4 Methods to Cut Fuel Spending [Infographic]

Nobody likes to feel as though they are spending too much money for something, especially if it’s something they have to buy. Fuel is one of the biggest costs for any vehicle owner or fleet operator and it can often be ones the biggest ownership costs. The prices in the fuel market are always fluctuating which means as an owner or fleet manager, you’re always at risk of sudden price hikes and increased overheads. This makes the financial side of vehicle management difficult and can make managing a budget tricky.

Despite the uncertainty of fuel prices, there are a number of strategies you can implement to reduce overall fuel costs and increase the financial efficiency of your vehicle or fleet. On average, 30% of a fleet’s running cost is taken up by fuel. This is a large proportion of your overheads so careful management could yield substantial cost savings.

Try the tips mentioned in below infographic to reduce the amount of money you are spending on fuel.

fuel saving tips infographic US
Credit: Chevinfleet
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