Organic Gardening, it’s Benefits and Formation

Organic gardening is all about gardening without using artificial or synthetic pesticides or insecticides or fertilizers. The basic aim of the gardener is to give to the nature what he derives from the nature. The gardener believes in working with the nature with full cooperation from the soil, water supply, and the people around the garden.

The gardener works with the nature, for the nature and within the nature, respecting every element of the nature during organic gardening. The main objective in case of organic gardening offers to replenish to the nature whatever the nature takes in constantly.

There are a few objects in organic gardening which are to be considered as important. First being the soil and its nutrition from organic sources. The gardener has to provide attention to minute details to maintain and take care of the soil.

It is important to add organic components to the soil on a regular basis. It is simple to do. The gardener just has to look around in the nature in his lawns, garden and kitchen. The grass strips, decayed wastes from plants and trees, kitchen waste materials, dead plant parts can very well serve as raw ingredients for the organic compost needed in the garden. Add this organic element to your soil to get the best of results.

The other very crucial component to take special care for in the organic garden is the plants and trees that will be harvested there. It is suggested to sow those seeds or plant those saplings which are well suited to your climate and soil type. This will save your time as you do not have to put excess attention to their growth and also because the nature itself will help them grow in a healthy way.

Fruits and vegetables derived from organic gardening is said to have better taste and it has higher levels of nutrients and vitamins. These nutrients can help you to combat the early signs of cancer. The best factor being organic food stops your chance of consuming harmful elements in the form of pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormone inducers; since organic gardening does not use chemicals for harvesting. It is one of the best ways to stay active, fit and healthy.

Benefits of Organic Gardening

Organic farming is a type of exercise that eliminates the risk of old age diabetes, heart attacks, etc and also offers you the best opportunity to stay close to nature and revitalize you totally from within. It is also a cost effective way to do farming in your own space.  Organic farming helps to conserve water as there are no chemicals used; nitrogen leaching can be effectively avoided. It makes the soil healthy and nutrient rich, offering good quality products and serves the  standards of the country. Also non food products like cotton can be grown successfully in organic gardening.

Organic gardening has two main benefits:

Firstly, it allows you and your family to reduce the consumption of pesticides in your daily food intake. With the perfect intake of fruits and vegetables, it decreases the amount of toxic chemicals that we intake in our day today life.

Secondly, it helps you to contribute your part in saving the environment from toxic chemicals. Organic gardening means that you won’t be using various insecticides and fertilizers available in market to bolster plant health. Instead, you would be using various other tools to maintain plants health and prevent pests from spreading.

How to Start an Organic Gardening in Easy Steps?

There are a few easy and convenient steps which can help you to start your own organic gardening.

First, check the soil that you would be using for organic gardening. Good and healthy soil will not only keep your plants healthy but also nourish you with various nutrients. You can buy a home testing kit and get the soil tested as per your own convenience. Else, you can send a sample of soil to local agricultural extension office ton get it tested.

Secondly plan your garden, plan what seeds and saplings you want to plant. For this, enrich your soil and find out which plants suit your soil type. Choose plants that can well adjust to the climate, soil, moisture and light. Try to buy seedlings, that can be grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. This will help you to purely organic food free from various toxic chemicals.

Thirdly, prepare the organic compost and manure for organic gardening by collecting and dumping the organic wastes from your garden and kitchen. It will help the environment by reducing landfills and secondly it’s free. It won’t cost you anything.

Next, plan your daily watering system, based on the climate and the season of the year. It is better to water the plants in morning instead at night as winds blow slowly at morning and the chance of evaporation is reduced up to great extent. Also, try to water the roots rather than the plants.

Next buy some organic fertilizers, since all plants do not require fertilizers; beneficial insects can also be helpful in organic gardening. Now you need to buy some tools and equipment like spades, gloves, water sprinklers, etc. you can also manage to borrow these tools for organic gardening.


Next start buying seeds or you can use from the vegetables or fruits already you have and start planting them as per your plan and when the garden is ready.

Next, start the process of weeding. It is the most simplest form of exercise. You can take the help of your kids, if you have or call children from your neighborhood to help you in this.

Next you can prepare mulch for your garden using grass clippings, wood chips, straws, etc. It is very important to prepare a proper shade for your garden and also arrange for ways to expose the plants to adequate sunlight.

Finally when everything is in place, it is time to take care and maintain the special garden every single day. It is your turn to prune some plants, inspect the advent of insects or rodents, and effectively remove growth of weeds from your garden. I like using some of the tools to help make the day-to-day gardening easier. It is crucial to maintain your spirit for organic gardening to produce fresh and nutrient-rich produces. Be happy and keep farming!

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