5 Ways to Reduce Your Office Electricity Bills

Employee salaries, rental space, machinery, logistics, packaging and travel costs are a few significant factors impacting the budget of an office. Making profits in business is not easy especially when you are trying to break-even and increase profitability. However, often while trying to cut costs, we turn a blind eye to the electricity bills.

Expense on electricity is substantial and can add up to the running costs of a business. The need to have a sustainable plan regarding the cost is beneficial to the financial health of an enterprise. By carefully assessing the energy expenses one can substantially reduce the operating costs. With electricity forming a major portion of expenditure, it is imperative that we save in this sphere. So, here are five effective ways to reduce your office electricity bills.

Every day we are paying more for energy than we should due to poor insulation, inefficient lights, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment – money we could save by investing in energy efficiency.
~ Bernie Sanders

Upgrade to Energy Saving devices

Simple changes can go a long way in helping you save on electricity bills. Instead of continuing the use of conventional methods which require much energy, consider investing in energy efficient devices. Upgrading to new appliances might cost more initially, but they will help you cut electricity costs over the next few years. With an upgrade, you will also get a more efficient, faster and productive product. You can also go about hiring an energy audit company for your office; they will analyze your practices and provide ways to reduce your energy needs.

Use LED Lighting

Switching to energy efficient lighting by using LEDs instead of the incandescent light bulbs is the latest trend in the commercial and industrial world. Not only the prices of LEDs are seeing a downward trend over the years, but several brands including Wipro Lighting are constantly upgrading their products to provide the best technology. For instance, the Axeon LED by Wipro has been designed keeping in mind the changing needs of the lighting industry. The up-down feature helps in distributing light uniformly. The figures suggest that 33% up and 66% downward light distribution give a spacious and distinctive look to the workspaces. Also, factors like low power and high efficacy of LEDs contribute to up to 50% of energy savings.

In fact, LEDs are best for energy saving and ensure energy efficient lighting. Additionally, they can easily be recycled. LEDs have no hazardous chemicals and last much longer, reducing the replacement costs substantially. LEDs also use lesser energy in comparison to traditional bulbs, burn brighter and significantly improve the aesthetics of the room.

Use Electricity Prudently

Technology is both a boon and a bane. It has affected our choices and has also made us careless towards our environment. On a hot day, it is common to use the air conditioner for a long time at work places, to a point where it is unjustifiable. Instead, you should use the HVAC prudently to cut the electricity bills. The human body is made to adjust to different environmental surroundings, and one should let the body run its course. Another practice to adopt is to turn the fan on and increase the temperature of the HVACs.

It will reduce your bills, and the employees will appreciate a more neutral temperature in the office, making them less vulnerable to common cold or fever.

Ensure Switching Off Electronic Devices When Not in Use

This technological age has brought significant changes to the personal lifestyle, making people addicted to their devices. One of the major causes for the rise in electricity bills is wastage of energy. It is always a better idea to unplug electronic appliances when they are not in use. Not following this practice at an office, adds to the huge cost as the number of electronic devices are far more in number, than at homes. Monitoring the use, and implementing vigilant policies will result in electricity savings. This will also provide more shelf life to the devices and further cut down costs in the long run.

Use Intelligent Lighting Controls

By using intelligent lighting controls, a business can reduce their office bills. A high-performance daylight dimming sensor detects the amount of sufficient daylight and switches off luminaires when not required.

Maximum use of sunlight can be facilitated by installing larger windows. This will essentially provide a more natural aura. While bigger windows will draw in more light, during the winter season, it will also reduce the electricity bills. One can always install sturdy blinds to keep the office cooler in the summer season.

Electricity bills are rising exponentially, and rising costs of operating a business is a concern for most of the companies. Saving power is a simple way of improving the profitability of your business. Following the aforementioned steps can significantly help you to cut down the operational cost of your business.

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