30 Innovative and Eco-friendly Business Ideas For 2020

The world is faced with a dire climatic change due to the destruction of the ozone layer as a result of the emission caused by harmful gases into the atmosphere. In order to have a sustainable life in the current world, people should adopt lifestyles that will ensure the promotion of healthy living and dissuade pollution. The key to attaining this goal is crafting and investing in eco-friendly business ideas. Plus, there should be a myriad of projects and initiatives to ensure eco-friendly investment opportunities, as well as living, is encouraged.

Accordingly, all the stakeholders and pioneers in various business sectors need to step up, including the entire business community. Particularly, the sectors need to see to it that the initiative of going green is reached by all means necessary. As much as installing eco-friendly measures are ideal, the whole business sector must invest in going green.

30 Innovative and Eco-friendly Business Ideas

In this article, 30 innovative and eco-friendly business ideas for 2020 are outlined, which can go a long way in ensuring the world is on the right track towards achieving green living goals.

1. Start Air Duct Cleaning

Dust and dirt in the air can clog the air ducts that are installed in homes or offices. This lowers the efficiency of the air conditioner and results in the use of a lot of energy to drive the gadget.

The business idea would require regular cleaning of the air ducts to ensure less energy consumption. Also, with proper marketing, both private homes and offices would be willing to hire an expert for the service because it ultimately helps to saves on energy bills.

2. Sale of Energy Saving Bulbs

This idea is very lucrative in 2018 since the majority of households enjoy electricity in their homes. A lot of consumption of electricity subsequently leads to an increase in the electric bills. To avoid this, individuals seek energy-saving electric bulbs that use electricity but reduce the energy they use and still provide electricity, thus saving on bills.

Besides, this is a business that can thrive in almost any part of the world since, even without electricity, one can use the bulbs to conserve energy in homes that use solar panels to harness energy.

3. Start publishing Environmental related Magazines and Journals

An entrepreneur who has an interest in making money and still promotes the environment can venture into the business of publishing environmental magazines and journals. There is a lot of information out there that has not reached the global world. It, therefore, means that the level of misinformation and ignorance about the environment creates the need to invest in this venture.

The materials can be useful in enlightening individuals and other entities on the importance of conserving the environment and the various ways to go about the same. With the right clients and targeted audience, the sale of such material would fetch a good income.

4. Start Cardboard Recycling Business

This is a move that ensures there is the optimal use of the cardboard by recycling those that would go to the landfill or already in the landfills. Plus, there is a lot of waste cardboards lying around, which pollutes the environment.

Thus, the business of recycling means less waste in the land and creates an opportunity for people to make a living from the process. Cardboard can be recycled for reuse and can be used in the manufacture of cardboard related materials such as books.

5. Offer Environmental Consultancy

This business idea requires the entrepreneur to be well versed academically in the field of environmental studies. There are a lot of individuals and organizations that are willing to seek the services of a consultant to learn the various ways to improve the environment and how to maintain it. The entrepreneur can seek a fee per consultation done while at the same time aiding in promoting the health of the environment as well as make decent money.

6. Sale of Used Books

A willing entrepreneur in this area does not need a high startup for capital. Instead, they should seek to find people with books they do not need and then find the market for people who need them. The constant disposal of books is bad for the environment not only because it pollutes the land but also because there is a lot of energy used to produce, design, and publish the books. The entrepreneur can also get innovative and use the internet for marketing books.

7. Sale of Organic Products

Currently, there is a dire need to use products that are inorganic to preserve the environment. This translates to a high demand for organic products. It thus qualifies as a good business idea with products ranging from hair products, food products to cleaning products.

8. Sale of Recycle Bins

There are a lot of items in homes that need to be disposed of. Some of this stuff can be recycled again, for instance, plastics and paper bags. Consequently, there is a need to have recycle bins in homes, office buildings, and public spaces such as bus stops and train stations to ease waste collection. The entrepreneur must be knowledgeable of the area to realize where some of these items will be taken for recycling to boost his/her profits.

9. Sale of Recycled Plastic Bottles

This is one of the most thriving businesses that an entrepreneur can start that will conserve the environment. For starters, there are very many plastic bottles in the landfill that were used to carry water, coffee, juices or even chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides.

Further, there are a lot of products that can be made from plastics, which will last longer, like plastic chairs. Nevertheless, the success of this idea will depend on how the demand for plastics is and how profitable it is per area.

10. Start Ink-Refill Business

Blue-chip companies, as well as offices, do a lot of paperwork, which in the end means a lot of printing is needed. The business would ensure regular filling of the ink cartridges of the various offices, thus discouraging the purchase of cartridges, which are disposed of once the ink has been bought.

11. Open a Recycling Plant

There are entrepreneurs who have solely ventured into the transportation of recycling materials to the recycling plant. Nonetheless, an entrepreneur can also seek to start a recycling plant that is more profitable. The plant will not only aid the reduction of landfill in the environment but will also see the evolution of new materials, which can be sold.

12. Open a Movie Download Shop

With the current modernization in the world, the majority of people are willing to download movies and music rather than buy CD’s, which are disposed of after use. In addition, a lot of energy is consumed in the making of these casings and storage devices. The business would prove fruitful to the entrepreneur since, with good bandwidth speeds, it is very easy to download movies and sell to people.

