13 Things That You Can Do Right Now to Live a More Environmentally Friendly Life

If you want to observe something from a distance, you will probably have to buy a pair of binoculars. However, in some areas of the globe, you will not be able to see very far. ‘But Vortex is not a cheap brand’, you might say, ‘why can’t I see clearly?’. Well, it is because of pollution. Here are some tips on how you can reduce pollution and help the environment right away.

1. Replace your grocery plastic bag with one made of fabric

Whether you are a person who collects all their grocery bags and reuses them or not, a better choice is to stop buying them and purchase instead some bags made of fabric. This way you will be able to reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the ocean and also reduce the harmful chemicals released during production.

2. Replace your liquid soap with a soap bar

We know that it is very comfortable to use liquid soap. However, if you think that you use 2 bottles of soap a month, that means 24 bottles a year. If you add your shampoo bottles and cosmetic containers, you will be able to acknowledge how much plastic you use in a year. Now, multiply that by 7 billion people.

3. Use a refillable water bottle

Bottled water production is a source of pollution that can be very easily combated by drinking tap water which, in most states, is very healthy compared to bottled water. If you decide to use a plastic bottle that you already have, that’s fine. If not, a stainless steel bottle is great because it is durable. Bottles made of glass are also a good choice.

4. Walk more

If you are used to driving your car as a means of transportation even for short distances, a way to improve the quality of our environment is to walk the short distances that you have to travel. This will reduce pollution levels and will also increase your health levels.

5. Stop going to the supermarket and use technology instead

If you consider that you have to drive your car to the supermarket every time you need to buy groceries and supplies for your home, you might want to rethink your trips. Ordering what you need online is a better way to deal with the problem because it reduces pollution by reducing the number of cars that people use.

6. Rethink light

During the day, a great way to help our environment is to rely mostly on natural light, which means that if you open your blinds and not use artificial light you will be able to reduce pollution. Pretty cool, right? Also, a great way to do that is to turn off the light when you are not using a room during the night. The same goes for TVs, computers, and radios.

7. Buy more plants

You can increase the quality of the air in urban areas by buying more plants and placing them indoors. This is a great practice for your home but also for your office space. You can look up the plants that improve air quality, NASA made a great list that anybody can use to improve their air quality.

8. Ditch junk mail

We are used to receiving junk e-mail, but we do not pay that much attention to the actual junk mail that comes in the form of paper. If you notice that in your mailbox, you should email the companies that send it to you and unsubscribe. This is a great way to reduce paper waste and save trees.

9. Reduce the time you spend under the shower

Water is a really big problem when it comes to the environment. Well, not water, but the lack of it. This is why it is very important that we reduce our water consumption because we waste a lot of water by not turning it off when we don’t need it. You can clean your body quickly if you think about it, and you don’t really need to spend an hour under the shower to be clean.

10. Buy sustainable clothing

The fashion industry is one of the industries that generate a great amount of environmental damage. This happens because of the polluting substances it emits, due to the amount of water it uses, but also due to the synthetic fabrics, it produces which are not biodegradable. A great way to start is to buy less and only buy garments made of natural fabrics.

11. Only run the dishwasher when it is full

You can apply a lot of strategies that involve the reduction of water waste and one of them is to only use your dishwasher when it is full. This will reduce the amount of water you consume by reducing the number of times that you use it, but it will also save energy.

12. Use a steamer for cleaning

Instead of using harsh chemicals that hurt the environment to clean your home, a great way is to use a steamer that can literally clean everything. These chemicals are usually packed in plastic containers, so ditching them will reduce plastic production. Furthermore, you can also steam your garments to refresh them. This will reduce water waste and will also make them long-lasting.

13. Eat less beef

As you probably know, cattle gas has a really harmful impact on the environment, and the more beef you eat the more cattle are raised. By reducing beef consumption you will be able to influence the industry and keep a healthy ozone layer.

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