Can I Leave My Lawnmower Outside in the Rain?

If you landscape or enjoy gardening, you probably have a lawnmower. These machines are incredibly efficient when it comes to snipping off the grass and keeping your lawn pretty and decked up. If you have a more advanced lawnmower it can also pick stuff like leaves, small branches, and twigs which you can later use as mulch for your beautiful flowers.

Lawnmowers are mostly sturdy and can withstand almost everything. But can you leave lawnmowers outside in the rain? Fortunately, you can, and in the following few sections, we will answer all your what’s and why’s about it.

Is it OK to Leave a Lawnmower in the Rain?

When you keep your lawnmower outside while it’s raining, the device will eventually start to rust. After a point of time, you will notice visible signs of corrosion on the deck of the lawnmower. Collectively, this will affect the blades, dulling them down.

The result? Now, every time you use your mower to chop up the grass, the cuts are uneven. To make things worse, rain can deposit in the engine of the mower rendering it inoperative.

So, this answer to this question is a vociferous NO, you cannot leave your lawnmower in the rain. In addition to the things, we mentioned earlier, here are a couple of other ways rain can affect your lawnmower:

  • When you leave the mower out when it’s raining, the spark plugs will come in contact with water. This means they won’t manage to supply power to the engine allowing you to start the mower. That is why it is crucial to monitor the plugs once in a while to ensure that they are operational.
  • As we already mentioned, when the mower is out in the rain the engine can easily trap rainwater which in turn will affect the balance of fuel and oxygen in the device’s combustion unit. Internally, the mower operates by burning a combination of gasoline along with oxygen. That means when water gets trapped in the engine it won’t allow you to propel the device because internally, it is already damaged.
  • Another obvious and common impact of rainwater on your lawnmower is dull blades that are susceptible to rusting. This usually happens when the mower is outside extensively. This extensive outdoor time causes it to develop pores along the deck. Over time, rust damages the entire mower by creating holes and making the metal of the device brittle.

What Should I Do if My Lawnmower Gets Wet?

In case your lawnmower is already drenched in the rain, you might want to save it by getting the ignition on for a while. This has been a successful method in several cases.

You can also physically remove the water in the mower’s engine if it’s out for a couple of days. But, even then, you can’t do anything about the rust that the device will develop.

Because rain can debilitate even the best lawnmowers, it is crucial to store the mower in a safe and dry space. Even though some individuals have to leave their lawnmowers in the rain because of location or space constraints, it is best to store them indoors.

Is It Okay To Keep a Lawnmower Outside Permanently?

Lawnmowers were primarily designed for outdoor operations. They are sturdy devices capable of weathering every type of wear and tear. But even then? Is it a good idea to leave your mower outside permanently?

The answer is a yes and no. Yes, you can leave your lawnmower outside for a couple of days considering the weather is not cold or wet. Even if it catches rain or snow for two or three days, the mower can be fixed. However, if you are planning to leave the mower out indefinitely, it wouldn’t be the best idea.

Ideally, you should never leave lawnmowers outdoors permanently. In case you have no other option and are planning to do that make sure you at least have a lawnmower cover so that it isn’t directly in contact with severe rain, hailstorms, and snow.

Even though some hardy characteristics are built into the design of a lawnmower, they are not intended to be left outdoors indefinitely in all weather extremes. Will your lawnmower be damaged if you forgot it outside for a day or two? Probably not, unless it was exposed rain, hail, or snow, but that does not mean your mower should live outdoors permanently.

Can I Store a Lawnmower in the Garage?

Yes, you can certainly store your lawnmower in the garage considering you follow either of the following solutions:

1. Pulley system

Whether you seldom use the mower or are planning for a simple storage option for the winter, a shelf-based pulley system can be a good idea. You will find plenty of videos explaining how to navigate this system. 

Note: While your instinct would be to place the mower vertically, we advise against it because it might cause the fuel to gradually dribble in the engine, rendering the latter inoperative.

2. Use every inch

While storing the mower in the garage, use every inch of the space. You can either stack it in an overhang or get it around a corner- whatever works best for you.

3. Ramps

This is yet another quick and simple DIY shelving unit that’ll help store your lawnmower in the garage conveniently. As a first step, create a low table and make sure the tabletop is your lawnmower’s platform. Next, get a ramp at a certain end of the mower. This way, you can get the device gliding without issues.

Can I Store a Lawnmower Under a Deck?

If your deck is raised and doesn’t trap water when it’s raining, you can certainly store the lawnmower in your deck. Luckily, the majority of modern decks are now raised to enable a portal for repair work.

In case you do not have a raised deck, just get a tiny tarp or any other lawnmower cover to put it on your mower before you shove it down the deck.

Is it Better to Mow the Lawn Before or After Rain?

When the sun reaches its peak, the moisture along the grass blades moves down the roots. This further protects the grass keeping it sturdy and solid. The best part: it helps you to mow the grass more effectively. It doesn’t matter when you are mowing, but ideally, you should start after your grass is fully dry from the previous rain.

What Happens When You Mow Wet Grass?

Wet grass is a terrible idea for both your lawnmower and your lawn. For your mower, it will end up clogging the blades which will slow down the device. Over time, it will be increasingly difficult for the engine to operate. That being said, some brands of high-end electric mowers can be used even when the grass is wet.

Can I Leave My Lawnmower Outside in the Winter?

No, it is not a good idea to leave your mower outdoors during the winter because the snow may end up damaging the various components of the mower, mainly, the engine. To figure out how to store your mower in good condition, check out our final section.

How to Keep Lawnmowers in Good Condition?

If you want to keep your lawnmower in good condition, you might want to follow the below guidelines:

1. Avoid direct sunlight

Ideally, you should store your lawnmower in a dry and covered space. In case you are storing it outdoors, try to keep it in a shed so that it doesn’t catch direct sunlight.

Even though the direct contact wouldn’t render the mower inoperative, the UV rays from the sun will damage the various plastic components of the device, making them brittle for weeks or months.

2. Avoid rain

As you probably guessed from the article, the rule of thumb is to not store your lawnmower in the rain. In case you are planning to store the device, choose an area that is dry and completely covered.

You might want to choose a lawnmower that is weather-resistant to avoid the issue, but even then, you will experience almost similar issues when the mower gets wet.

Things are even more extreme for electric mowers, and you can end up in an accident when attempting to plug them wet. With water, the various electrical parts of the motor might be damaged and after a time the motor might even fail. Even though gasoline motors are deemed safer, when water makes way, your mower cannot be saved.

That is why make sure your mower is stored in a dry and protective space regardless of the season. Get it out only when you need it and check the spark plugs, motor, engine, and other parts once in a while to make sure everything is working and in proper condition.

3. Avoid freezing weather

It is not a good idea to store your mower outdoors when it is snowing. Snow is worse than rain and it will almost immediately damage the motor. This is especially common in locations where humidity can drive to create ice on the mower.

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