15+ Splendid Ways To Be a Better Environmental Steward in 2020

The actions most of us engage in is to harm and degrade the environment in various ways, and it’s the reason people are called upon adopt and engage in practices that promote a better and healthy environment. The initiatives are as simple as the manner in which certain items should be recycled or how to reduce waste in our households. Despite all this, the road towards optimal environmental control should start with the lifestyle of an individual.

Accordingly, it is essential for us as people living on this planet to first take care of our acts by adopting eco-friendly ways of doing things even before venturing into other areas of environmental growth. The outcome of this hence qualifies as the standard definition of environmental stewardship. In this sense, how can we become better environmental stewards? The answer to this question simply entails changing our consumption patterns and other activities that degrade and harm the environment, either directly or indirectly. Here are 15+ ways we can be better environmental stewards in 2020.

15+ Incredible Ways To Be a Better Environmental Steward in 2020

1. Buy Food from Local Farms

It is encouraged and is also the most viable option to acquire foodstuff from local farm stores. For starters, these are crops with the surety of freshness as they are from the farm and do not contain any additives or preservatives and are, thus, healthy. Moreover, there is a large variety from which the consumer can choose from. Having a farm is also important since one will save on transportation costs from the store and thus, fewer carbon emissions.

Also, by purchasing groceries from a local farm it increases the demand for commodities in the farm, more crops are grown, and more farms are established. The major advantage of the local farms is that they are naturally grown and, for this reason, are cleaner and better than those in supermarkets, which have been grown under intense use of pesticides and fertilizers.

2. Volunteer in Environmental Projects

The initiative is one that ensures expansion in knowledge on the environment and its various components. It is through volunteering that one is able to be informed on the environment, not just in books but from the physical aspect. Again, by volunteering, an individual is able to make an impact in the community. Most of the individuals are busy during weekdays with jobs and related activities.

Therefore, in order to be in touch with the environment, they can seek to volunteer in such projects when they are free. Projects such as planting trees have a lot of good for the future generation because, for instance, it aids in protecting water catchment facilities and supports a healthy environment. Supporting environmental projects financially is similarly an impressive way of promoting volunteering initiatives.

3. Be Dynamic in the Mode of Transportation

There are a lot of initiatives that discourage the use of cars due to the release of carbon to the atmosphere, which is toxic to the ozone layer. The matter is even made worse by the manufacturing companies making cheaper cars, thus encouraging consumers to buy more cars, which is detrimental to the environment. In order to be a better environmental steward in 2018, other forms of transport should be deployed to offset the use of cars.

For instance, the use of bicycles has proven to be effective since it does not require any energy consumption and does not emit carbon. What’s more, the cost of purchasing bicycles is way cheaper and guarantees that one is physically fit. There are also other ways of cutting back on the use of cars such as car-sharing and the use of trains. Again, for short distances, walking is encouraged.

4. Minimize the Carbon Footprint on Food

To be an environmental steward in 2018, it is essential that we are informed about the sources of the food we eat and the manner in which it is produced. The reason for this is because there are a lot of practices that are harmful to both people and the environment that are used in the process of food production.

Some of the practices include the transportation of food, the use of land, the waste that follows the production of the crop, the type of water that is used, and the various chemicals used in the name of fertilizers and pesticides. With such knowledge, consumers are able to cut back on the edibles that are produced in a manner that will pollute the environment.

5. Participate in Environmentally-Charged Public Events

There are various events organized in different regions, both locally and globally, with the sole aim of sensitizing people about the environment. Events such as marathons and rallies have been used regularly to aid in championing the conservation of the environment. It is the duty of all individuals who want to be good stewards of the environment to take part in such initiatives by being there physically, and if unable to, they can fund the drive financially or seek sponsors who will support the cause.

These events are vital since they aid in raising awareness on the plight of the environment, and in doing so, people who are oblivious of the environment around them are able to relate and connect with it.

6. Minimize the Purchase of Single-use Plastics

Over the years, there has been tons of plastic converting into waste in our landfills and the water bodies. This has not augured well with the environment, which has seen the death of fish due to suffocation in water and the poor growth of crops.

With the tons of plastic in the earth, the purchase of plastics should be avoided as much as possible, especially the single-use plastics such as water bottles and plastic bags that form the bulk of the landfill. Purchase of other containers such as reusable water bottles and cotton bags as substitutes would aid the environment a lot.


