12 Nature-Friendly Hacks That Will Change The Way You Wrap Gifts

Whenever the word Christmas comes in our mind, I can bet that all of us visualize gifts we buy for our beloved ones. Now when we are determined to go green then what about wrapping gifts. This year even Santa would like to wrap the gifts with something innovative yet not wasteful. Try wrapping your gift with something other than usually non-recyclable shiny colored wrapping paper. Here are some ideas to give your gifts wrapping a green touch.

1. Old Newspaper

An item which is available in everybody’s place and becomes old in a single day is a newspaper. Draw something on it, spread colors, make a handprint, make bows and your gift will get a new appearance with the personal touch. You can use the pages of comics, sports, and of course do not forget colorful pages of advertisements. Being creative will do the rest.

2. Variety of Papers

You can use other types of papers that are easier to recycle like parchment paper, brown paper, craft paper, wax paper, and old envelopes. All that is needed is to think differently. Paper bags are a good idea as well.

3. Old Magazine

It is probably the smart use of beautiful glossy papers of old magazines. The best use out of waste and yet gives a vibrant look to all your gifts. Pics of maps, animals, places of scenic beauty, etc. if applied with creativity can do wonders.

4. Children’s Painting

Your child tends to draw every time, and there is a pile of drawing copies. You can use them wisely. Try some of your children’s painting as the wrapper and make your kids feel proud.

5. The Packet of Chips

EcoCult shared this ingenious idea. Flip the shiny silver inside part of the chips packet and clean with water to remove salt residue. Now, your shiny silver wrapper is ready.

6. Old Maps and Calendars

Do you have old atlas from your school days that you gave a last look before leaving school? What about the calendars with beautiful images and glossy paper quality you set aside the end of each year? Wrap gifts with old maps and calendars. It gives the gift a vintage as well as stunning glossy look. Hang a tag from it with your note. People will admire your wrapping sense.

7. Fabric

Fabric comes with lot many options. Wrap with handkerchiefs, scarves, large napkins, tea towels, and all of these serve as a bonus utility gift. You can make cloth bags also to carry gifts. You can wrap with furoshiki-practices if you have a little longer cloth. The wrapping looks fabulous.

8. Containers of Household

Wrapping is not the only option to make your gift a surprise. You get containers of various sizes and colors with almost every grocery or food items. Use tins, jars, or a pouch that is reusable for hiding your gifts. You can paint on the clear jars or decorate with colored tapes or tie the ribbons on the containers and put your gifts inside them. It looks great!

9. Old Imitation Jewelry

Wrapping becomes gorgeous using pieces of your old jewelry that you are not going to use any more. Stick shiny bids, necklace, and pendant, decorative brooches on the wrapping of paper or cloth and make it extraordinary.

10. Boxes and Dust Bags

You buy shoes or online products and throw the boxes. Till now there was no reason for keeping them occupying places in the house. Please keep the box next time.  These boxes make a fantastic carrier for Christmas gifts. Dust bags used as gift holders are also reusable. Give a personal touch to everything with paint, ribbons, twine you used the second time for wrapping your gifts and your smart, eco-friendly ideas will win the appreciation of others apart from the gift.

11. Baskets

Baskets are cheap and highly practical to carry gifts. Put your gift in a basket of appropriate size, and there is no doubt that recipient will use it again and again.

12. Clay Containers and Flower Pots

There cannot be a better sustainable earth friendly idea (via Inhabitat) than this. You can decorate the pots and place the gifts inside or leave it as it is. The clay pot with its natural look will make the recipient understand the purpose and will also inspire.

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