20+ Magnificent Reasons to Build Earthship Right Now

Pioneered by Architect Michael Reynolds, Earthships are sustainable homes because they encourage easy living, and above all, they are cost-effectiveness to construct. Their sustainability is attributed to the fact that they utilize readily available natural materials as well as reusing resources that would otherwise harm the environment. The design and architecture of an Earthship are equally oriented towards environmental sustainability by optimizing the use of natural resources such as solar energy and the harvesting of rainwater.

Besides, the presence of both solar energy and rainwater supports the production of food which can be grown in the shelter. These are just a few of the many benefits of Earthships as there are a myriad of reasons individuals should build an Earthship home. This article thus seeks to unveil the 20+ magnificent reasons it is essential in this time and age to build an Earthship shelter.

20+ Magnificent Reasons to Build Earthship Today

1. They are easily sustainable. Earthships are very sustainable as they require less and provide a lot. For instance, it is easy to harvest natural water from rain and snowmelt. Moreover, the house supports the growing of food, which means one gets to eat healthily and cuts back on food expenses. The availability of water ensures the crops have a constant supply of water for growth, and there is also warmth in and out of season sustained by the solar energy conserved in the house.

2. Presence of free food. One of the most rewarding advantages of an Earthship is that it is very conducive to crop production. The construction design allowing for the utilization of solar and water harvesting guarantees there is adequate warmth and water for the growth of crops.

An individual residing in an Earthship, therefore, has the capability of producing its own food, which translates into saving on food budgets. For this reason, the more care and attention taken by the owner, the greater the success of crop production.

3. There is an efficient way of recycling water. Through the effective water harvesting techniques of an Earthship from rain or melting of snow, the structures offer an efficient way of recycling water. The water is tapped through the help of gutters set up all around the house and collected in a cistern. The water is pumped to the showers and sinks for ordinary chores and cooking activities. The wastewater recovered is used in a greenhouse for the purpose of watering the plants therein.

4. Presence of warmth in the shelter. Earthships are designed with a lining of thermal mass conduction, which promotes the absorption of heat from the atmosphere while preventing it from escaping. The heat is therefore regulated, which ensures the shelter is warm even in winter. Apart from the thermal lining, the Earthship has large glass windows facing the sun that facilities the entry of heat into the shelter.

5. Presence of sufficient energy. Earthships are built to encourage the tapping of solar energy through the use of solar panels. Given that it is a self-sustainable shelter, the installation of the solar panels is part of its essentiality. Consequently, there is adequate energy realized in the shelter. An individual who is a cautious user of energy in the house will find the energy sufficient and will see no need to install electricity.

6. Total power autonomy. The design of Earthships allows you to survive without the power grid or it can be tied in, depending upon your needs. They are designed to produce their own electricity by using solar power and/or wind power.

The energy is collected and then stored in giant batteries, which in turn routes electricity into your home. In an Earthship with the right design, you can have all the comforts of a modern home.

7. Heating or cooling systems hardly require. Our planet is capable of delivering temperature stability without any pipes or wires. The sun is basically a nuclear power plant, and the planet is a thermally stabilizing mass. The materials used to build Earthships take advantage of the natural properties of the earth to maintain comfortable temperatures in nearly all climates. The design of Earthship can be adjusted depending upon the climate in your region, to accommodate heating and cooling needs naturally.

8. Sustainable living, not primitive. Earthships represent a very sophisticated version of off-grid living; The functioning bathrooms with toilets and hot showers, a normal-looking kitchen, doors and windows are as you’d expect in an ordinary house. It is named Earthship because it is an independent ‘vessel’ that provides for your needs without being connected to the grid for water and electricity, so to live comfortably within it, you need to be able to live within the limitations of that it can provide.

For example, in winter in the UK, you’d have plenty of water, but perhaps not so much electricity if the weather is cold, dull and still for days.This can hamper energy generation and restrict the amount of energy available. It’s about adapting to live with those restrictions, which we are not used to. Though it’s hard, it’s possible.

9. Housing Simplified. The way we live now, we’re disconnected from the basic systems that keep us alive. We are used to pay for things like heat, water, and sewage. We never thought that our basic resources could be free! We’ve always had access to them but haven’t been using the right systems. Most of us are reliant on man-made systems like plumbing, heating, and electricity, to meet what we need to survive. Instead, this is about harnessing a wave of regenerative living that’s opening up possibilities around the globe!

