Solar Energy Orientation

Solar energy is one of the best forms of energy which should be used by people all over the world. This solar energy is directly derived from the sun. Solar energy is a resource which is not likely to depreciate as long as the sun continues to shine and illuminate the surface of the earth. The environment is not harmed when solar energy is utilized.

The best method of utilizing the solar energy in the atmosphere is by making use of a solar power panel. The installation of a solar power panel can be done at homes and offices in order to empower all the appliances which require electrical energy. The cost of using this solar energy is much less when compared to the cost of the actual electrical energy.

A solar power system installed in any home or office consists of a set of solar power panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, wiring and support structure. It is possible to get a solar power panel in a specific color of your choice. The total solar power system is provided with a warranty of five years while the guarantee of the solar power panel is for twenty years. The excess solar energy which is generated with a solar power panel can be stored in batteries and it will be insulated, absorbed, reflected and transferred.

A solar power system of 1 KW capacity will contain 10-12 solar power panels and the surface area occupied by it will be 100 square feet. The process of setting up a 1 KW capacity solar power system will require a maximum of two days or 48 hours. The cost of installation for such a solar power system will be $10000. The cost will also be dependent on the company which is providing the solar power system.


The power of the battery will help in providing electrical energy through the solar power panel throughout the day as well as night even during inclement weather. This assurance is essential for people who feel that it is not possible to make use of these solar power panels in weather conditions where constant sunshine is not available and exposure to the sun is limited. The electric oven is the device which consumes the maximum amount of electricity in a house. The air conditioning systems and the microwave oven are the second largest consumers of electricity in the house.

The energy generated by the sun has more strength when compared to the total amount of electricity used by people within one year. Energy generated from these solar power panels is extremely useful for people who are unable to gain access to the usual supply of electricity.

This is the main reason for the huge demand for solar energy. It is possible to make use of the solar energy generated from the solar power panels inside the house as well as outside the house. Basic tasks like cooking can also be done by making use of energy generated from the solar power panels. The biggest advantage of solar energy is that it is extremely environment friendly.

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