Ways to Recycle Your Construction Debris and Waste

Are you aware that the UK has a lot of problems disposing of construction waste? Actually, most developing countries do need to dispose of a large amount of construction materials. Every time a new building is built or a renovation occurs, there will be certain debris which needs to be disposed of.

But throwing out construction debris is not easy. In fact, in some situations, it is not even safe. There are different types of waste which can be either heavy and difficult to have or can even be harmful to the environment. Either way, it is still possible to recycle and reuse even this type of waste.

Most of the people in the UK are still not knowledgeable when it comes to removing these materials safely, let alone recycling them. Fortunately, builders waste removal companies in London do exist and are willing to help you dispose and recycle any harmful and heavy construction materials that you happen to have.

Many of the debris left from construction is still dispose in an inapt way and continues to do damage to the environment. Developed countries, like the UK, should start to implement some ways which would mean disposing of these materials in a safe way.

Which Construction Debris is Recyclable?

A lot of people are still not knowledgeable enough about which construction items are recyclable and which aren’t. In fact, there are surprisingly a lot of waste items which can be reused once more. Here are some of them:

  • Various type of metals that can be melted down and reused in different forms.
  • A lot of wooden products or lumber which can be converted to biomass fuel or mulch.
  • Vegetation that has been pulled out of the ground can be replanted or also converted into biomass fuel.
  • Excess cardboard and unwanted paper can be used for pulping.
  • Old windows and roofing can be reused again if they are not too damaged.

Besides these, there are some other types of materials that are regarded as highly poisonous if not disposed of properly. This includes lead, which can poison a water supply, or plasterboard, which can release hydrogen sulfide if left in landfills.

But still, there are some ways for you to reuse or recycle your construction debris after you are done. Here are just some of the ways that you can do so:

Find a Local Recycling Center

Before you start building something and before you get engaged too much in work, make sure you locate a recycling center nearby. The most important thing here is that it is local. It will save you the time and money when making trips and taking all of that construction debris for it to be disposed of properly.

What you should do is to contact them at first and see when they are open and what kind of material they take. You can make trips during the building process while you are going for some more building materials and disposing the waste at the same time. Planning ahead is very important and will not only save the environment but allow you to keep on a budget as well.

Deconstruction Instead of Demolition

Sometimes it is easier to take things apart without destroying them. Taking apart a certain building that you want to remove or renovate will allow you to recycle the materials better. If the unneeded parts are still usable they can be used to make something else.

There are several ways for you to do this. One is by yourself and you can organize that before starting the process. The other is getting an expert to do it. There are certain companies in London which are capable of doing this and they will take everything apart and take the pieces for reuse or you can take them by yourself. The main point is that most of the materials that you no longer need will still be usable for a different purpose.

Reusing Existing Materials

Construction work is hard and expensive stuff. But you can maximize the efficiency and lessen the costs by reusing existing materials. You cause some older materials from construction work that you have done sometime before or you can use the materials that you have just torn apart.

Getting construction materials costs a lot of money. If you are capable of reusing the stuff that you have taken down it will lessen the cost of your current construction work. Throwing it away would be a waste as certain materials can find a different purpose and can be fitted somewhere else. Make a plan before you start building and see what existing materials can be repurposed for your new construction job.

Separate Your Waste

If you have decided to recycle your unused building materials and you have already found a good recycling plant, you should separate the waste before you carry it away. This is done during the construction process. Simply divide the debris into separate piles before you carry it away.

The workers at the construction recycling area will appreciate you doing this and it will also be much safer and efficient to carry it away.

Build According to Standard Dimensions

When starting any construction work you should always have a plan. Before calculating, the necessary materials make sure to calculate the exact amount or at least close to it. Minimizing the amount of debris will save you a lot of time in disposing of it later on.

You can order materials to standard dimensions and that way avoids any leftovers. If you have less junk to deal with you will also have more time to finish your work, it’s just common sense. You also eliminate the possibility of creating more debris that is possibly non-recyclable. This requires you to make an exact plan before you start. So make sure to do some research and plan ahead in order to do this properly.

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