Are Circuit Boards Recyclable? (And 6 Ways To Reuse Them)

Circuit boards are parts of our computer systems, TVs, cell phones, and many electronic gadgets we own. They are essential parts that we cannot do away with, which means that most people have several circuit boards in their households. Now, we don’t expect that all these devices spoil at the same time. However, they are not designed to last forever, no matter how careful we are with them.

In our world today, we have found a way to keep our kids preoccupied for a long time. The secret is to hand them a tablet or laptop, and you won’t hear from them for a while. Unfortunately, kids are also quite careless, so you may end up repairing these devices more often than you bargained for. Unfortunately, you can’t fix them forever.

Furthermore, technology is so innovative today. Newer and better models of our electronic devices are released ever so often, and, understandably, we want upgrades. So what do we do when we have to get rid of our bad or unwanted gadgets and their parts like circuit boards? How do we get rid of them in an environmentally conscious way?

Well, these are the questions we aim to provide answers to in an engaging manner. Of course, the perfect way to dispose of anything is to recycle it. However, there are other ways we bet you didn’t even know about. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy this blog post!

Can You Recycle Circuit Boards?

We have established that circuit boards are essential parts of virtually all our gadgets; they help them function well. But, unfortunately, that also means that when we have to dispose of them, they would also be in excess. So now, how do we dispose of them without harming our environment?

They are non-biodegradable products, which means you can’t toss them in the trash. If you throw them in the trash, they will end up in our landfills. They won’t decompose, so they would end up taking up a lot of space while also filling the environment with toxic substances. So our government is now making conscious efforts to protect the environment and free up space at our landfills.

Now, the big question is, how do we properly dispose of circuit boards? Well, the best way is to recycle them! But, sadly, we can’t just walk down to our recycling centers to get this done because they qualify for e-waste. E-wastes are special products that require special recycling methods.

So what you can do is walk up to the closest computer or gadget store and ask if they accept circuit boards for recycling. Most of them do and would be happy to take them off your hands. Unfortunately, however, some stores don’t!

Here’s what you can also do if the computer or gadget stores in your locality don’t accept circuit boards for recycling. You can use a recycling locator to find the nearest company that takes e-waste. You may choose to go there to deliver the circuit boards yourself or have them pick them up from you. Opting for the latter option means you would have to email them.

Some communities arrange for e-waste to be gathered and picked up for recycling at certain intervals. If yours is one of them, good for you! However, if it isn’t, then you can go for the other options we have provided.

Are Circuit Boards Hazardous Waste?

Circuit boards are made from materials like mercury, lead, silver, lithium, and so on. Unfortunately, these materials are pretty harmful to the environment because of their toxic chemical and gaseous compositions. But, don’t get frightened; it doesn’t mean the gadgets that contain circuit boards are dangerous when you use them.

On the contrary, they only get harmful when taken out of their protective covers and left exposed to the environment, and because they are non-biodegradable, they won’t break down. However, exposure can mean that these chemical components can begin to seep out and become hazardous to the environment.

Can You Throw Away A Broken Circuit Board in The Bin?

As environmentally conscious as you may be, we bet the thought of binning items that should be recycled sometimes crosses your mind. It’s understandable because sometimes, the stress of recycling can be pretty off-putting. But, if you fight these thoughts and dispose of these items the right way, then we are proud of you!

Why shouldn’t you throw a broken circuit board in the bin? Circuit boards are non-biodegradable. They cannot be broken down by microorganisms, which means they end up being around for as long as hundreds of years.

So what else happens when you throw your broken circuit board in the bin? It ends up taking up space in our landfills because it cannot decompose, which means the government would have to keep creating more and even more landfills.

The circuit boards would also release toxic gases and materials into the atmosphere and the environment. If this happens frequently, then it means we are damaging the environment. So if you have been throwing your broken circuit boards in the bin, we hope this blog post inspires you to do better for yourself and your environment.

Are Old Circuit Boards Worth Anything?

