Tesla Starts the Installation of Solar Roofs in California

A number of reports from customers on the Twitter platform indicate Tesla Solar Roof installations are beginning to spread, this is even as both Tesla and non-Tesla customers and employees alike who do not have a Tesla getting access to roofs that have the Solar roofing tiles from Tesla.

Without a doubt, the installations are quite a sight to behold; this is because they indicate that the product is quite real and also that Tesla appears to be assessing the market with the new product with different people close to its factory located in Fremont California. In addition to this, it is quite an interesting prospect owing to the fact that it gives everyone the opportunity to behold the all new process of installation as well as the product.

Solar Legos

Just as the case is with the model 3 launch, the company appears to be selecting less complex configurations for the initial installations of its Roofing tiles (Solar) so as to hasten up the work, having come up with a totally new product which is a hybrid of solar and hybrid, it is quite an exciting sight to behold Tesla rolling out one of its many innovations to the real world for the very first time. Much more than this, it is quite a unique sight viewing the excitement of people as regards solar all thanks to Tesla.

Created on a Solid Foundation

Tesla’s solar legos come with a mind-boggling lifetime warranty that ensures their physical integrity for the life of the home or infinity, whichever comes first (in typical Tesla fashion). To this end, the first installations reveal the underlayment that Tesla is mounting under the panels that give them the confidence that the roof will indeed stand up to decades or even centuries of wear and tear.

Photos from the new installations show that Tesla’s installers put down a foundation containing water barriers with a view to preventing the water from gaining access topped using a certain new wooden structure with a view to making the water barrier firm while also presenting a place for the solar roofing tiles blocks a location to be mounted. Its Titanium PSU 30 foundation comes along with a lifetime warranty which is limited by its own gives a solid rubberized asphalt protection from all forms of liquid intrusion.

The Tesla Powerwall effect

Every single one of the Solar roof tiles come along with the Powerwall residential energy storage product of Tesla, with a certain house coming with 3 out of the 14KWh units. This is certainly more than enough for the mean American house to go on energy without the grid for about half a week without having to make use of the energy which is produced using solar panels or the changing habits.

A certain customer made a statement that the installers from Tesla were quite amazing to function with and also that the Solar roofing products were faster in terms of availability when compared with the Model 3. That is definitely not a surprise considering the just how much additional difficulty comes with setting up a totally new battery plant, vehicle manufacturing lines as well as chains of supply etc. in comparison with trailing an all-new model of the solar collector at a limited number of installations. With that already said the solar roofing tiles of Tesla do appear to offer a reasonable value to the client with just a little visual footprint. A number of people may even be of the opinion that the solar roof tiles are an Improvement over the traditional roofing types.

Some tweets such as this show just how pleased customers appear to be @Tesla solar roof tiles up, the Tesla crew is indeed a unique team to work with. We put in the order for this model earlier than the model 3s and got these ones earlier. one tweeter user indicated that the Solar roof was as awesome as he had hope, in his words “hoping @PGE4Me permits us to switch it on soonest.

The completed product

The houses which are getting the Solar Roof Tiles of Tesla are indeed making the way smooth for the projected production of Telsa’s initial two roofing tile options. The creation of both the fourth and third roofing tile styles does come sometime later. In addition to this, the slate and Tuscan tiles of Tesla make available a look which is quite alike the normal roofing materials while the glass tiles of Tesla make available a more advanced and sleeker look than what was obtainable with the traditional roofing materials- and will certainly become a normal fixture in both post-modern and modern houses in the times to come.

The customers were quite eager to relate their experiences with the products. The Smartphone app of Tesla permits the users to have access to the production of energy, as well as the flow of energy from the diverse sources as well as units of consumption. For those who own a Tesla car, roof tiles and Powerwall, the energy flow from these units is clearly displayed. The solar roof of Tesla is certainly up and running and the present output is about 5.0kw on a late morning according to a Twitter user. Pic.twitter.com/FMWhpIHgJ2.

Future projections

Without a doubt, the early installations are bound to be on the increase; however, they do not really amount to much of a physical evidence for now. In the weeks to come, Tesla will come out with the release of its first-quarter results which will certainly have a more data-based outlook at the energy business of Tesla which includes Powerwalls, Powerpacks as well as Solar Roof Tiles.

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