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Numerous energy saver devotees are planning interesting ways of manufacturing their own energy. One very famous trend is via the DIY, or Do It Yourself, solar electricity kits. These have gained immense popularity due to their ease of installation and versatility. They possess the capability to generate electricity for almost the entire housing needs. Being a 100% renewable energy resource, these solar electricity kits are powered by sun and strictly aid in protecting the environment too. Below are mentioned three steps that are required to be executed in order to install a solar power kit yourself:

Apart from heating water, these panels can even be deployed for running other appliances compatible with the operability. Such hot water solar panels are simply an effective means of lowering down on your electricity bills even if the pool, in which you are deploying it for usage, is a residential one. Its methodology of operation involves execution of the following steps in an ordered manner:

Step I: – Installation of a solar power kit is quite similar to assembling a computer with its devices. Power panels, being the easiest to install, are the first ones to be deployed. Next, connect the solar cells, which have been set up already in the combined circuit, in to the panel via the help of a soldering gun. Once the cells are connected to the board, you simply have to connect the board with the base platform for that additional support. This platform is then fastened on to the roof.

Step II: – There are certain specifications that need to be acquired by you while setting up your own solar electricity kits at home. Presence of batteries, inverters and silicon PV modules which require approximately 32 watts of power are a must. Finally manage the wiring and you are done.

Step III: – After assembling the panel, you need to attach them to your roof in such a manner that they are directly exposed towards sunlight. Finally the inverter comes in to the picture that converts the current that is generated by these solar electricity kits from Ac to DC power. This unit is usually installed either in your garage or your basement so that monitoring of the amount of power produced as well as consumed can very well be managed indoors.


This whole process of installing a solar power kit at your home would take something from about 10 to 12 hours only. Coming to the types of these solar electricity kits, basically the below mentioned two types can be generated:

1. The first type of this solar power kit includes one that literally converts solar energy in to heat. This heat is then deployed for usage in heating up water via the pipes which carry them. This whole process is termed as passive thermal heating.

2. The second type of solar electricity kits involves generating energy from the sunlight. These utilize photovoltaic cells for producing electricity. When sunlight is made to fall on these cells, DC or Direct Current electricity is produced. This kit is further sub-categorized in to:

  1. Stand-alone kit: – These kits take care of any sort of electric needs of your housing and don’t even require a grid for their operation.
  2. Hybrid kit: – These kits operate by connecting their solar panels with the power grids and hence, aid in generating more amount of electricity than is actually required.

Both the above mentioned kits are available in two basic forms namely – professionally installed and Do-It-Yourself. You can select either one depending on your need, cost and requirement.

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