We bet you didn’t know that the circuit board in your computer has gold in it. However, it’s a special type of gold. So, if you took your old circuit board to a recycling center that accepts e-waste, you could get paid for it.

Did you know that older models of computers have even more gold in them? It has been estimated that an old computer’s circuit board has as much as $30.00 worth of gold in it. So you could march down to a recycling center or any hardware store and ask if they accept old circuit boards. If they do, then you just made yourself some extra money.

Circuit boards from newer models of computers also have gold in them, but not as much as the older models. You can make as much as $10.00 to $15.00 from selling the circuit boards from newer models of computers. Tablets can make you some money too.

So when next you have some old circuit boards, asides from recycling them, you may also want to consider selling them to make some extra money. If you have several old circuit boards, then you have the tendency to make some money.

6 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Circuit Boards

Of course, if you were invested in protecting your environment, it’s expected that your method of disposing of items like old circuit breakers would be to recycle them. However, did you know that there are other super fun and beneficial ways of getting rid of them too?

Recycling is always a great idea, but you can also try out one or all of the methods we have collated for you. Please, enjoy!

1. Stationery Holder

Old circuit breakers are incredibly versatile. They have a lot of range in arts and crafts, and making stationery holders is one of them. But, of course, it also helps that they have beautiful and intricate patterns.

You would need four pieces of circuit breakers, cut into equal lengths and breadths, and a glue gun. Attach the four sides, and you have yourself a homemade and aesthetically appealing stationery holder.

2. Key Holders

Here’s a great tip to help you save some money while also disposing of your old circuit boards. You can cut them into sizeable patterns and punch holes in them, and you’ve got yourself a bunch of key holders. They are pretty cute and handy, and you can make some for your friends and loved ones too.

Now, you have the perfect key holders, which are unique too. We bet you can’t wait to try out this fantastic new tip.

3. Beautiful Frames

Everyone knows that the best gifts are the ones that are handmade because we all believe they are made with love and thoughtfulness. So why not make a beautiful and unique gift out of your old circuit breakers? They have an attractive green color that would stand out and complement the pictures in the frame.

4. Notebook Covers

We live in highly innovative times. The truth is, everyone can be creative, so let’s jump on this great trend. Did you know that you can fashion notebook covers out of old circuit boards? If you didn’t, well, now you do. Here’s how.

Get two pieces of old circuit boards. The sizes depend on how large you want your notebooks to be. You would also need hole punchers and spiral binders for this artsy project.

Make sure that the pieces are of equal length, and they can be slightly bigger than the pages of your book. Then, place them together and punch holes in them. This might take a while, some patience, and energy, but you’ve got this!

Attach the spiral binders to the punched holes, and your artsy and unique notebook is done. These fancy notebooks make great gifts for your friends and loved ones. Who knows, if you’re good at making them, you might end up making some extra bucks from selling them.

5. Sell Them

Now that you know that your circuit boards contain a certain amount of gold, we expect you to take advantage of this knowledge and make some extra bucks off them. So visit the closest hardware store and find out if they buy old circuit boards.

You may also visit companies that produce electronic gadgets to find out if they buy off old circuit boards. If they do, then jackpot!

6. Donate Them

Donating old items never goes out of style. It is usually the most suitable option when you are looking to get rid of something. In this case, you’re not only decluttering, but you’re also doing a good deed, and we are confident you’ll end up feeling good about yourself.

Now, you may worry about where or who you’re donating to. But, the truth is there will always be people who need freebies. For instance, you could take the old circuit boards to the hardware store close to you. They would be happy to take them off your hands.

You may also visit any computer repair shop you know. They always welcome spare computer parts and would happily take your old circuit breakers off your hands.


Recycling unwanted items is one of the best things we can do for our environment. At this point, it is very much needed. It is also great that many people are on board this ship, and even more, people are getting enlightened each day.

If you are reading this, then it means you desire fun and great ideas on how to dispose of your old and unwanted circuit boards properly. We have several tips for you, and recycling happens to be one of them.

So please, use one or all the tips we have provided for you. We assure you that it will be a thrilling experience.


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