10. There is a feeling of freedom. Work is a necessity for people to get finances for food, clothing, shelter and other needs. It is for this reason that globally, people work on a daily basis to put food on their table, have a place to call home, and have clothing. However, with this structure, there is recycling of water and growing crops, which means less incentive to put much effort into working. It is through this rewarding outcome of the structure that gives one a chance of freedom to enjoy his/her hobbies as well as activities that are fulfilling.


11. It is easy to build. The design of the structure is very easy to comprehend and put up. It does not necessarily require the advice or supervision of a house contractor. Minimal knowledge is required to construct an Earthship. Besides, most of the Earthships are single-story, making it even easier to build. Also, the construction does not require the use of heavy machinery but the output of an individual seeking to have the shelter.

12. It is cheap to build or buy. Earthships have a considerably low price when compared to other modern houses. The reason for this is that there is less use of expensive materials in construction. A basic Earthship requires readily available materials for its construction, making it cheaper than others.

Nevertheless, they differ in prices depending on the level of décor in the house as well as other factors such as available rooms, architectural design and space. As a consequence of this, both the wealthy and the less privileged can have such shelters with different designs on the basis of preference.

13. It makes use of recyclable materials. Because of this, Earthships aid in environmental conservation. For instance, most landfills are full of waste that requires proper disposal. With Earthships, some of the materials found in landfills ranging from car tires, plastic, glass bottles to cans can be utilized in construction. The materials only require reinforcement with concrete.

14. Solution to waste problem. Earthships are built with glass bottles, plastic bottles, car tyres, old beer cans, and whatever else one could put to use, along with plenty of concrete. The question arises whether the buried car tyres create any off-gassing. However, this was not the case. The tyres are sealed inside the walls, and they don’t leach enough substances that need to be worried about. It certainly puts to good use something which is a real waste problem.

15. Proper treatment of sewage. The design and construction of ordinary houses usually result in challenges, especially regarding the proper treatment of sewer waste. Earthships, on the other hand, enable the treatment of sewage on-site as it is part of its design. Wastewater from sinks is taken to the greenhouses or gardens for cleaning and watering the plants. The water is then piped to the toilets for use and later drained to the ground for crop growth.

16. Initiates a difference in thinking. Through the use of sustainable housing, which is not only easy to build but also cheap, there is an influence regarding new strategies in environmental conservation. For example, the initiative has brought about the resourceful use or recycling of waste that is often regarded as useless.

It also conserves the water available and utilizes natural heat to keep the house warm. It is thus mind-blowing to the point that people are now opting to go this way and to use their time to discover more on how best to preserve the environment.

17. It is possible to build as per individual preference. Most of the conventional houses have already been built and are rented out or purchased with a set of preferences as pictured by the contractor. In this case, however, there is a chance to build a home that suits your preference. What comes into mind when you hear of an Earthship is that it is a “stupid house.” If you do your homework, however, you’ll realize there are numerous beautifully built Earthships. This is possible since the design and modeling of the Earthship are up to the owner.

18. Little to no bills to cater for. Since Earthships main goal is self-sustainability, it is a huge plus. For starters, if you built the house, there is no chance of paying monthly rent rates. Also, through the use of solar energy self-installed in the house, there is no chance of paying electric bills and, if so, in minimal amounts. With free-flowing water, there is no need for water provided by the state that will subsequently bring about more bills.

19. Earthships can be built in almost all locations. The structures are easy to construct in any location with less difficulty. It can be built in the most adverse locations like the snow-laden areas, sandy areas, windy areas, forested areas and mountain tops. The possibility of this is attributed to the fact that there is a myriad of materials that can be used for the construction.

20. It is now possible to connect with nature and still be part of society. The world we live in today is characterized by a lot of modern technology, from phones to laptops to the internet. Therefore, if you are an individual seeking to opt-out from this kind of society without completely detaching yourself, an Earthship will provide such a company.

Presence of solar energy instead of electricity, the presence of food instead of going to the stores for groceries and much more. Moreover, one is able to venture into greenhouse production, which provides an adequate connection with nature.

21. Presence of an Earthship community. There exist other people globally who advocate for the evolution of Earthship houses. On this basis, if you are an individual seeking to build such a structure, you will have the support of other like-minded people who will provide physical support in not only construction but also revolutionary support as the globe moves towards initiatives that bring about less destruction of the environment.

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