15+ Amazing Reasons Why We Should Conserve Energy

Energy conservation is an evergreen topic since we all use energy in our daily lives. Energy conservation is simply the act of cutting back on energy use by utilizing less of the energy service provided. Energy conservation should not be confused with ‘’efficient energy use, ” which implies using less energy for a continuous service. A classic example of energy conservation is driving less. In the same vein, energy efficiency is utilizing the same amount of fuel with a higher mileage car.

With the recent shift to green living, especially with the introduction of hybrid cars and people increasingly using alternative sources of energy, it’s easy to understand why society wants to change up to a more earth-conscious world rapidly. While most recognize that saving energy is a path they should be pursuing, not everyone understands its importance. Naturally, it’s always easier to do something when you perfectly understand why you’re doing it. This is why getting to know the reasons accompanying the need to conserve energy is critical. Here are the 15+ reasons why you should make a point to conserve energy:

  1. Risk of depletion

Drawing from the research study undertaken by the American Energy Information Administration and the International Energy Agency, the universe is projected to continue the consumption of 2% more energy each year than it consumed the past year unless some countermeasures are drawn up and put into practice. In fact, we consume way more energy than we discover the oil resource to bridge the energy gap, which simply means oil reserves are declining every single day.

The largest sources of oil are located in nations that experience political turmoil, meaning they are unsafe. This brings about conflict with high energy consumers like the U.S., China and other nations including over-dependence on them. This explains why energy must be conserved at all costs to shield the population in case of any emergency.

  1. Keeps your purse string closed

In life, there are far bigger motivations than money. Energy conservation is a plus for Mother Nature, but it’s equality good for your bottom-line. Conserving energy saves you money by peeling back on your overall energy bills. Also, installing alternative energy equipment such as solar in your residence and buying energy saving appliances can enable you to qualify for tax incentives and rebates.

  1. Construction of fewer power plants

Although most view construction of power plants as a bright prospect, they greatly impact the environment. Firstly, they are unsightly, which means they interfere with the natural aesthetic value of the scenery. Secondly, they pollute the sound since they generate a lot of noise during electricity production. Thirdly, they are hazardous since the fumes produced by the power plant can cause respiratory diseases if inhaled over time. Also, installation of wind energy systems like turbines is disadvantageous as they kill local bird species that fly into them. Conservation of energy will mean adequate supply, alleviating the need to construct new power plants or install new turbines.

  1. Boosts human health

Pollution from energy resources like coal, natural gas, and oil can cause a huge range of severe medical complications like asthma and lung cancer. This brings about unnecessary suffering and extraordinary medical costs. Conservation of energy ensures less carbon footprint, hence, fewer cases of respiratory diseases.

  1. Mitigates global warming

A big percentage of the energy we consume today emanates from fossil fuels. Refining these fossil fuels into useful energy like gasoline for cars or electricity for home applications involves emission of vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the chief contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming. The impacts of global warming are apparent these days including changing weather patterns, increase in atmospheric temperature, rising sea levels, which threaten to submerge some islands and proliferation of deadly diseases like cancer. Energy conservation minimizes the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere thereby lowering the possibility of global warming.

  1. To ensure constant safe water supply

Water conservation is critical to the future sustenance of life. Water is a vital element and makes up two-thirds of the surface of the earth. Water should not only be conserved, but also needs to be clean and free from pollution for the Biosystems to work properly. It requires massive amounts of water for hydropower plants to generate energy. The more energy is conserved, the less amount of water is needed for this process.

  1. Social responsibility

In a country like America, a bigger part of the energy is generated by burning coal. While this provides the needed electricity to meet the needs of the population, miners are putting their lives and health in grave danger each day by going deep in the coal mines. Individuals working in gas and oil mines are also endangering their lives each day considering the explosive nature of these energy resources. On top of the potential dangers, health complications may manifest through long-term inhalation of these fossil fuels.

  1. Mitigates habitat destruction

Conserving energy, without a doubt, will assist to mitigate habitat destruction. The fossil fuels extracted to produce power originate from somewhere, and that somewhere is a home to certain animal and plant species. Mining in these habits leads to transfer of wildlife and human populations. Some mines even involve clearing large chunks of forests, which is a natural home for wildlife.

  1. Personal benefits

The personal benefits of conserving energy involve your own body. You can reduce the use of fossil fuels by cycling instead of driving your car or reducing the use of energy-intensive cleaning appliances. Cycling means exercising more and this enhances your fitness level, hence, keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay. Exercising also makes you feel and look better.

  1. To maintain steady prices of energy

Conserving energy means the possibility of shortages will be eliminated. Abundant energy supply means steady prices throughout the year, or better still reduction in prices. Steady prices will keep your budget stable each month.

  1. Positive impact in society

You may think that conserving energy will go unnoticed. The truth is when your neighbor realizes your low monthly utility bills, they will be curious to know the steps you are taking. They will want to reduce their overall utility bills as well, so that they will follow your example. When this chain continues, more people in the community will be involved in energy conservation, which is good for the future of the community.

  1. Accords researchers more time to formulate solutions and alternatives

Energy conservation accords researchers more time to go into deep research (which takes years) to establish solutions and alternatives to energy sources that are projected to deplete. While fossil fuels are projected to deplete, prudent use of energy will allow fossil fuels to last long enough for tangible solutions to be discovered.

  1. Transportation and commerce may grind to a halt

Most vehicles on the road today run on gasoline. Gasoline is derived from fossil fuels. Depletion of fossil fuels will mean no gasoline to power the vehicles. This can practically bring the transportation sector to a halt and affect commerce. The solution lies in the conservation of energy to ensure fossil fuel resources meet our needs to the end of time.

  1. Normal functioning of the country would be affected

Although steps are being taken to ramp up renewable energy resources, the bitter truth is that fossil fuels are still the most depended source of energy in the world. If fossil fuels were to deplete today, the whole world would come to a standstill. Energy conservation is the only way to prevent such a thing from happening.

  1. Enhances the value of your home

Most people buy homes in anticipation of selling later at a profit. One way of beefing up the value of your home is installing water conservation systems like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and installing water saving toilet and shower. Aside from saving you money at the end of the month, it will be attractive to prospective home buyers, leading to quick sale when you decide to put it on the market.

  1. A clean future for your kids

We all want our children and grand children to grow up healthy. This is only possible with a clean environment. If we want a better environment for our children and children’s children, then minimizing global warming by conserving energy is the surefire way.

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