Five Ways To Make Your Business More Energy Sufficient

It’s not just individuals that are working on living greener lifestyles. Businesses are also trying to go green, probably because they know that people want to help the environment and will be happier working with businesses that are green and have the same outlook as they do.

If you want your business to be more green, and lower your overall carbon footprint, it isn’t that difficult to do, and it can start with some simple steps. While it can call for some investment, you will get your money back in the cash your business saves.

1. Power Down

Don’t just unplug at home. Businesses can benefit from using less energy as much as individuals can. Hook your electronics up to power strips so that everything can easily be shutdown. You may not want to shut business computers down every night, but giving them a break over the weekend when no one will be around for a couple days can help you save money and give your computers a rest too.

Don’t leave computers up and running over night. Unplug coffee pots, printers and microwaves nightly. The energy drain from these items may be costing your business a good deal of money each year.

2. Go Efficient

Another way to cut down on your businesses carbon footprint, and your energy bill, is to bring in energy efficient appliances. You don’t need to toss what you have now, but when it comes time to replace what you’ve got look for the energy star sticker.

Energy efficient appliances can make it easier on you, so you can spend less time unplugging and more time saving money. You may find that your new electronics also have a longer life span so you spend less money, and you’re paid back for your investment with money saved.

3. Be Secure

There are secure options for your computers out there when it comes to making your business more energy efficient. Kontron is a company who makes industrial PC products with maintenance free features, that helps your business save on energy.

There are more ways than one for a business to be more energy efficient, which includes less of a need for excess employees that can save you money in the long run as well. Even better phone systems, like VoIP, can save you money on employees and energy.

4. Try Alternatives

Alternative energy, like solar and wind, can cost a little more to implement, but they save you money over time and allow you to get a return on your investment. Once you have your new energy service going you will quickly notice lower bills, and in no time you will earn your investment back.

There are more and more options out there each year when it comes to energy efficient options, so why not take some time to look into what is available and who can give you the best deal.

5. Recycle

Save money and recycle anything and everything your business can. First, your old electronics that you are replacing with more energy efficient ones definitely shouldn’t end up in the trash. Your business can get fined for disposing of certain electronic items in the landfills.

Recycling paper and plastic are also great ways to simply be more environmentally friendly. You may also want to consider going paperless, if you haven’t already. Instead of just recycling this way your business even spends less on paper products, which can be a great deal in savings if you spend a lot of time printing.

There are many reasons to go green, but you should definitely do it for the environment and for your business. Save money and save the planet, and your business can feel good about all of the great things you do.

Image credit: Elton Harding
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