle bin or not depends on a number of factors. License plates are not really biodegradable and due to this reason, they do not decompose or decay. They are often associated with some risks and threats both to human health and the safety of the environment.

There are two sides to this question. It also depends on the location to a large extent. Putting old license plates in recycling bins is prohibited in some states, it is allowed in some other states. Hence, there are certain differences as regards putting your old license plates in the recycle bin. To be on the safer side, it is important that you check what the stance of your state is on the disposal of license plates in the bin.

You can keep your license plates in recycle bin. This is because most of them have no health hazards and risks attached to them due to their inability to decompose. They do not emit or discharge poisonous gases into the atmosphere. For this reason, they can be kept in the recycle bin.

However, putting these plates in recycling bins or landfills and leaving them for a relatively long period of time might pose some threats to the environment. One of these threats includes the emission of unpleasant but not poisonous smells into the environment. This can make the surroundings unfit for living.

Putting your license plates in the bin can also cause a lot of physical health hazards such as wounds and injuries. This is mostly associated with the scraps and sharp edges of these items. License plates with sharp edges and scraps can cause injuries and harm especially to children and recyclers who collect them for recycling. This is the reason it is often advised to get them disposed of immediately they are out of use.

Safety of life is paramount and it is important that you do not joke with that. While you might be thinking it is safe to leave the scraps of those expired license plates in the recycle bin, it is safer to get them to recyclers to prevent making yourself vulnerable to cuts and injuries.

What To Do With Old License Plates?

There a lot of benefits that come with old license plates. When they are old expired, instead of throwing them away thinking they have no use, you can choose to be creative with them. There are a wide range of options you can choose from. There are several things you can make with your old license plates. All that is required of you is creativity. If you are creative enough, you can make several items from these metals.

1. Get Them To Recyclers

The first step to take in getting your old and expired license plates recycled is getting them to recyclers or a vehicle licensing office. You can as well mail the plates to the vehicle licensing office. You can also lookup their website on the internet.

The endgame is getting the plates to the recyclers or vehicle licensing office, and you can adopt the option that works best for you. You have to do this to avoid endangering the environment because of the threats and hazards associated with the plates.

2. Give Them Out To Manufacturers

This is another safe method to get rid of your expired and old license plates. All that is required of you is getting them to manufacturers of aluminum products. Since license plates are aluminum, they are actually demanded in large quantities by these producers so as to avoid the wastage of new metals and resources in the course of the production.

Getting your old license plates collected by them is another way of maintaining a safer and healthier environment.

You might be wondering what happens to your license plates after the collection. Well, the plates are often bent over, scratched up and cut into pieces. The decays and scraps are removed and the resulting material is used for making other useful products.

3. Sell Them Off

There is virtually a market for everything today. From papers to chips of metals on the ground, you can easily get anything sold and have your money. Hence, you can as well get your old license plates sold. You can get them sold in a local market or antique store. You can also take to the online means of selling by contacting online market places such as eBay. By doing this, you can make some cash out of your old license plates.

Recycling offers the best solution to preventing your surroundings from being encroached by these materials. So, take the best option today.

Lastly, license plates are made of aluminum. Aluminum is a type of metal that is highly malleable, that is, its center be easily bent, hammered and used to make another useful item. With these old plates at your disposal, you can make beautiful home decorations. From the ceiling to the garden, you can beautify your home with these plates.


Expired and old license plates have a lot of uses. You can choose to be creative with them. You can as well choose to get them off to recyclers and manufacturers who are proficient at making other useful times and tools out of them. While you might consider keeping them in the recycle bin, you might also be considering disposing of them off to avoid injuries and cuts.


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