13. Open a Biogas Plant

Biofuels are friendly to the environment since they do not entail the emission of a lot of poisonous gases in the air. However, a proper feasibility study should be conducted by the entrepreneur before venturing into this business. Some of the essentials are waste materials for recycle and the market for biofuel. The entrepreneur can charge both for the collection of the wastes and for the energy produced.

14. Open an Energy Auditing Firm

People are willing to save on the energy they use in their house. As such, setting up a firm that confirms the amount of energy used in a household is a lucrative deal, and people would be willing to part with a small fee rather than incur high energy costs.

15. Start Retailing and Installation of Solar Panels

Electric bills are an issue that most people face at the end of every month. The more the usage, the more the bills. As a result, most people prefer solar energy since it is natural and does not involve any energy emissions in its conversion. It is also cheap to buy solar panels. An entrepreneur can exploit this and deal in solar panels and also offer installation services at a fee.


16. Start a Paper Recycling Business

There is a lot of paper littering polluting the environment. A paper recycling venture will, therefore, entail the collection of waste paper in the environment and selling it or converting it into useful materials.

This is one of the most encouraging recycling businesses because it saves on trees. Trees are the major balancing components of the ecosystem, and as such, any move to discourage deforestation is highly encouraged and measures up as an innovative and eco-friendly business idea for 2018.

17. Develop Green Apps

Investing in green app development is an innovative and eco-friendly business idea as it can be used to quantify the amount of energy used and the subsequent carbon emission. Moreover, it can be built in such a way that it provides advice on how best to conserve energy in a household or which gadget is most preferable since it consumes less energy. These applications can be fitted in a phone, and the energy consumption tracked. The online sale of these green apps would be worthwhile.

18. Start Car Sharing Services

This is a business that entails linking people who stay in the same locality and work in the same area by connecting them with a car or cars that will carry them from home in the morning and back in the evening instead of each driving individually to and from work. This is a business that will see the reduction of carbon emissions and also save on energy.

19. Green Gardening Business

Create a green business focusing on products that will help people grow their own food. The growing concern about where our food comes from increasing the numbers of people who want to grow their own vegetables, fruits, berries, or herbs that would fit on the smallest balcony or terrace wherever they live. There are a number of ways to develop small-space gardening ideas into businesses. Encourage others to eat sustainable food by helping them grow their own.

You could start a green business building gardens for homeowners or businesses, including vertical gardens, which have become popular in urban environments since they save space. On a larger scale, as a garden designer, you could specialize in rooftop garden installations. You could also open a nursery cum workshop where you can sell food plants to customers, teach eco-friendly gardening classes and/or sell green gardening supplies.

20. Composting Services

Worm farming and organic compost sales are other green gardening business ideas. Some consumers may be interested in composting food waste to help the environment, but not all of them have a use for the end result. You could start a business that collects composted material from homes or businesses and sells it to gardeners or farmers.

21. Become a dealer of Scooters and Bikes

Statistics estimate that by 2023 electric bicycle sales will reach 40 million units. You could also sell new bikes, as electric/gas scooters and electric bikes continue to increase in popularity. Becoming a dealer of these might be the business idea you’ve been looking for. There are a number of franchise opportunities also available.

22. Rent out Scooters and Bikes

Transportation is another venue of change for many people with a bigger spotlight on the carbon footprint of driving. There may be increased consumer interest in transportation alternatives, like scooters, bikes. If you live in an urban area, renting out bikes and scooters might also be a profitable green business. You can also try opening a shop that refurbishes or repairs bikes and sells used bikes and scooters.

23. Sell Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

From laundry through vehicles, things have to be cleaned. There is a demand for commercial and residential cleaning businesses that use eco-friendly products safer for the environment and families. One green business idea to help them accomplish this is to sell environmentally friendly cleaning products. This is another green business idea that could work well as an e-commerce site.

24. Green Dry Cleaning

Traditional dry cleaning can involve chemicals considered harmful to both the body and the environment. The use of common dry cleaning solvent perchloroethylene known as perc will be banned in California by 2023. The emerging field of green dry cleaning uses alternatives that are safer for people and the planet.

25. Green Pest Control

Commercial and residential services offering earth-friendly safer, pest control solutions, including ant, termite and bedbug treatments, cockroach and rodent exterminations and others could be an option.

26. Resale Shop

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, landfills received 11.2 million tons of municipal solid waste textiles in 2017. A business owner could open a shop that sells secondhand clothing, furniture or electronics to give it more life before it’s discarded.

27. Green Building

There’s a demand for eco-friendly builders, both for homes and commercial businesses. This means creating or using sustainable construction materials or installing renewable energy sources, such as solar power. Obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification can help demonstrate commitment and expertise in green building.

28. Green Beauty Salon

Entrepreneurs interested in the beauty industry could open a salon or spa that specializes in green practices, including using products without toxic chemicals and/or made via organic farming or providing waterless pedicures. Give herbal remedy and apply Ayurveda.

29. Upcycled Goods

If you are creative and artistic type, you could create a business turning “junk” into re-styled items goods rather than letting them go to waste. You can sell your goods on sites, at local craft or farmer’s markets or in local shops.

30.Technology Refurbishment

When electronics such as cellphones or computers age or break, it’s common for people to throw them out. You can reduce this non-biodegradable waste and turn a profit by refurbishing electronics and selling them. You could also do this with other types of technology, such as vacuums.

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