Is Wood Recyclable? (And 5 Ways to Reuse Old Wood)

Almost everywhere you turn to in the country, you will find a place that wood has been used. Wood has been in place for time immemorial, and its use for decoration has been superb. In many ways, wood helps to support human existence. Right from time, it has been what humans used to keep warm by using it to sustain a fire. Nowadays, however, the use of wood has gone very diverse. What we now see is radically different from what we used to have.

Today, woods are now being used as major and minor decorations in many parts of the country. The beauty of wood decoration, if you have experienced one before, would set your mind ablaze. For many reasons, it gives your home a sense of traditional feeling and blends with your interior decoration.

But then, these are just the ways woods have helped us and elevated our taste for beauty. We need to consider other areas woods may be of great concern. And one of those areas is the environmental impact of trees.

While many will quick to point out the natural source of woods, it still does not discourage the question about its impact on the environment.

For these reasons, this post considers whether or not can you recycle wood. It considers whether you can put wood in the garbage and ways to dispose of your old wood. As a way of not leaving our readers uninformed about the good parts of woods, we also consider what you can use the woods for.

So, you see, there is more than enough to learn from this single post. So why not sit back and enjoy the post.

Can You Recycle Wood?

The question of whether you can recycle wood might sound weird to some people. The reason is that they often think that something like wood, which comes from a natural source like trees, should not be mentioned in recycling. But how true is this?

Let us consider it.

Woods indeed come from natural trees, and it might be logical to just say you don’t need to consider recycling it. However, this might be a mistaken position.

For all that matters, you can always recycle wood. It is one of the easiest things to recycle out there. And recyclers love it. So, in almost all circumstances, you can toss the wood in the recycling bin.

Though wood can be recycled, not all woods are capable of being recycled. There are woods that have been chemically treated. These types of woods are not considered recyclable materials. They have no business in the recycling bin.

Apart from this kind of wood, there are also others that you should not put in the recycling bin. They are the woods that have been soiled or painted. These kinds of woods, too, are not always considered as recycling materials.

If you put these woods in the recycling machine, they will likely contaminate the other recyclable materials. This does not sound good at all for the recyclers. And it ridicules the efforts of recycling.

To avoid this, you should refrain from putting the woods mentioned above in your recycling bin. This way, you are making the job easier for the recycling companies.

Can You Put Scrap Wood In The Garbage?

Scrap woods might be a problem to behold sometimes. Aside from the fact that they occupy space, they are often not well arranged. And many times, they already look like garbage materials. So, for those that put their scrap woods in the garbage, they are probably following what first comes to mind. However, does this make things right? Should the garbage be the final destination of your scrap woods?

Well, join us as we consider these salient questions.

Woods are great recyclable materials. Like we already pointed out, recyclers love having them around. This is the reason why you should Not consider putting your scrap metals in the garbage. A whole lot of things can still be made out of them through recycling.

However, we also pointed out. Not all woods are capable of recycling. So, the question is, can you put these types of woods in the garbage? The answer to this seems to be in the affirmative. But that would be if you do not have any other thing you can repurpose your wood into.

Hence, for woods that have been soiled, painted, or chemically treated, you may put them in the garbage. But, always ensure that there are no further uses to them again. If you don’t know what other things you can do with your woods, you don’t have to worry. Later in this post, we will walk you through what you can do with your old woods.

Before then, let’s consider the various ways you can dispose of your wood.

6 Awesome Ways To Dispose of Old Wood

Using woods for whatever reason often gives people goosebumps. This is because of the efficiency and effectiveness of the woods. If you now consider the beauty, you will discover more to be desired for using woods. However, it gets to a point where using them would no longer be advisable. This might be because they have worn out or because they have lost their relevance.

When this happens, one of the first things we think of is how to dispose of them. In doing this, we also need to learn the ropes and be more careful. This is because there are proper ways to dispose of the old woods. Not following some of these ways may result in causing a problem for society.

So, what are the ways?

1. Sell Them

If you think you have seen the end of what you can sell to bring you money, then you haven’t heard of selling woods to get money. You can sell your old woods and get some money from them. This seems like a double blessing to you. You will sell and get money and then get rid of your wood.

You can browse some of the platforms where you can see them. The thing is, some of these woods are originally expensive. This means that you are likely to find someone out there who would pay some reasonable funds for them. What you would get for your wood would depend on your negotiating skills.

2. Give Them Out

This might sound weird, but you can do it. Yes, you can give your woods out to people who need them. If you have a neighbor, colleagues, or family who needs it, you can always give the old wood out.

However, you have to ensure that they are still strong and can still be used. This is because you are given them out not just to get rid of them but to also allow the receiver to make reasonable use of the woods.

So, it won’t make much sense if you give out woods that are already condemned.

3. Drop Them For Trash Pick-Up

In today’s’ world, there are many instances where you can have a teach pick-up agent come to pick your things. If you have a large quantity of woods, you might as well put a call through to the truth pick-up company. This way, they can come over to pick your large woods. Doing this would save time and make sure that you dispose of your scrap woods.

4. Reuse Them

This sounds too circular to many people. And actually, it seems so. How do you think about getting rid of a thing and reusing them is being suggested? Well, let’s explain what we mean.

There’s a beauty that comes with reusing something. You can always get rid of scrap woods by reusing them in many outstanding creative ways. For instance, your scrap wood scan is reused to make a kitchen-sized cabinet. Though you might still be seeing the old scrap woods, there are not in the form you use to them. Hence, they are mostly considered a great way of reusing woods.

5. Secure The Services Of A Trash Remover

When thinking about the easiest way to dispose of something, you have to consider a trash remover. This trash remover can help you remove the woods in your home. However, this comes with a basic fee. You would have to pay for the trash remover. And they are almost the best at removing junk, including woods.

6. Send Them To Local Landfill

Like a way of disposing of your scrap woods, you can send them off to landfills. This way, they would eventually decompose. You don’t have to worry much about woods not decomposing. They are made of trees; hence, they will easily fall apart within months.

5 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Wood

Being creative does not have to be limited to the arts. You can also apply your creativity when dealing with your woods. You can do some things with your old woods, and they will be of great use to you. Below, we have explained some basic but creative things you can do with old woods.

1. Make A BookCase

With a wood case, you can make yourself a great bookcase that will serve to keep some of your favorite books. The beauty of this would depend on your taste. You can use the wood to make ad many compartments for your books as you want.

2. Build A Table

You can make your old wood into new tables. All you need are some time, nail, and carpentry materials. We will suggest that you make a dining table. The reason for this is so that the family can have a place to come together and have a great time.

3. Make A Wall Decoration

If you don’t know already, you can always make a decorative wall wood. All you need are a few carpentry tools like the saw. You only need to cut the wood in different styles and shapes. There is no limit to what shape you can cut it into; it all depends on your creativity. Once you have cut it, you can file it and polish it. Then you can place it on the wall for perfect decorations.

These are just a few ways you can repurpose your old woods.

4. Build A Mini Cage

You can double your effort by using woods and build a cage for your pet. This would give you some goosebumps. All you need to have are some carpentry tools and some time to devote.

5. Make a Compost Box For Your Garden

You can make a small compost box for your garden out of old wood. Not only it will help you to reduce the waste that goes to landfills but also helps you create mulch for your garden.


Using woods can come with some great sense of finesse. But then, there comes the point where you have to do something about the woods. When this time comes, you have to ensure that everything you will do is environmentally friendly.

We have already provided ways to go about this. You will find everything you need and more up there. What is important is to always remember that the environment is paramount, and we should always prioritize it in all our actions.

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