Is Wallpaper Recyclable? (And 9 Ways to Reuse Wallpapers)

Beautifying your home or offices may have involved you using wallpaper. Often, we tend to buy more than we need because we believe having excess is better than being insufficient.

However, this idea often leaves us with wallpapers that we think we don’t need anymore. Where this happens, what do we do with those extra wallpaper? Do we recycle them? How do you even go about recycling the wallpaper? You will find out the answers to this question in this post. Simply relax and read on.

Can Wallpaper Be Recycled?

The straight answer to this is No. You can not recycle wallpaper. There are many things involved in the production of wallpapers that make their recycling highly difficult or impossible.

In making wallpapers, manufacturers use different kinds of materials. After manufacturing the wallpaper, they still coat it with a thin plastic lining. There is also the permanent ink used to design the wallpaper.

This state of things makes recycling quite tricky. If recyclers would have to recycle it, they would first have to separate the already integrated materials. This would be a waste of time and effort.

So, it is better all the way to exclude the wallpaper from being recycled.

Can You Put Wallpaper in The Recycling Bin?

It would be a good thing to put wallpapers in the recycling bin if they can be recycled. Aside from the fact that they are made with different materials whose separation is difficult, the used ones pose a different problem.

After you remove them from the wall for used wallpapers, you will find glue, cement, and paint on them. These things are not fit for recycling. Due to this, you shouldn’t put your wallpaper in the recycling bin.

If you do this, you are merely creating a problem for the recyclers. Rather than doing this, you should properly dispose of your wallpaper in the waste bin.

How Do You Recycle Wallpaper?

Recycling wallpapers is something we have pointed out above as being impossible. This means there is no process of recycling that you need to learn about.

Rather than recycle your wallpaper, you can do upcycle it; this way, you can use the excess and old wallpapers for many things.

If you are lost about the different things you can use wallpapers for, we will find you. After this segment, we have stated nine different ways by which you can put your wallpapers to use. You don’t need money to carry them out. What you need is your creativity and a little bit of your time.

9 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Wallpaper

After decorating your place with that favorite wallpapers, you may have some unused wallpapers left. What do you do with this kind of wallpapers? Throw them away? No, far from it. It might not even be a leftover wallpaper. It could be an old wallpaper that you recently stumble upon in the store. The point is your wallpapers are not entirely useless, even when they appear to you as such.

So, what can you do with them? Well, you are about to find out nine spectacular ways to reuse your old wallpapers. If you are ready, let’s get right to it.

1. Use It for Your Bookshelves

There is that feeling that accompanies picking a book to read when the bookshelf has a welcoming look. You can give your bookshelf that welcoming look with your old wallpaper.

All you have to do is get enough glue to use for your wallpaper. We will suggest that you use the wallpaper on the upper-side of your bookshelf. This would give you a welcoming look each time you look up to pick a book.

2. Beautify Your Hanger

If you have plain hangers that have been around for so long, you can beautify them with your wallpapers to make them look new again. You don’t need to spend a dime on this. All you have to do is get those old wallpapers and glue.

After this, wrap the hanger with your wallpaper and use the glue to hold the loose ends. This way, you have made your hangers into new ones. Besides, it looks beautiful to have fancy hangers hanging in your wardrobe.

3. Dress Your Drawer

If you have drawers that are beginning to look old, you can give them a new look with your wallpapers. This would make it look as if you just bought them. Doing this is pretty easy. It only requires your creativity and a little bit of your time.

You would have to measure up the frontal face of your drawer and cut the wallpaper to size. After this, you will need some adhesive to hold the wallpaper to the drawer frontal face that you have measured. Don’t forget to create a small circular hole on the wallpaper before pasting it on the drawer face. This is to give room for the drawer handle.

4. Line Up Your Furniture

Have you ever been in a situation where you constantly find out that the tops of your furniture are getting dirty? If you have one or two pieces of furniture, the chances are that you are experiencing this.

