Countries all over the world have decided to have solar power plants installed. People all over the world have become more conscious about saving the environment and this led them to understand the importance and usefulness of solar energy and its financial feasibility. There are many different kinds of solar power plants which can be installed. It is possible to make use of solar power plants in an active and passive manner.

A solar power plant is used in an active manner when the energy from the sun is converted directly into a useable form which can be used for powering all kinds of appliances that are present in the house on a normal basis. Passive use of solar energy takes place when houses and buildings have been created in such a manner that they get the maximum exposure to the rays of the sun.

There are many different kinds of solar power plants which are constructed all over the world. They include the photovoltaic solar energy plantsolar thermal energy plant and concentrating power plant.

1. Photovoltaic solar energy plant – This is the appropriate substitute for the usual electrical energy which is used in houses for powering electrical appliances. Photovoltaic cells will capture the energy which is generated from the sun and get it converted into electricity. The process of energy conversion is clean and simple and it does not involve injecting any kind of smoke or harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. A lot of companies have decided to have grids containing photovoltaic cells installed on their premises so that they can derive the maximum amount of energy from them and also reduce their dependence on the traditional forms of electrical energy.

2. Solar Thermal energy plant – A solar thermal energy plant will be used for creating solar generated heaters which can be used for heating water and also as an indoor heating system.Thermal cells will be used to capture the energy which has been generated by the sun and then convert it into heat energy.


It is also possible to make use of this energy for cooking purposes and also for drying clothes. Low temperatures can be used for heating water as well as swimming pools. Medium heat is used for heating up the inside of homes as well as office buildings. High temperatures will help in generating the electricity which is needed for everyday uses in homes and offices.

3. Concentrating power plant – The method of functioning of these solar power plants is similar to that of the photovoltaic solar energy plants. The extra addition in these concentrating power plants is that they make use of mirrors and lenses in order to capture energy from the rays of the sun. The light from the sun will be directed towards the photovoltaic cells and they will be converted into heat energy. Usually very big companies make use of these concentrating power plants for utilizing solar energy.

The presence of solar power plants in many parts of the world has made it possible for the energy from the sun to be utilized in the right manner. They help in reducing the consumption of electricity to a large extent.

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