New Clean Diesel Cars Emit Dangerous Gases, Study Shows

The new analysis conducted shows that; as at 2015, the latest models of cars; which uses diesel as their source of chemical energy, since the endorsement of Volkswagen also known as “dieselgate” are surpassing the limits of nitrogen oxides (NOx) assigned or set by the Europe Union.

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) conducted a cumbersome but outstanding emissions test which was carried out using remote-sensing and statistical analysis to ascertain and measure the realistic and factual emissions from the exhaust of over 700,000 and 4,850 cars and vehicles respectively and of varying models of the cars and vehicles across the continent of Europe.

The Financial Times quoted that; as said by the ICCT based in the U.S that the results obtained were an exact affirmation of the greatest fear envisaged about cars that work using diesel otherwise stated as diesel cars.

From the basic research, the most recent standard of emissions for diesel were far greater than or more than the emissions limits of Euro 6 diesel NOx as measured in a more realistic world driving.

The researchers found the following facts about Euro 6 cars;

  • The entire Euro 6 diesel model which were rated were more than the emission limits of Euro 6 diesel NOx as measured in a more realistic world driving.
  • The lowest-emitting diesel species of NOx emissions is roughly the same as the emissions produced from the highest-emitting petrol Euro 6 vehicle species.
  • Productions from four different manufacturing groups had the average of their emissions 12 times more than the approval of Euro 6 diesel type limit whereas the vehicle species which emits the most has their emissions 18 times above the limit.

A new rating system called The Real Urban Emissions Initiative (TRUE) was used in the compilation of the database used for the rating of the several emissions and it was represented that: the Euro 3,4 and 5 types of diesel were in an extreme region. On the other hand, the gasoline-fueled vehicles were much better represented. Also, almost all Euro 3-5 petroleum vehicles had an average rating, at least to some extent, it was good. Lastly, the entire Euro 6 petrol cars had a very good and convenient rating.

Automobiles, trucks and different non-road vehicles produce NOx which is the major pollutant to the atmosphere and they are detrimental to humans and the environment at large. 38,000 sudden deaths caused by NOx exhaust gases have occurred worldwide. It is worthy of note that 1,100 of such deaths were recorded in the U.S as stated by research from the University of Colorado Boulder.

The European Union has a specific baseline limit for nitrogen oxides per kilometer which is 0.08mph but as noted by the Guardian, the analysis carried out by the Real Urban Emission Initiative (TRUE) shows that the models of diesel released as at 2016 were still five times greater than the limit on an average level.

Peter Mock, the managing director of International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), told the Financial Times that it can be absolutely concluded that most of all Euro 6 types of diesel available in the market are not in any way clean.

Greg Archer who is a member of the campaign group Transport & Environment, which is a sub set of the Real Urban Emission Initiative (TRUE) in his own opinion also told the Guardian that as seen in the true rating, in what he captioned as :”the true legacy of dieselgate” stated that several millions of unclean and dirty diesel that are available on the roads produces a toxic particulate gases that humans breathe in on a daily basis and he also said that quick decisions and regulations must be made to eradicate such messes from the atmosphere and to clean up the effects of such pollutants.

On the contrary, The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association which is a body that represents 15 major car, van, bus and van manufacturers based in Europe stated that the study and the research were deceptive and this statement was generally believed to be spoken based on their selfish reasons.

They argued the fact that the study was conducted and conclusions were made based on the results of the remote sensing carried out between 2011 and 2017 and therefore the result does not contain the analysis of the on-road activity of the most recently produced diesel vehicles which was in the consent of the standards of the Euro 6 standard since September 2017, therefore, stating that the outcome of the study was obsolete and should not be followed or consulted.

The Secretary-General of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association; Erik Jonnaert stated that the recent study of The Real Urban Emission Initiative (TRUE) was deceptive to the consumers. There will be great disappointment amongst the European Union, EU policymakers because there is no avowal of the fact that the Euro 6 cars are acquiescing with the recent RDE legislation.

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