7. Minimize the Consumption of Meat

Regular consumption of meat is harmful to the consumer’s health. A lot of environmental pollution is realized in agricultural practices, particularly from livestock rearing. Examples include the pesticides sprayed on fodder that the livestock feed on and the water washed away into rivers from the earth where fertilizers have been applied which they end up drinking.

For this reason, cutting back on livestock meat consumption and instead focusing on other protein foods in the form of crops and vegetables such as beets is a great way of becoming a better environmental steward in 2018. The added advantage is that by reducing the intake of meat, one is able to control his or her eating habits and, thus, strike a balance in his diet.

8. Compost Your Natural Waste

Our environment is full of waste that is both natural and artificial. As an environmental steward, it is the duty of each individual to ensure they either have proper information on the various ways to make a compost pit or on how to compost natural waste.

Refuse from vegetables can be dropped on the farm, which will, in the end, form compost that enriches the soil, thus providing nutrients to the crops. Also, there are companies that offer composting services for a fee, thus ensuring proper and professional disposal of natural waste.

9. Stay Informed and Vote for the Various Environment-Friendly Policies

Voting as a citizen of a given country is democratic, and it is every citizen’s right. In terms of adopting and enacting certain environmental policies, polls are sometimes essential, and this means that to be a better steward of the environment, it is vital to vote for policies that will improve the environment.

Notable examples in the past include polls on the ban of plastic bags and the production of some pesticides due to their adverse effects on the environment. Furthermore, it is upon people as individuals to keep themselves updated with the current affairs in their countries as well as with the global world in matters of the environment to be well equipped when making decisions.

10. Stop Buying Fast Fashion

The modernization of the world has not only seen the innovation of gadgets but also growth in fashion. There are very many fashion houses that are in existence, and they are all trying to penetrate the market. Consequently, to beat the competition, there are lots of releases of the finished products in the fashion world. If the reception of the product is poor, then the fashion house moves to another product until it comes up with one that will provide a niche in the market.

This means that there will be a lot of waste in the landfill since the consumer will buy the product, realize it has dropped in fashion sense, dispose of it and seek to purchase another, and the trend continues. Consequently, to prevent this and be a better environmental steward in 2018, one should be smart when purchasing clothes. Since fashion is dynamic, it is upon the consumer to observe the trends and patterns before deciding what fashion to go with and, thus, save the environment.

11. Replace Your Bottled Water with a Reusable One

Plastic bottled water is a habit hard to break. But the truth is that bottled water companies are selling disposable plastic bottles, which are doing no favors for the planet or your wallet. Keep a reusable vacuum insulated, stainless steel bottle. The year 2020 is the perfect time to embrace the habit of reducing waste and replacing single-use items with reusable ones.

12. Grow a Plant or a Garden

Growing your own produce is a great way to go green while nurturing young plants. Whether it’s a small pot of chives on the kitchen windowsill, a tomato plant growing on the patio, an apple tree in the yard, or a whole garden of raised beds, finding a way to grow plants to eat is an excellent way to steward the earth. Also, plant a garden or even window boxes with plants that provide nourishment and shelter for pollinators.

13. Do Not Forget Reusable Bags

It is very easy to save money and is also better for the planet, but it’s also that we easily forget to bring them along on a shopping run, and that is reusable grocery bags! Fix this problem by storing reusable bags wherever it’s most convenient for errands such as in the trunk of your car, or your briefcase, backpack, purse or even diaper bag; that way, you can access a reusable bag whenever you need it, and foldable bags are just perfect.

14. Start a Zero Waste Challenge

The Zero Waste movement is trying to eliminate any and all waste from our daily lives. Doing simple things, like canceling paper mail and opting for electronic correspondence, using reusable products for a daily beauty routine, reducing waste at lunch with reusable sandwich bags and snack bags, using cloth napkins every day, these are not just great for the planet and will save your money, too.

15. Just Switching Off Lights Makes a Lot of Difference

Have you noticed that what’s good for your energy bill is also good for the Earth? This is as simple as always turning off the lights when you leave a room. Also, unplug the charger and appliances if not in use. Involve your kids in a game of checking whether all the lights are switched off before leaving the house.

16. Switch to Doing All Your Laundry in Cold Water

Did you know it’s perfectly fine to wash every type of cloth on the cold water? And it is not just perfectly fine, but it actually makes your clothes last longer and cuts down your energy bill.

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