Steps Reduce Global Warming

Global warming issue has been discussed for many years. Most of the scientists consider it real and growing threat for human being and climate. Since the governments are doing nothing, it has to see that, what can individual citizens or citizens’ organizations can do for reducing global warming?

Sure, as an individual you can do many things in your home for reducing global warming. In this connection first you need to focus the areas, which are the biggest source of global warming. The first thing is definitely gasses that come from your home cooling, electricity and heating appliances, if you pay a little attention in their usage , you will be playing big role in reducing global warming. Let’s see how?

1. Use Fluorescent Light Bulbs: You should immediately change incandescent light bulbs and use fluorescent light bulbs, because these fluorescent bulbs consume only 25 % energy comparable incandescent bulbs.

2. Switch Off Electric Appliances: When electric appliances are not in your use, then plug them off, because they use some energy even in off position.

3. Change Your Monitor with LCD: Try to get LCD instead of a monitor, because LCD takes about 56 percent energy than your monitor. Always keep your computer screen status off, when you are not working.

4. Don’t Leave Fridge’s door open for a Long Time: You take or put things in your Fridge quickly, because if you keep open your fridge door for a minute, then its motor will remain operative for more than a half hour.

5. Uses of Solar Energy: You should convert your heating system to the solar energy, in this way you can save electricity, money and your environment from global warming.

6. Use Electric or Hybrid Car: You consider purchasing a hybrid or electric car, in place of gasoline car. Gasoline car covers 20 to 30 miles per gallon, whereas hybrid or eclectic gives you 130 to 140 mg.

7. Plant Trees At Home: If you have placed at the front or back side of your home, trees shading, can make your home cold during summer. Since trees absorb carbon dioxide, so reduce the carbon dioxide in your surroundings.

8. Save Clean Water : You should not waste clean water, because clean water has become less, experts see the water crisis in the future. We need more energy for the processing of clean water.

9. Avoid Lighting at Day Time : The sun provides you light dawn to dusk; if you design your home with good planning you can save electricity cost.

10. Make High Roofs: When you build your home, construct it with high ceiling, because it reduces the heat. Ceramic or soil material made roofs to comfort the temperature of the room.

11. Get Your House Insulated: Your house must be properly insulated, use insulation in the lower floor, ceiling, over crawl spaces and walls.

12. Reduce Trash At Home: You should reduce trash that gets produced in your house . You can achieve this goal by using recycled products and avoiding unnecessary garbage items.

13. Reduce the Usage of Hot Water: You should try better to reduce the usage of hot water, install low-flow shower-heads in your bathroom; you will avoid contributing 350 pounds carbon dioxide yearly.

14. Grow your Own Foods: Fresh vegetable is better than you buy from the grocery store. They will save you expense on gas & time.

So, reduce global warming with these steps and make your economy, health and environment better.

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