How Many Amps Does an Electric Blanket Use? (Detailed Overview)

When figuring out how many amps an electric blanket uses, you’ll need to consider your blanket’s specifics. For example, when utilized continuously, the current may reach 45 amps.

Learning the internal dynamics of an electric blanket, including how much power it requires, is always beneficial. However, using an electric blanket raises the question of whether or not energy savings will be increased.

The terms used to describe electric blankets and their electric qualities might be confusing, so don’t let them discourage you. Also, using an electric blanket might be expensive, but this article will teach you all you need to know to get the most out of your purchase.

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How Many Amps Does an Electric Blanket Use?

An electric or heated blanket that operates on 12 volts will only consume 4 to 5 amps of current, respectively. However, due to product differences, it is difficult to say with certainty how many amps an electric blanket uses. The most important thing to remember is that your blanket’s power directly correlates to how much money it will cost you to operate it.

According to research conducted by the United States Department of Energy, those looking to reduce their energy consumption should consider purchasing an electric blanket rather than a space heater.

Because electric blankets distribute heat through wires, you can anticipate that their power consumption would not be excessive. However, later on, in this piece, we will go into more depth on the power consumption of electric blankets.

How Many Watts Does an Electric Blanket Use?

An electric blanket consumes between 200 and 400 watts of power. Therefore, it would cost you between 15 and 30 cents every night to use it, depending on the location of the nation in which you reside. However, leaving it on while you sleep is not only wasteful but also dangerous; thus, it is not suggested that you do so.

kWh = 200 W * 8 hours of running / 1000

[200 * 8 /1000 = 1.6 kWh]

Average Cost = kWh * 15 cents

[1.6 kWh * .15 = 0.24 cents]

Although, the watts of some electric blankets might also range from 100 to 150 watts. If you use an electric blanket in a way that is not excessive, the amount of power it requires is relatively low. 

Using a 150-watt electric blanket for 6 hours a night for four months of the year results in annual energy usage of 108 kWh.

When weighed against the energy usage of other household appliances, this one could be higher. For example, the usage of 547.5 kWh over a year would result from using a washing machine with a power rating of 1,500 watts daily and setting the program for one hour.

Do Electric Blankets Use a Lot of Electricity?

Electric blankets with built-in wires to distribute heat have a low energy consumption in most cases. Depending on how high of a setting you choose, your power bill could be slightly more than usual when using a heated blanket. You must also track whether you work with a single or double unit.

A simple estimate of the power needed to run an electric blanket shows that it requires roughly 17 watts on the lowest setting, 35 watts on the middle setting, and 70 watts at the maximum setting.

Putting your electric blanket on a timer or just remembering to switch it off after a few hours can significantly reduce the energy it consumes. Most users will be satisfied with the lowest level, and there is no need to leave it on all night.

To determine how much power you use, look up the price per kilowatt-hour in your location. Then, multiplying the power of your electric blanket by the number of hours you want to use it daily will give you the kilowatt-hour usage. Then, to convert watts to kilowatts, divide the final figure by 1000.

How Much Power Does an Electric Blanket Use Per Hour?

A typical electric blanket can use up to 200 watts per hour (depending on the setting). If you keep it on for ten hours, the device will use up two-kilowatt hours of power. Depending on where you are located, the price for it would be between 15 and 30 cents. 

Compared to other heated equipment, the power consumption of the blanket, at around 50 watts, for eight hours will equal no more than 0.35 kWh, which is a relatively low quantity.

Nevertheless, you can use these statistics to estimate the cost of the amount of electricity you consume. It would be helpful to estimate how long you will continue to use the electric blanket during the year.

In addition, the power price in your region might be greater or cheaper. Therefore, even if using an electric blanket is much lower than the cost of using other types of heat sources, you should use it sparingly.

If you want to get the most out of an electric blanket, you should always comply with the instructions that come with the device.

How Many Watts Does a Sunbeam Electric Blanket Use?

A Sunbeam electric blanket has a power rating of 115 watts, and it even includes an option that allows it to turn off automatically, which helps you save even more power. You will love to get superb heat even though the manufacturer uses a wiring system trademarked to guarantee that heat is distributed evenly. 

Additionally, it is equipped with Sunbeam’s patented Thermofine warming technology, which monitors both your body temperature and the temperature of the surrounding environment to provide a continuous level of warmth.

Users like this function since Sunbeam’s warming technology can detect when your feet are becoming chilly and will automatically transfer extra heat to your feet if it detects that change.

In addition, the system uses the positive temperature coefficient sensing capabilities of proprietary carbon-based polymers to provide more consistent heat. You can find it on the tag attached to your particular Sunbeam blanket or throw if you want further information.


How Many Amps Does a 12 Volt Electric Blanket Use?

A standard voltage for electric blankets is 12 volts, meaning a 33.3 amp of current is required for usage with a 12-volt electric blanket. This is particularly true if you want to use the blanket for more than 5 hours. Electric blankets are also popular for use on excursions and camping trips.

To avoid problems or even a short circuit, you should constantly be aware of your electric blanket’s power supply needs, regardless of the kind of blanket you use.

In addition, most establishments use power outlets that are either 110/120 V or 220/240 V. Choose an electric blanket that can function at either 120 or 220 volts so that you are not constrained in terms of the power sources you may use.

In such cases, you can find it necessary to get a certain voltage input power configuration appropriate for the outlets at your disposal.

Can You Run an Electric Blanket Off an Inverter?

Yes, you can use an inverter to power an electric blanket inside your bag pack for extremely cold evenings. This is a handy gadget to have so that you can provide your delicate electrical devices with renewable power and obtain a comfortable night’s sleep while sleeping outside beneath the stars.

A Pure Sine Wave Inverter is very helpful when camping for an extended period in the exact location. An inverter can be connected between the camper’s auxiliary batteries and a 240V charger while you’re out and about throughout the day.

However, since an MSW inverter does not emit a genuine sine wave, utilizing an electric blanket in connection with one of these devices is not suggested.

In addition, many electric blankets and some minor appliances are not designed to work with MSW electricity since it might cause harm to them.

Can I Use an Electric Blanket With a Generator?

An electric blanket can be heated using a portable generator since it stores enough energy. Using a quiet deep cycle generator, you can keep your electric blanket operating throughout the night. In addition, it provides you with simultaneous access to 42,000 mAh of power. Therefore, despite its small size, it has a significant amount of energy to run an electric-powered blanket.

This gadget can utilize electric blankets powered by USB or 12 volts, regardless of where you want to camp. So you may use the batteries in your vehicle or solar energy to replenish the battery the next day while still using your portable electric blanket to keep warm at night.

However, if you wish to power more than one device simultaneously, such as a refrigerator for camping, it is best to use a power source with a bigger capacity.

Bottom Line

An electric blanket may be used in place of a conventional heater, reducing your monthly utility bill. However, how many amps does a standard electric blanket require? It’s product specific, as we’ve already established.

In contrast, a 12-volt electric blanket, for instance, would often need 4.5 amps. So if you want to use a heated blanket effectively while minimizing your electricity bill, you’ll need to know how to do the math.

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