With your old wallpaper, you can find a permanent solution to that. The good thing about this is that using wallpaper on the top of your furniture offers you double benefits. One, you can line the top of your furniture and preserve the wood. Second, you can beautify your furniture.

You can be sure that adding wallpapers to your furniture will give you the beauty and protection you want to see in your furniture. So, how do you go about this?

All you have to do is get a measuring tape and measure the length and breadth of the top of your furniture. Once you do this, you can then cut the wallpaper into the measured size. The next thing you have to do is use gum to hold the wallpaper firmly to the furniture.

5. Limit The Light Amount Coming from Your Window

Sometimes, the amount of light that comes through your window gets too much for you. Sometimes, you don’t want to drop down the window blind, but still want to control the amount of light coming in. if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, you are not alone. There are thousands of people seeking a way to control this state of things.

The good news is that you can take charge of this situation by using those old wallpapers. This may sound difficult, but it is possible and quite straightforward.

What you have to do is cut the old wallpapers to the sizes of the window frames. Ensure you are making use of transparent wallpapers so that your room or office would not get too dark. After this, you can wrap the old wallpapers on the window frame and use gum to hold it firmly. That’s all. You are now in charge.

6. Make A Wallpaper Frame

Who says you cannot beautify your walls with those old wallpapers? Whoever said that should take a seat and read this segment.

Yes, you can frame those old wallpapers and make them look adorable once again. You have to cut out the old wallpaper to fit the picture frame you are using. After this, you only have to insert the wallpaper into the picture frame. And that way, you have a great wallpaper frame. Look for a perfect place on your home or office wall and hang those beautiful wallpaper frames.

7. Design The Stairs

Many people do not pay much attention to the stairs of their homes or their house. This is because they only see it as important when they need to get upstairs or downstairs.

Well, what if we told you that you could beautify your stairs. Before you start musing about additional costs, let’s tell you that we don’t intend to put you through another financial burden. This is why we have found a way you can decorate your stairs with your old wallpapers. This is quite easy and cost-effective.

You have to first ensure that your stairs are free from dust or other particles that may hinder the process. After this, you can cut your wallpaper into the stairs’ size and use the adhesive to hold it on the stairs.

8. Make A Lamp Shade

With your wallpaper, you can make a shade on your lamp. You have to wrap the beautiful old wallpaper on the lap and use an adhesive or tape to hold it. Once you do this, cut out the excess wallpapers, and there you have your lampshade.

9. Make A Wallpaper Clock

You can also beautify your wall clock by using your wallpaper. Everything about this is getting the right measurement. Once you do this, you are free to paste the circular wallpaper on the clock frame. After this, you can then fix the hour, minute, and seconds hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be some questions bothering you about wallpaper recycling. We understand that those questions are legitimate, and we have gathered the top questions and their answers. Check below for them.

Can I Remove My Old Wallpaper Before Installing A New One?

Yes. The reason for this because wallpapers are always coated with thin layers of plastics. This coating could pose difficulty for the new wallpaper, as the gum would not hold it.

Do I Have To Remove The Gum And Cement From Wallpaper Before Disposing?

If you have recently removed your wallpaper from the wall, you would have seen traces of dry gum cement and sometimes paint. Since you are disposing of the wallpaper, you don’t have to remove these things.

Can You Repurpose Wallpapers?

Yes, you can repurpose wallpapers. Wallpapers don’t have to end up in the waste bin. You can always use them for different things. Above, we have provided ways to reuse your old wallpapers.

Will There Be An Eco-friendly Wallpaper Soon?

Yes, there would be. But no one can say how soon this would be. We also look forward to a time where wallpapers would be recycled and would not cause a problem to the environment.


The wallpapers are beautiful. But the ugly thing about them is that they cannot be recycled. This, however, should not discourage you. As you have seen, you can put them to many creative uses. If you are disposing of them, you are to do this properly. Pack the wallpapers in a bag. Seal the bag and place it in the trash. That’s all.


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