7 Things You Need to Know About Sourcing Your Veggies Sustainably

Every day, you make decisions that make a difference for years to come. From cleaning the house with all-natural products to reducing paper usage at the office, you enjoy doing your part for the planet. Pause for just a minute. Take a look at the produce in your pantry and refrigerator.

Do the vegetables on tonight’s dinner menu meet your high standards for sustainability? When you buy fresh produce at a farmer’s market or grocery store, do you consider the source?

The origins of that broccoli or those romaine hearts play a vital role in keeping both you and the environment healthy. When you stock up on fresh veggies, it’s easier to develop nutritious ideas for meal planning. When you know where and how your produce grows, you’re better positioned to make the best choices for our planet’s sustainability.

It Starts With Responsible Growers

Across the country, responsible produce growers are united by a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable agriculture. That sense of stewardship includes meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards. It involves staying on top of the latest science-based innovations and incorporating proven practices with ever-evolving technology.

From the largest operations to small produce farms, there’s a shared sense of pride in the progress that moves the industry forward. Sustainability has always been a part of farming, but today’s focus on responsible production represents a welcome union of tradition and science. The result is modern-day agroecology.

You may not be familiar with this discipline, but it plays a vital role in developing sustainable crops from lettuce fields to fruit orchards. Its application to agricultural production covers organic, conventional and large-scale operations. Produce growers embrace agroecology because it encourages responsible sustainability that preserves the long-term health of field operations.

Sourcing Sustainable Produce: 7 Ways It Makes a Difference

The next time you pick up Brussels sprouts at the grocery store, ask the produce manager which growers he relies on. Talk to vendors at weekend markets and find out who supplies their fresh vegetables. Use your online research talents to look closely at large and small brands. When you source sustainable produce, you really make a difference.

1. Sustainability Puts Healthy Produce on Your Plate

Vegetables grown with eco-friendly farming methods come to market in peak condition. You know you’re bringing home produce with top-tier nutritional profiles and the freshest flavors. Healthy field vegetables also deliver an extended shelf life, and that reduces kitchen waste.

2. You Help Support Good Stewardship

When you source produce from sustainable growers, you’re supporting their good stewardship of the land. Many produce companies are multi-family operations that trace their roots back over many generations. Responsible growers are deeply committed to taking the best possible care of their fields.

3. Sustainable Farm Practices Preserve the Land

Agroecology has become an important factor in developing new farming practices. This innovative field explores the balance between advancing industry technologies and addressing critical ecological concerns. When you choose a responsible produce source, you help both the hard science and the social movement behind sustainable agriculture.

4. You’re a Part of Soil and Water Conservation

Something as simple as knowing where your vegetables come from can keep top soil healthier and water supplies cleaner. Sustainable produce growers practice soil conservation by rotating crops and planting crop covers. Field packing helps maintain water tables, and drip irrigation conserves water. Smart sourcing supports these vital operations.

5. Increased Yields Hold Down Prices

The goal of every farming business is to maximize production. The goal of sustainability is to increase yields with minimum environmental impact. The industry’s ongoing investment in research and development advances techniques that accomplish both. The result brings quantity and quality to the table while holding down consumer prices.

6. It Make a Difference in Your Community

Responsible sourcing is good for the local economy. Large and small growers tap surrounding communities for their workforce. Many contribute to area food banks on a regular basis. You help make it happen with a commitment to sourcing from sustainable produce operations.

7. You Enjoy Long-Term Peace of Mind

It only takes a little time to identify produce companies in your area that practice sustainability. Your decision to source veggies from these growers has a long-term impact on our environment. That simple choice puts fresh, nutritious food on the table today and ensures its availability and affordability for generations to come.

Keeping the Industry Healthy

Green living is all about lifestyle choices that work for both you and the environment. Responsible produce growers share your commitment to doing the very best for our planet. Eco-friendly operations help keep the industry healthy and maintain the viability of sustainable sources for fresh produce.

As you make daily decisions that make a positive difference, you stand shoulder to shoulder with so many others who share your strong sense of responsibility. Know that large and small produce companies are doing their part too. They appreciate your support for businesses across the country that join you in caring about our environment and shaping our future.

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