Key Advantages of Solar Installation For Your Business or Home

Advancements in technology have brought about both positive and negative effects in the world today. While it is true that the misuse and abuse of technology have led to a rise in energy consumption, which is unhealthy for the environment, there are also numerous benefits that could outweigh the damage that has been done, and one of which is through the use of solar panels.

With countries that get to enjoy so much natural sun, solar panels are an excellent way for houses and buildings to get their energy from a natural and renewable energy source. Hence, instead of being over-reliant on coal and other non-renewable sources, solar panels utilize the heat and light from the sun to produce energy. The benefits of having solar panels are so great that many more are seeing the advantages of having these installed.

That said, here are some of the key advantages of solar panels:

1. It Reduces Your Electricity Bill

This first advantage is one of the most apparent benefits that you are going to enjoy when you choose to go solar. When you use a natural source such as the sun to power your home or office, you no longer have to subscribe to energy companies from which you are getting your electricity. Hence, you can eliminate or reduce your electricity bill to a significant amount.

But as solar panel installation is also quite expensive, do not expect to gain savings right away. Give yourself time to earn that return on investment by computing your total energy bill savings and comparing it with the cost of installing your solar panels. By the time that the amount of your energy savings have exceeded the cost of the installation, this means that you are already enjoying the hundreds of dollars that you may have otherwise spent on your monthly electricity bill.

2. It Is Making You More Environment-Friendly

When you choose to have solar panels installed in your business and your home, you are allowing yourself to become more environment-friendly. Before deciding to purchase solar panels, you have previously been paying for your energy source, which most likely came from a non-renewable source. In recent years, coal exploration for energy sources has increased dramatically, and when these deplete, there is no way for this resource to be renewed. This means it is now time for you to go off the grid and go solar instead.

With solar installation, the chances of you running out of energy is nearly impossible as the sun won’t run out of heat or sunlight. If you live in a sunny country, then why not utilize all that heat and light for your energy?

3. It Needs Little To No Maintenance At All

After the installation of your solar panels, you can expect these to last for over thirty years with little to no maintenance at all. After these thirty years, it is the time for you to check if your panels are still collecting as much energy as they should, or if some panels need replacement. With this, it means that you are going to have power the whole year round. With energy from energy companies you used to subscribe to, it is not uncommon for you to experience periodic energy interruptions due to maintenance and problems. Sometimes, this energy interruption can last a whole day and can be very inconvenient, particularly in warmer and more humid countries.

With solar panels, these power interruptions can be avoided altogether.


4. It Increases The Sustainability Of Energy

Did you know that the energy you are paying for is affected by the economic rules on supply and demand? Power is a commodity, and like gas, it is subject to economic forces and other factors. There is no guarantee for living sustainably, and there is also little to no protection from sudden price increases. In some cases, if you are running a business, even an energy price fluctuation, which would generally be considered as a positive phenomenon, can mean a negative thing in the accounting of the books of businesses. Sudden changes can also mean a less effective and a more confusing end-of-the-month accounting and cost reconciliation process.

Choosing to go for solar power, therefore, strengthens the energy market. As there is less dependency on coal, the market forces surrounding it will also have more stability. When more businesses and homes choose to switch to solar power, you are creating a new market and a new circle of more dependent and more stable energy prices.

5. It Is Safer Than The Energy Current Today

When more homes and offices switch to solar energy, you are also, in turn, providing for a safer physical environment in your business complex and your residential area. If you aren’t using solar panels yet, you will notice that there are many electrical wires all around your home and your building, as well as the presence of electrical lines in roads, too. You may not be aware of it, but these electrical wiring poses quite a danger to your daily life. There have been many accounts of those who have died due to electrical shocks, especially when there are power circuit problems and the like.

Choosing to convert to solar energy is akin to keeping your business and your home safe. Solar panels are generally a safer alternative as there is less wiring needed. These panels can be installed anywhere, often even in places where humans don’t pass through frequently, like the roof, or in faraway fields.

6. It Gives You Tax Credits, Rebates, And Other Benefits

Most governments have already provided for a tax credit incentive scheme for companies and houses that choose to go for solar power. These incentives are given to encourage more individuals to switch to a more renewable source of energy. These tax incentives and their corresponding rates can vary depending on where you’re from, so it’s best to double check with your respective local governments.

In general, however, examples of tax incentives that can be given include:

  • Investment credit or rebate on the total cost of your social power installation
  • Accelerated depreciation on your solar panels, which allows for an increased ability to continue financing your solar panels
  • Financial assistance programs to encourage more homeowners to purchase solar panels


With these benefits, it is not difficult to see why solar panels are slowly becoming the mainstream source of energy for most homes. Big and small companies alike and even residential areas are gradually converting to this energy source. Despite the initial installation cost being quite expensive, the benefits, in the long run, outweigh this expense, making solar panels one of the best positive changes and investments that you can do for your business and even for your home.

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