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Solar energy has great potential in solving the energy needs that the world is facing. It not only helps in creating safe environment but also is great form of renewable source of energy. Tapping and using solar energy for home or business is a great way to becoming green by fighting global warming and climate change.

Solar energy provides several advantages. For a home user solar energy can result in a lot of savings in terms of electricity bill which means your monthly electricity bill will come down drastically and the excess power which gets generated can be used at night or can be supplied to local power grid.

A home user might need to incur some initial cost to install solar panels but that cost will be recovered over a period of time. Also, by installing solar panels for your own home, or purchasing an energy efficient home with solar, you can set an example for the rest of society to shift towards renewable sources of energy.

There are couple of ways by which you can harness the solar energy to meet your daily needs. You can use solar power panels connected to your home in a number of ways.

1. Solar Electricity Panels: The most common way to harness solar energy is through the use of solar power panels. Solar panels make use of solar cells.


When suns rays, which contain photons, hit the solar cells, the electrons absorb this solar energy, transforming them into conduction electrons. Large number of solar cells can be used to to provide greater output of electricity and that can make solar energy a viable option for home user.

New invention in technology in case of solar panels makes solar energy technology an efficient way of harnessing sun’s energy and making this earth a better place to live.

2. Solar Hot Water Panels: Another way to make use of solar energy is through the use of solar panels to heat water which can be used for daily needs.


The main advantage of these solar hot water panels is the sufficient cost savings associated with it. For a home user, a good solar panel can provide it with third of annual hot water supply.

Solar hot water panels when combined with solar electricity panels or small wind turbines provides cheap, clean and renewable source of energy.

Solar panels may prove to be expensive initially but can provide clean source of energy in the years to come. For successful installation of solar panels at your home, make sure you consult reputed renewable installation companies around your area who have sufficient expertise in dealing with solar energy solutions.

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